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Mobile Shop Bill Format

A mobile shop bill book format allows mobile shop owners to generate bills easily. Instead of using a random mobile shop bill format, having a customised invoice template for your mobile shop makes invoice generation more specific.

Compared to traditional hand-written bills, invoices generated with free billing software look more professional. Even though you own a small mobile business, providing invoices in a customised format builds trust among your customers.

Also, electronically recorded invoices help mobile shops to manage and track their sales easily. Not just sales tracking, using billing software to produce invoices helps with better stock management, tax filing, report generation, and so on.

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Sample Mobile Shop Bill Format

Take a look at this sample mobile shop format that you can use to create one for your business.

sample of mobile shop bill format

Mobile Shop Bill Format – Mandatory Fields

As mentioned earlier, the GST law mandates the display of certain elements related to the sale on every GST invoice. Below is the list of contents you need to display on your mobile shop invoice.

  • Your mobile shop’s name, address and GSTIN (GST Identification Number)
  • A unique serial number
  • Date
  • HSN Code, if applicable
  • Details of the products sold
  • Quantity
  • The total worth of the products
  • The taxable value of the products
  • Rate and amount of GST (CGST, SGST, IGST, UTST or cess)
  • Signature/digital signature of the supplier

While creating a mobile shop invoice, ensure you include all the above-mentioned items.

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Mobile Shop Bill Format in Word, Excel, PDF and Google Docs

Now that you know the mandatory fields to include in the mobile shop bill format let us tell you how to create a mobile shop bill format in different ways. Some of the most commonly used invoice formats include mobile shop bill book format in Word, mobile store bill format in Excel, cell phone shop invoice format in PDF and mobile store bill format in Google Docs. Let’s check each one of them in detail.

Mobile Shop Bill Format in Word

Bill Book format for mobile shops can be designed in MS Word with different customisation options. If you have MS Word installed on your device, simply open a new document, create the invoice (by taking reference) as per your business requirements, save it and use it as a template whenever you want to generate an invoice. If you’re finding it difficult to create one, use the free Word invoice template for mobile shops provided below.

Mobile Shop Bill Format in Excel

To further simplify the invoice creation process for your mobile shop, you can use MS Excel to create invoice format. MS Excel has a set of rows and columns that help you create an invoice much easier. Take an invoice format as a reference and try to replicate it in the Excel sheet. If you’re finding it difficult to create one, use the free Excel invoice template for mobile shops provided below.

Mobile Shop Bill Format in PDF

Creating invoices for your mobile shop in PDF is more secure. When you share a PDF invoice online, the receiver may not be able to edit or change it, while they could do the same in Word and Excel. You can convert a Word or Excel invoice format for mobile shops into PDF by simply downloading it as a PDF. Use the free PDF invoice below to create a mobile shop bill in PDF.

Using Billing Software to Generate Mobile Shop Bill Format

If you find creating a bill format for your mobile shop difficult using Word, Excel or any other online tools, you can try using a billing and accounting mobile app like myBillBook.

myBillBook is a billing software for mobile shops designed to simplify the billing and accounting needs of small and medium businesses like your mobile shop in India.

  • Besides providing pre-designed invoice templates, the billing app also allows you to create custom invoices of your choice.
  • You can generate invoices in seconds using myBillBook
  • The app automatically calculates the transaction’s tax amount and total value and applies discounts and promotions, if any, thus avoiding time-consuming manual calculations.
  • It also helps you keep track of all your sales and makes tax filing easy and efficient.
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FAQs on Mobile Shop Bill Format

Can I add custom fields to my mobile shop invoice?

Using billing software like myBillBook billing software, you can add custom fields and delete irrelevant fields for your business.

Is myBillBook billing software for mobile shops expensive?

The main mission of myBillBook is to enable SMBs and MSMEs to digitise their businesses. Hence the software is offered at an affordable price, and based on the features and customisations it allows, the plan might vary. Check myBillBook pricing plans

Can I use mobile shop bill software on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can use mobile shop bill software on your mobile, provided the billing software offers a mobile application. myBillBook offers both web and mobile apps enabling mobile shop owners to generate invoices from anywhere.

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