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#1 Billing Software for Retail Shops to Streamline Retail Billing Operations    

More than 1 Crore businesses in India trust myBillBook Retail Billing Software for their billing, accounting, and inventory management needs. 

  • More Bills in Less Time
  • Easy Stock Tracking
  • Invoice Customisation
  • Barcode Printing/Scanning
  • GST Compliant Invoices/Reports
  • Multi-device & Multi-user Access
  • Plans start from Rs.399/year
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gst compliant invoices
1cr customer trust mybillbook
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Features of myBillBook billing software for retail shop

GST/non-GST Invoice Generation

To support both GST and non-GST retail businesses, myBillBook software offers both GST and non-GST bill generation. When entering your business details in the billing software, indicate whether you are GST-registered or not.

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The software will then automatically generate GST or non-GST invoices. A registered business can use the ‘Without Tax’ option to create an invoice without GST.

Once you generate an invoice, you can print, save, download, or share it directly with your customers through Whatsapp or SMS.

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gst invoice generation
customised invoices

Customised Invoices

Not all businesses require a similar invoice format. Therefore, we provide a solution to customise your bills to match the unique style of your retail store. Choose from different templates, fonts and colours. Add brand logos, headers, custom fields, signature boxes, watermarks, and more. 

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Personalise your invoices at no extra cost with myBillBook retail billing software. Always remember, a customised invoice makes you stand out from the rest and helps build brand image while making the invoices look professional to your customers.

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Items Library of 1 Lakh+ product

If you run a retail business that deals in a large number of products, it’s recommended to maintain a product inventory in the retail software to streamline the billing process.

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However, manually entering all the product details, such as descriptions, prices, etc., can be a daunting and time-consuming task.

myBillBook has a pre-loaded inventory with products from various industries, making it easy for users to choose the relevant products for their business. You will also find other data transfer options. You can use ‘Upload Items in Bulk’ to upload an Excel file with the product list. Additionally, if you’re currently using another retail software and want to switch to myBillBook, you can use the ‘Transfer Data from Other Software’ option, making data transfer a breeze.

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items library
pos machine

POS Billing Functionality

The POS Billing feature offered by the retail billing software is highly useful for a retail shop. With the POS feature in myBillBook, you can generate invoices swiftly and reduce queues at the counters.

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The POS feature also offers a multi-billing facility that enables you to create up to 5 bills simultaneously without needing to complete any of them. To add products to the bill, simply scan the product barcode or manually enter product details.

The POS billing feature comes with a different yet easy-to-use user interface, making it easy for your staff to use the facility without formal training. Additionally, you will have 3 different printing options, including A4, Thermal-2 Inch, and Thermal-3 Inch.

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Godown Management 

Managing inventory across multiple godowns or warehouses can be a challenge for small and medium-sized businesses. Our platform offers a godown management feature that can help you efficiently manage your stock levels, facilitate seamless stock transfers between godowns, and optimise your inventory.

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This feature ensures inventory accuracy, which is essential for smooth order fulfilment and informed decision-making processes. Ultimately, it can enhance your overall operational efficiency and productivity.

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invoice management
online store

Online Store Enabler

Would you like to expand your retail business by creating an online store? You can do this using myBillBooks’ billing software designed specifically for retail shops.

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By enabling the online store option on the software, you can kickstart your online business in no time.

Share your online store link with your customers via Whatsapp and Facebook and start taking orders. Not only that, you can also send promotional messages about discounts, offers, sales, festive deals, and more, directly to your customers through the software. Take orders online and watch your business grow 2X faster.

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Benefits of myBillBooks’ Billing Software for Retail Shops

easy to use

Easy to Use Tool

The retail shop billing software is designed to be user-friendly for all your staff, including those who have just started working with it. 

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You do not need any formal training to use the tool, except for a simple demo that our sales executives can provide at your request. If you require any further assistance, you can contact us anytime through WhatsApp or call.

accurate billing

Speed and Accurate Billing

Invoicing can be a time-consuming and error-prone task, but our billing software helps to generate invoices quickly and 

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accurately without worrying about common errors such as incorrect billing amounts or typos. The platform streamlines the billing process by integrating with payment gateways, reducing errors and saving time.

integrated accounting

Integrated Accounting

By integrating accounting functionalities within its platform, myBillBook software enables businesses

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to manage their finances seamlessly alongside billing and invoicing tasks. With features like expense tracking, income recording, and bank reconciliation, you can maintain accurate financial records and gain insights into your financial health.

better inventory management

Better Inventory Management

With an efficient retail billing tool like myBillBook, you can accurately track stock levels, monitor product movement, and

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streamline inventory restocking processes. It provides real-time visibility of the stock, enabling you to make informed decisions about stock allocation and reordering. The barcode scanning and batch tracking features help improve accuracy and efficiency in inventory management. You can also set up low-stock alerts to make sure that the right products are always available to meet customer demand.

gst compliance

GST Compliance

Retail businesses can easily generate GST-compliant invoices, including all necessary details such as GSTIN, HSN/SAC codes,

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and applicable tax rates. The platform automatically calculates GST for each transaction based on the product or service category. Additionally, it provides reports that facilitate GST reconciliation, making it easier to file GST returns accurately and on time. With myBillBook, you can stay GST-compliant while focusing on your core operations.

affordable pricing

Affordable Pricing

myBillBook’s retail billing software provides numerous features and benefits at a highly competitive market price.

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The basic plan starts at as low as INR 399 per year making it one of the best-priced software solutions in the industry.
And did you know that you can access our billing app from your desktop and mobile devices at no additional cost? That’s right! With our app, you’ll have access to your billing information anytime, anywhere. Whether you’re on the go or sitting at your desk, managing your bills has never been easier. So why wait? Get started today and experience the convenience of our billing app for yourself!


Per month. Billed annually

Diamond Plan

✅ Create unlimited invoices

✅ Add up to 1 business + 1 user

✅ Inventory management

✅ App + Web support

✅ Priority customer support

✅ GSTR reports in JSON format Popular

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Per month. Billed annually

Platinum Plan

Everything on Diamond Plan +

✅ Add up to 2 business + 2 user

✅ 50 e-Way bills/year

✅ Staff attendance + payroll

✅ Godown management

✅ Whatsapp and SMS marketing Popular

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Per month. Billed annually

Enterprise Plan

Everything on Platinum Plan +

✅ Custom invoice themes

✅ Create your online store

✅ Generate and print barcode

✅ POS billing on desktop app

✅ Unlimited e-Invoices & e-Way bills Popular

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mybillbook silver plan

₹399 per year

Silver Plan for Android App

✅ For 1 device, 1 business and 1 user

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Try India’s easiest billing platform

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mbb user 1

Hitesh Patel – FMCG Distributor – Mumbai
“myBillBook is easy to use and covers every aspect of running my business like generating invoices, inventory management, GST compliance and much more”

mbb user 2

R V Shetty – Electrical Retailer – Vijayawada
“I found myBillBook a good invoicing software for my small business because it didn’t need any training and it has excellent customer support”

FAQs about billing software for retail shop

What is billing software for retail shops?

Billing software for retail shops helps retail businesses like supermarkets, kirana stores, and grocery shops create customised invoices and enables faster billing. In addition, it streamlines the entire billing process and integrates it with other business processes like inventory management, accounting, GST filing, etc.

Why do retail stores require billing software?

Retail stores have a fast turnaround of products. Recording every sale manually is a big hassle and decreases business efficiency. Investing in billing software for retail shops can significantly enhance a business's efficiency and customer satisfaction. It streamlines the billing process, simplifies accounting, and helps keep track of inventory. It is a worthwhile investment for any retail business looking to improve its billing operations.

Which businesses can use myBillBook’s billing software for retail shops?

Most retail businesses can use the billing software without any limitations. Some of the retail fronts where the software could provide optimal benefits include supermarkets, grocery stores, kirana stores, restaurants, pharmacies, salons, optical shops, garment stores, fruits and vegetable stores, etc.

Can I transfer my data from the old billing software for retail shops to myBillBook billing software?

Yes, myBillBook supports the export of customer and inventory details through images, excel sheets and data from other billing softwares like Vyappar, Marg, Tally, etc.

What is the best billing software for retail business?

myBillBook is a top choice for retail billing software in India due to its user-friendly interface, comprehensive features for invoicing, inventory management, and accounting, as well as its affordability for small and medium businesses.

Which software is used for billing in shops?

For billing in shops, billing software for retail businesses is the best choice. myBillBook is one of the popular retail shop billing software due to its simplicity, efficiency, and suitability for various retail environments. It allows shop owners to create GST-compliant invoices quickly and accurately, manage inventory effectively, and integrate seamlessly with payment gateways.

How much does retail software cost?

Different companies offer retail billing software at different price ranges. If you wish to choose an affordable yet efficient choice, you can use myBillBook billing software. Designed for Indian SMBs, the software offers affordable pricing plans starting at INR 399 per month. Visit our Pricing Plans for more details.

Which software is best for business billing?

myBillBook stands out as an excellent choice for business billing due to its comprehensive features, affordability, and user-friendly interface. It streamlines invoicing processes, ensures GST compliance, and facilitates efficient inventory management.

What is retail billing system?

A retail billing system is a software solution designed to manage the billing process in retail businesses. It typically includes features for creating invoices, managing inventory, processing payments, and maintaining financial records.

Which software is used in retail stores?

Retail stores often use billing software that is specifically designed for retail shops. Billing software for retail shops like myBillBook features specifically tailored to the needs of retail businesses, including invoicing, inventory management, and accounting functionalities.

What is a POS billing system?

POS (Point of Sale) billing system is a software solution used to process transactions and manage sales at the point of purchase in retail stores. It typically includes features like scanning items, calculating totals, accepting various payment methods, and generating receipts.

What is the difference between wholesale billing and retail billing?

Wholesale billing typically involves selling goods in large quantities to other businesses or retailers at discounted prices. Wholesale billing software may focus more on bulk invoicing and inventory management features tailored to wholesale operations.
On the other hand, retail billing involves selling goods directly to consumers at regular prices through retail stores. Retail billing software, like myBillBook, is designed to manage individual sales transactions, handle GST compliance, and track inventory levels in a retail environment.

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