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Cable TV Billing Software

If we talk about cable tv billing software, there are many cable tv accounting software in India that offers an MRP-Ala carte-wise billing system. The client has the option to select his or her choice of channels through the web portal and mobile application in order to migrate to the new tariff order. Moreover, this software renders complete solutions to the operator of cable tv to effectively deal with their customers’ everyday operations and the network. It can be handled anytime and anywhere you want. In addition, this billing software sends SMS alerts, manages the history of cable TV charges, tracks the record of every customer, and even handles the franchise operations for you. Besides, the application automatically generates the invoices on the due date according to the billing cycle, and at the same time, the consumer obtains an alert through SMS about the invoice amount. 

Need for Cable TV Accounting Software

Check out the need for cable tv accounting software which is given below.

Facilitates Subscriber Data Management

Cable operator software maintains the record of the set-top boxes that have been allotted to your customer IDs, phone number, subscribers, address, and membership date. Also, this lets you keep a record of all the details of your consumers in a professional and efficient manner. Each of your subscribers can be assigned to a collection agent and can be added by the admin. 

Easy to Manage Channel Package Selection and Ala Carte for Customers

The cable tv operator software offers the power of choice to the consumers. Moreover, it allows Ala carte selections and online selection of channel packages that let consumers select and relish viewing according to their choice. A variety of offerings are available for selection.

Accurate Reporting of Business Health

Cable TV invoicing software is equipped with detailed reporting so that cable tv operators can have an actual image of monthly outstanding and collections. It even generates comprehensive reports comprising analyzed collection trends on bills along with expected payments, late-paying customers, ageing summary, and other trends. 

Automated Error-free Billing

Cable operator billing application just generates recurring bills for consumers based on the selection of their package. It lets the cable operators send monthly invoices automatically to their clients through SMS and email as well. Also, the consumers can carry out online payments via multiple platforms as per their requirements. 

Tracking Every Collection Through Mobile App

Cable tv invoicing application is even designed to collect administrators and agents that further enable a convenient and quick view into payment dues and collections. In addition, agents can now decrease inefficiencies in the invoicing cycle by tracking cash or cheque collections and payments using the application.

Features of Cable TV Billing Software

Have a look at the features of cable billing software which are mentioned below.

The key features of cable operator billing software are as follows:

A cable tv invoicing software is a fully web-based online subscriber management and billing application service for the operators of cable tv. It is adopted with the essential features to deal with your customer’s subscriptions. The interesting part is that it is available with a free trial package so that you can ensure that the option of using the software is an ideal fit for your business. 

Generates Monthly Billing

The cable operator billing software assists in creating monthly recurring bills for your clients based on their package selection. It further lets the operators send monthly bills automatically to their clients through email as well as SMS. Moreover, customers can undertake online payments via different online payment options like debit cards, credit cards, net banking, wallets, and UPI.

Accurate Records of Subscriber Data

The cable tv billing software can maintain an accurate record of the set-top boxes that have been allotted to your customer IDs, phone number, subscribers, address, and membership data in an effective way. The admin can add the subscribers, and they can be allotted to a collection agent as well. In fact, the admin can assign an agent that corresponds to every subscriber, monitoring the invoicing collection status, and real-time payment tracking can easily be done.

Package Selector

When it comes to cable operator software, it enables online selection of channel packages which lets clients select and enjoy seeing as per their need. In fact, it lets them pay for the limit you actually utilize. This will boost your earnings as well as your client’s experience. 

Customer Login Panel

The invoicing application offers a customer login panel with the help of which your clients can track their accounts wallet, update profile and package, record transaction history, and make an online payment. 

Reminders for Due Date through SMS/Email

It includes integrated emailing and SMS features. It notifies the payment due date through Email or SMS to your clients. 

Track All Collections & Payments through Mobile Application

Using the software, the agents can now record online collections and payments on the go, which thereby reduces ineffectiveness in the invoicing cycle.

Business Reporting & Growth

The dashboard of the software provides you with an actual picture of monthly outstanding and collections and generates extensive reports of the business.

FAQs  about Cable TV Billing Software

What are the main functions of cable TV billing software?

The main functions of cable TV billing software are as follows:

Report Generation
Subscriber Management
Lead Management
Billing Management
Auto Package Calculation and so on.

Can I integrate cable TV operator software with other systems?

You should always select a package that can be integrated with your existing software or system easily. Thus, integration with inventory management, invoicing, accounting, and another application depends on which cable tv operator software you purchase.

How can I select the ideal cable TV software?

Various cable TV providers are available in the market. Therefore, it can be a challenging task to pick the right cable tv software. Just check out the below-given points so that you can make the right decision.

Set your expectations
List your goals
Compare the rates
Determine its compatibility
Check user reviews and ratings
Stick to the proven products

Which modules can be added to cable tv invoicing software?

While buying cable TV software, you can find different modules like Subscriber Ledger, Subscriber Management, Complaint Management, Forms & reports, Billing, Card Management, and so on. These modules help you to work with ease.

What is the meaning of channel management in cable TV software?

Channel management is nothing but what the providers of most cable TV broadcasting software render. It assists you in observing the revenue generated from advertisements. Moreover, it allows MSO to effortlessly form packages. Above all, you can remove or add the channels from the package even without allowing the clients to get affected.

Which cable tv software is the best one?

Honestly speaking, there are many cable tv software providers around the country. However, you should choose the provider as per your requirement of appropriate billing features and channels. The providers always make your life easier by assisting you to handle your whole cable TV business from one location. You can even search on the internet if you want to rely on a specific cable tv operator provider.

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