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Free Invoice Generator

Want to make your business excel with a professional online invoice? If so, check out these simple steps to using myBillBook billing software.

When you create invoices online with an invoice generating software, you have to add the invoice details to a blank invoice template.


Why use myBillBook?

Create customised GST & non-GST invoices, quote, estimate, and purchase orders for your clients

Track & manage all your inventory, get low stock reminders and makes sure that you are never out of stock

Make data-driven business decisions based on reports & insights like GST reports, P&L, stock summary, etc.

Build your professional identity by sharing business cards and greetings with your business logo

How to use the free invoice generator online?

This step-by-step guide will show you how to use an invoice creator for generating invoice online:

Fill out your name, address, phone number, and other company details in the ‘From’ section.
Add your client’s details, such as the name, address, and email in the ‘For/To’ section.
Add the details of your product or service under the ‘Items’ section along with the quantity and rate.
Where applicable, fill in other details such as the tax rate and the discount amount.
Now, under ‘Notes,’ add any other relevant product-related information, including the payment instructions and invoicing terms & conditions.

How to send an invoice online?

Once you have created your invoice online, you can send the invoice to your client using myBillBook invoice maker.

With myBillBook, sending invoices to your client via an invoice generator becomes a hassle-free affair. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Compose an email to your client where you can attach a PDF of the invoice or attach a link to the invoice. The client can then download the PDF or click on the link to view the invoice.
  • Next, you must check the status of the invoice sent to the client. If you email the invoice to your client directly from myBillBook invoice creator, you will receive a notification as soon as the client views the invoice.

Essential elements of an invoice

The best part about an online invoice maker is that it comes with all the elements of a professional invoice with scope for customization.

When you generate an invoice online using a free online invoice generator, you must be acquainted with the essential elements of an online invoice. While some of these elements are absolutely necessary to create a free invoice online, there might be additional features for customizing your online invoice.

The key elements of an invoice generated by an invoice generator software are:

  • Invoice header: The invoice header clearly spells out the purpose of the document and includes such information as invoice number and due date of the invoice. Including the date of issue of the invoice is mandatory to clear out any confusion regarding the due date of payment.

You can also add your business logo to the header section to impart a more professional look to your online invoice.

  • Company name and details: The company information usually features at the top of the invoice with particulars such as the legal name of your business, phone, number, address, email ID, and other relevant contact details.
  • Client name and contact details: The online invoice will also include the client’s name, phone number, address, and email ID.
  • Description of products/services supplied: This section lists each product/service you render with their name, rate, and quantity/number of hours, all as separate line items.
  • Extra charges: You can add any extra fees such as taxes, shipping, and handling charges as separate line items.
  • Balance due: The invoice generating software will calculate the total balance due from all the line items you entered, and this section will reflect that amount.
  • Additional notes: At the bottom of an online invoice, you may find additional information, such as terms & conditions, preferred payment methods, and payment instructions.

Save time and resources with online invoicing!

Focus on your business and let the online invoice creator do the job of creating your invoice online. If you’re wondering how online invoicing will save your time, effort, and resources, we’ll break it down for you:

  • A free invoice generator software means you don’t incur any costs!
  • You can automatically save all your client data and invoices for future use.
  • You get to choose from a wide array of professional invoice templates compatible with mobile devices and printers.
  • You can quickly organize all your invoices and get your business overview in seconds!
  • You can track your invoices in real-time and know when the client sees your invoice.
  • You can accept quick and seamless online payments.
  • You can access your online invoices anytime and from anywhere.

Create free invoice online: Mistakes you should avoid at all costs!

While an online invoice tool can be extremely helpful for your business, an ignorant mistake can ruin all your efforts!

So, you must take extra care to ensure that the online invoicing process is completely error-free. When using an online invoice creator, you should absolutely avoid these common mistakes:

  • Adding an incorrect invoice date or inaccurate invoice number.
  • Leaving the invoice details incomplete.
  • Adding incorrect tax rates, quantities, and prices.
  • Making spelling mistakes and using jargons.
  • Delaying sending of invoices.
  • Sending invoices to the wrong client.
  • Not adding a fee for late payments.
  • Using unprofessional invoice formats.
  • Not adding the payment methods, payment instructions, or terms and conditions.
  • Not storing a backup copy of the invoice.

Benefits of using myBillBook free invoice generator

Are you looking for a one-stop shop for online invoice/bill generation?

myBillBook online invoice and bill generating software is just what you need!

myBillBook is an online invoice generating software where you can create and print GST invoices or professional bills. Apart from being an online tax invoice generator, myBillBook is also a comprehensive stock inventory software for almost all business types – from FMCG and electronics to pharma and jewellery!

You can get the myBillBook app from Google Play or download the desktop app to access all its online invoice features.

With myBillBook, you will enjoy numerous perks, like:

  • Create and print bills and invoices in quick and simple steps.

– Create GST compliant invoices with all requisite details.

– If needed, create bills without GST.

– Personalise your invoice for any business type and choose from a range of themes and templates.

– Print invoices according to your needs with the regular printer (A4 and A5) and thermal printer (2-inch & 3-inch) support.

– Share bills instantly over email or on WhatsApp.

– The Barcode scanner lets you scan items and reduce billing time.

– Create payment receipts, purchase vouchers, purchase orders, quotations, purchase returns, sale returns, expense vouchers, delivery challans.

– Send auto SMSes to parties when vouchers are created in their name.

  • Manage stock inventory

– Easy upload of full stock inventory with options to choose from over 1 lakh items for pharma, FMGC, and mobile shops.

– Transfer items from other accounting apps and upload an Excel sheet with item details along with the PDF/image of the purchase bill.

– View total stock history.

– Get low stock alerts.

– Categorise and organize the inventory.

– Feature for editing multiple items together.

  • Manage accounts

– Send automatic payment reminders.

– Collect payments faster in one click.

– Get reminders for due payments.

  • Analyze your business with over 14 reports including

– Party statement

– Sales summary

– Profit and loss report

– GSTR-1 (Sales) [paid feature]

– GSTR-2 (Purchase) [paid feature]

– GSTR-3B [paid feature]

  • Get orders online

– Increase sales by creating custom websites and mobile apps for your business.

  • Send business card and greetings

– Enhance your professional identity by sharing personalised business cards and festival greetings with your parties.

  • Add staff members to the app (paid feature)

– Add stock manager, salesman, accountant, delivery boy to the myBillBook app with an exhaustive list of permissions for each role.

  • 100% data security and safety

– Automatic data backup

– ISO 27001 certified

  • Video tutorials

Find answers to frequently asked questions in easy-to-follow video format.

FAQs on Invoice Generator

Q: What is an invoice?

A: In the simplest terms, an invoice is a commercial document that records a product/service transaction between a buyer and a seller. Mostly issued by the seller, the invoice includes all the details of the transaction that took place between the two parties.


Q: Are invoice and receipt the same thing?

A: The invoice is a document issued by the seller asking for payment. But a receipt is proof that the buyer has received the goods/services from the seller and completed the payment for the same.


Q: Is a bill the same as an invoice?

A: A bill and an invoice are practically the same things, but with a small twist – while the invoice is issued by the business providing the goods/service, the same is recorded as a bill by the person receiving the goods/service.


Q: What is the invoice number?

A: The invoice number is a unique identifier for each invoice that helps keep track of multiple invoices.


Q: What is an invoice template?

A: An invoice template is basically the layout or format of the invoice. The invoice template breaks all the essential elements of an invoice into separate sections to simplify the task of creating an invoice.


Q: Can I put my business logo on the invoice?

A: Yes, you can customise your invoice and conveniently add your business logo to the invoice template.


Q: Can I add extra details to my invoice?

A: Yes you can! Besides the essential fields such as name and details of the business, client, and product descriptions, you can customise your invoice further by including additional information such as discounts, taxes, shipping & handling charges, signatures, payment instructions, terms & conditions, etc.


Q: How do I create invoice online?

A: You can easily use the myBillBook mobile or desktop app to create an online invoice for free. It gives you access to a plethora of other features such as inventory management, business reports, online ordering, and much more.


Q: Who can use the myBillBook free invoice generator?

A: myBillBook online invoice generating software can be used by retailers, wholesalers, and distributors.


Q: Is myBillBook safe to use?

A: Yes, myBillBook is 100% secure and safe to use. User data is stored in an anonymised and encrypted format.


Q: Does myBillBook support the Hindi language?

A: You can use myBillBook in Hindi, English, and Hinglish. More supported languages will be updated soon!


Q: Will I lose my data from myBillBook?

A: With myBillBook, you do not have to worry constantly about losing your data because all of it gets backed up automatically.


Q: Can I use myBillBook for filing taxes?

A: You can generate GST invoices on myBillBook. It also provides GSTR-1, GSTR-2, and GSTR-3B reports that are helpful for filing taxes.


Q: Can I receive payments using myBillBook invoice generator?

A: Yes, you can. myBillBook facilitates quick and easy digital payment via UPI. You can also send payment reminders to your clients.


Q: Do I have to create myBillBook account to use the online invoice generator?

A: Yes, making a myBillBook account is mandatory to avail its services.


Q: What other products does myBillBook offer?

A: myBillBook provides an online invoice generator, online bill generator, inventory tracker, business reports, online product cataloguing, personalized business cards and greetings.