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Frequently Asked Questions

Quick answers to all the questions you may have

What is billing software?

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Billing software is a computer application that helps generate bills or invoices using your PC or mobile. By installing billing or invoicing software on your computer or mobile, you can create invoices for the products or services sold and share them with your customers.
myBillBook is the best billing software in India designed to help small & medium businesses generate invoices from anywhere & anytime. You can create customized GST & non-GST invoices within seconds and share them with your clients instantly.

What is an invoice?

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An invoice is provided by the seller to the buyer detailing the products or services sold and the amount owed. It's sent before the payment due date and used in B2B and B2C transactions.

What is invoicing software?

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Invoicing software is the same as billing software. When installed on your PC or mobile, it generates invoices for the goods or services sold. myBillBook is one such invoicing software that helps SMBs create personalized invoices in seconds.

Which billing software is best for small businesses?

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Who understands a small business's billing and accounting needs better than a small business that designed India’s No:1 billing and accounting software? Yes, myBillBook is a home-grown enterprise that designed billing software to suit the needs of small and medium businesses in India. With a user base of 60 lakh+ customers, the invoicing software has been rated the best billing software for small businesses.

What is the difference between an invoice and a bill?

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A bill and an invoice contain almost similar information. However, technically they’re used for different purposes. A bill is used when the payment is instant, just like a bill issued in a supermarket. On the other hand, an invoice is typically used for payments with a due date, like your internet bill, which has a grace period for bill payment. Sellers typically issue invoices to request payments from clients.

What are the top features of billing software?

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  • Generates GST & non-GST bills
  • Generates Delivery Challans, Proforma Invoices, Quotations
  • Inventory Management
  • E-invoicing
  • e-Way Billing
  • Accounts Management
  • Generates business reports
  • Expense Tracking
  • Automated Billing
  • Business Management
    • User Access Management
    • Staff Attendance & Payroll
    • SMS Marketing
    • Online Store

What is the difference between a tax invoice and an invoice?

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A tax invoice is a legally binding document created in accordance with tax regulations. To qualify as a tax invoice, it must include all the mandatory information, like the invoice number, GSTIN, etc. On the other hand, an invoice need not necessarily contain all the information. It typically contains the amount due for the goods or services sold.

What are the benefits of using billing software?

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  • Automates invoice generation and enables online sharing.
  • Minimises errors in calculations and invoicing for accurate financial records.
  • Facilitates online payments, speeding up the payment process and improving cash flow.
  • Helps in organizing invoices, payments, and client information for efficient management.
  • Offers customisable invoice templates and branding options for a professional image.
  • Generates reports and provides insights into financial data for better analysis and decision-making.

How does online billing software work?

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Online billing software is a cloud-based application that can be downloaded on any compatible smart device like a smartphone, tablet, PC, etc. It’s like any other app on your mobile that does not require any software installation on local servers. A unique mobile number is required to log in and access the app, which stores the entire information in cloud servers. The billing application can be used from anywhere and from any device with the same login credentials.

What is the difference between an invoice and a receipt?

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An invoice is generated to request payment, whereas receipts are provided as proof of payment. Invoices are generated before the payment, and receipts are upon receiving the payment.

What is a proforma invoice?

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A proforma invoice outlines the estimated cost of the transaction and is generated to provide a rough estimate to the buyer. A proforma invoice is generated even before a sale is made. A proforma invoice is not a legally binding document.

What is an invoice number?

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An invoice number is a unique 16-digit alpha-numeric assigned to each invoice generated by a seller. As per GST norms, the series needs to be changed for every financial year. A billing software generates a unique invoice number for every invoice based on the series you set.

What is the price of myBillBook billing software?

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myBillBook offers different plans to accommodate businesses of different sizes. Do check our Pricing Page to know all the plans available.

Is myBillBook available on a monthly subscription?

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We are currently offering plans on an annual subscription basis.

Can I have a free trial of myBillBook app?

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Yes, if you haven’t used your mobile number to register with myBillBook, you can enjoy a free trial of 14 days.

Can I customize myBillBook subscription plans?

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Yes, you can contact our customer service team to get tailor-made subscription plans based on your business needs.

What is e-invoicing software?

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An e-invoicing software enables the creation of e-invoices quickly and easily in adherence to regulatory standards. It reduces the steps required to generate e-invoices and makes the e-invoice generation effortless. It integrates with accounting systems for seamless data flow, ensures accuracy, and provides secure transmission methods.

What is e-way billing software?

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An e-way billing software enables the creation of e-way bills quickly and easily in adherence to regulatory standards. It facilitates the creation of e-way bills for the movement of goods, ensuring adherence to specified thresholds and legal requirements.

For which businesses or industries billing software is suitable?

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Businesses from various industries can use billing software. Different types of billing software are available, including restaurant billing software, medical billing software, hotel billing software, and retail shop billing software.

Can I generate e-invoices and e-way bills together in myBillBook?

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Yes, myBillBook supports single-click generation of e-invoices and e-way bills. While e-invoicing, you will find an option to generate e-way bills. You can use the same to initiate your e-way billing process.

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