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Kirana Billing Software

What is Kirana billing software?

Kirana billing software is also engaged in providing a fault-free working environment through the POS system. The technology enables workers to operate more efficiently and effectively, propelling company development to new heights of success. It offers a strong inventory management system that keeps track of stock availability, current demand, expiry date, and allows for product discounts. It also offers CRM, which enables efficient marketing programs and loyalty management. A Kirana business’s goal and success are to reach as many consumers as possible. It allows your company to find and contact prospective customers all around the world at any time. Kirana Dukan Software increases efficiency and overall service quality in this manner. It offers a favourable attitude to any internet marketing company.

Why use kirana dukan software?

Bill more quickly and easily

  • Create GST invoices in minutes with Kirana billing software
  • Completely automate the billing process to eliminate the chance of human mistakes with a user-friendly layout
  • Create an impression on consumers with professional-looking paper bills
  • Easily manageable on both Android mobile and desktop platforms
  • Create GST-compliant invoices to increase transparency

Sell items more efficiently

Utilize retail billing software to maintain constant track of inventory. When a stock item hits a lower limit, you may automate buy orders using Kirana store software. It enables you to prevent overstocking and reinvest the funds in goods that are in greater demand in your area. Billing software for retail establishments allows you to save storage space by avoiding the purchase of low-demand goods.

  • Never lose a client owing to a supply constraint 
  • Eliminate overstocking and easily manage cash flow
  • Develop a sales plan via analysis of data – Keep track of expiration dates of goods to ensure timely action

Payments are recorded, tracked, and collected

Kirana billing software allows you to keep track of payables and receivables at any time. Allow consumers to choose from a variety of payment methods. Keep track of all sale and buy orders and keep an eye on them in real-time. Send digital payment links to invoices to collect payments.

  • Use WhatsApp and emails to send payment reminders.
  • Accept cash, eWallets, cards, UPI, direct bank transfers, and checks as payment methods.
  • Examine your expenditures and profit reports to see how you may better allocate your resources.

Keep control of your firm

Manage your company properly using Kirana store bill software. Take care of all the intricacies and run your company fully and smoothly. Ensure that you have a local backup of your data and that you generate GST invoices for your clients.

  • Reduce expenses via the generation of essential business reports
  • Ensures that every aspect of your company is in order – Provides access to your data at any time and from any location
  • Quickly and correctly file taxes by producing GST reports.

Features of myBillBook Kirana billing software

Precise Purchase

  • Get a clear picture of your total purchase price vs. sales value.
  • Create formulas to compute tax, cash, and program discounts, free products are given freight charges and more to get the precise net cost of your purchases.
  • Save time by getting smart recommendations based on the minimum and maximum amounts set on goods or product sales over time.

Prepare for Omnichannel

  • Retailers who lack the manpower to manage delivery logistics can offer customers Pick-up Only options.
  • Scanning and category-based item listing help pick the right items quickly and efficiently, reducing stress and increasing orders picked per employee.
  • Consumers can easily reschedule/cancel deliveries, and retailers can track the delivery status in real-time.

Mobile billing

  • Billing from a tablet, phone, or Windows device.
  • Retail POS software accepts payments in cash, card, coupon, gift certificate, part-cash, part-card, and more. Card swipe billing integration is faster.
  • Your Ledger account book is automatically generated based on your transactions.

Cloud POS

  • Make critical decisions from anywhere, at any time, on any device, with real-time data. Giving you more choices.
  • Offline billing software feature helps work easily without internet and can automatically synchronize data with the server while online.
  • Kirana billing software automatically backs up your data to a secure location to prevent data loss due to device modifications or damage.

Digital distribution

  • With the Kirana billing software, you can store the entire customer history with a single click. On the invoicing page, customers will be delighted by instant free offers and item discounts.
  • A world-class mobile billing app that accepts many currencies. A bill may be split into two halves using cash, credit, or third-party payments. Express or precise tender is an advantage for mobile POS apps.
  • Create professional GST invoices for your customers by utilizing pre-designed templates.

Compete smartly

  • Inform customers about special offers and new arrivals through email.
  • Improve service by notifying of stockouts/low stock.
  • With Kirana POS, you can categorize customers, study their buying patterns, and generate tailored offers. Reward them with points for every purchase.
  • Send birthday greetings and offers to customers through SMS and POS. Distribute coupons and incentives to attract customers from beyond your catchment area.

Efficient Inventory Management

  • Retailers may utilize the back-end to accurately show stock levels and handle orders.
  • Use racks, shelves, and the whole shop to stock moving products and remove non-moving ones, minimizing waste and freeing up working capital.
  • With the Kirana Dukan Software, you can always know the precise stock status – for all locations or just one. The show will expose the truth of inventory.

Keep profit margins

  • For example, you may specify your desired profit margin on products during the buying process. Using mark-up and mark-down, automatically determine the sales price for each item or set of products. Receive alerts if the purchase price is higher than the previous purchase or other distributors’ prices.
  • Understand the top five selling products, non-selling items, and items with a short shelf life to improve business performance.
  • Complete control to avoid bringing in items that will expire within the user-defined period.

Components of Kirana store bill and need for a software

  • Kirana shop bills include a variety of variables that may help you improve and run your company more efficiently;
  • Creating Invoices: Using pre-designed templates generate professional-looking invoices for your clients
  • Order Processing: The Premium Inventory option enables you to generate an infinite number of purchase orders, which can be quickly converted to GST invoices as required
  • Automatic Backup: When you use Kirana billing software, you may create safe local backups of your critical company data
  • Mobile & Desktop Compatibility: This billing software is optimized for use on Android mobile devices and Windows desktop computers
  • Estimates/Quotes: Using India’s finest retail billing software, you may share comprehensive estimates and quotations with your customers
  • Expense Management: This accounting application for Android allows you to track your company expenses
  • Keep Track of Money Transactions: Kirana’s retail billing software enables you to keep track of all expenditures and profits in one location
  • Create delivery challans and include them with your shipment
  • Bank Accounts: Create, monitor, and trace payments to and from your bank accounts, e-wallets, and other payment methods
  • Cheque Payments: Indicate on invoices that they are ‘Cheque Payments’ and monitor them until they are withdrawn.
  • Analyze business: With Kirana billing software, you may always be informed about your company. Cash flow, stock/inventory status, bank status, and open orders are just some of the insights available via the Kirana billing software.
  • Kirana billing software automatically backs up all your data to a private and safe place in an encrypted format to eliminate the possibility of losing it due to device modification or damage.

FAQs – Kirana Billing Software

How can a Kirana store software help improve the business?

Kirana shop billing software is a specialized retail store or chain billing solution. It is a comprehensive retail store management system that offers merchants comprehensive sales solutions. It automates point-of-sale procedures and shop operations and offers centralized management for merchants with many locations. Kirana software is capable of efficiently managing all inventory activities. It keeps track of Kirana stockpiles at each level and organizes them appropriately. It keeps track of product information and informs merchants about their availability, out-of-stock, and in-stock status.

Which shops can use Kirana billing software?

1. Supermarket
2. Grocery
3. Restaurants
4.Medical Shop
5. Chemist
6. Salon
7. Pharmacy
8. Optical Shop
All Types of Retail Store

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