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Supermarket Billing Software with In-Built POS Billing Feature

Welcome to myBillBook’s Supermarket Billing Software. We offer a customisable billing solution that would handle your supermarket’s billing operations like a breeze!

  • Superfast Billing
  • In-Built POS Feature
  • Inventory Management
  • Barcode Printing & Scanning
  • Thermal & A4 Printing
  • Share Invoices on Whatsapp
  • GST Compliant Billing
  • Free e-Invoicing & e-Way Billing
  • Plans start from Rs.399/year
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Features of myBillBook Supermarket Billing Software

Quick Billing

In supermarkets, where consumers might queue at any time of day, fast billing is critical to improving the customer experience.

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Additionally, a secure billing system should prevent tampering with prices, discounts, and offers. myBillBook’s supermarket billing system accomplishes precisely that. It requires minimal human interaction and creates a bill automatically. 

With efficient features such as barcode scanning and comprehensive product catalogue management, the software facilitates swift billing processes for supermarkets. Its user-friendly interface allows businesses to generate GST-compliant invoices seamlessly. It offers multiple payment options, streamlines transactions and enhances customer satisfaction.

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Barcode Generation & Scanning

Barcode scanners aid in the simplification of billing processes. Our supermarket software comes with barcode generation and scanning features for precise and quicker bill preparation.

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Barcode generation allows supermarkets to generate and print barcodes for all your products effortlessly. 

You can scan the same barcodes during checkout for quick and error-free item identification. This functionality enhances the overall efficiency of supermarket operations, allowing for seamless transactions and improved customer service.

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Inventory Control

myBillBook empowers Indian supermarkets with robust inventory management features, allowing for efficient management of stock levels, tracking of product movement, and automated reordering when inventory runs low.

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The software enables businesses to optimise inventory levels, minimise stockouts, and enhance overall operational efficiency by providing real-time insights into stock status.

With myBillBook’s low stock alerts feature, supermarkets can be notified when specific product inventory levels are running low. This proactive alert system enables businesses to promptly replenish stock, prevent potential stockouts, and ensure uninterrupted availability of products to customers, thereby optimising operations and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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POS Billing

myBillBook’s POS billing feature has a retail-friendly interface that empowers businesses with unparalleled convenience and efficiency. With the ability to create multiple bills simultaneously, businesses can serve multiple customers seamlessly, reducing wait times and enhancing customer satisfaction.

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The ‘Item First’ billing functionality prioritises scanning products before creating the bill, ensuring transaction accuracy and efficiency. Additionally, myBillBook supports multiple printer integrations, allowing businesses to choose the printing option based on their requirements. 

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GST-Compliant Billing

With myBillBook, supermarket businesses can effortlessly generate GST-compliant invoices, accurately calculating and applying GST rates to transactions. The software also facilitates e-invoicing, enabling businesses to generate and transmit e-invoices in compliance with GST regulations.

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Moreover, the billing software for supermarkets automates the generation of e-way bills, simplifying the process of transporting goods across state borders. It also streamlines GST return filing, enabling businesses to prepare and file GST returns accurately, ensuring compliance with tax obligations and minimising the risk of penalties.

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Loyalty & Rewards

The billing software for supermarkets offers a Customer Loyalty Program to cultivate long-lasting customer relationships. Through the loyalty program, supermarkets can reward repeat purchases and encourage customer engagement by offering points or discounts based on their shopping behaviour.

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With myBillBook, businesses can easily set up and manage loyalty programs, track customer participation, and analyse program effectiveness through comprehensive reporting and analytics tools. By incentivising loyalty, supermarkets can enhance customer retention, increase repeat business, and ultimately drive growth and profitability.

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Benefits of myBillBook Billing Software for Supermarkets

easy to use

Improved Accuracy

Using Supermarket billing software with barcodes for tracking, accounting, and inventory management eliminates the potential for human error.

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The likelihood of making a mistake when entering physical or manually inputting item information is far higher than the likelihood of making a mistake when using barcodes. In addition, a barcode scan is far faster and more accurate than manually entering data.

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Saves Time on Employee Training

It is easier to use supermarket billing software to automate barcode production, label printing, and barcode scanning.

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With a barcode system, you can significantly reduce staff training time. An employee can become proficient at scanning items using a hand-held barcode reader or scanner within a few minutes. A barcode scanner is relatively simple to use, and the process is similar to the use of a pointing device. This saves money on employee training because they don’t have to pay for extra training time or another person.

integrated accounting

Improved Decision-Making

Barcodes can aid business owners in making informed decisions. Because information is gathered fast and precisely, it is possible to make better appropriate decisions.

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Improved fundamental leadership eventually saves both time and money.Barcodes are a low-cost and user-friendly method of tracking a range of data about things, people, shipments, and assets. The primary benefit of a comprehensive barcode management system is increased accuracy and cost savings.

better inventory management

Track Your Business From Anywhere

With the myBillBook billing app, supermarket owners can conveniently track their business operations from anywhere, anytime.

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Whether on-site or remotely, the billing app provides real-time access to crucial business data, including sales transactions, inventory levels, and customer information.
This flexibility empowers business owners to stay informed and make informed decisions on the go, ensuring efficient management and optimisation of operations. Additionally, the app’s user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate and use, allowing for seamless monitoring and control of business activities right from your pocket.

gst compliance

Go Online

If you wish to take your brick and mortar store online, you can use myBillBook’s online store feature. You can effortlessly list your products and share a link with customers,

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allowing them to place orders conveniently. Customers can browse through the online store, select items they wish to purchase, and complete the order process.
The billing software for retail stores facilitates seamless order management, including order tracking and delivery coordination, ensuring a smooth experience for both businesses and customers. This feature enables businesses to expand their reach, increase sales, and provide added convenience to their customers by delivering items directly to their homes.

affordable pricing

Affordable Pricing Plans

myBillBook super market software offers numerous features and benefits at a highly competitive market price. The basic plan starts at just INR 399 per year,

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making it one of the best-priced software solutions available. With affordable pricing plans, businesses can enjoy comprehensive billing solutions without breaking the bank.
Our pricing plans are designed to cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes, ensuring accessibility to essential features at competitive rates. Whether you’re a small super market or an established shopping mall, myBillBook offers cost-effective solutions to streamline your billing processes and enhance operational efficiency. With transparent pricing and no hidden fees, you can trust that you’re getting the best value for your investment.


Per month. Billed annually

Diamond Plan

✅ Create unlimited invoices

✅ Add up to 1 business + 1 user

✅ Inventory management

✅ App + Web support

✅ Priority customer support

✅ GSTR reports in JSON format Popular

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Per month. Billed annually

Platinum Plan

Everything on Diamond Plan +

✅ Add up to 2 business + 2 user

✅ 50 e-Way bills/year

✅ Staff attendance + payroll

✅ Godown management

✅ Whatsapp and SMS marketing Popular

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Per month. Billed annually

Enterprise Plan

Everything on Platinum Plan +

✅ Custom invoice themes

✅ Create your online store

✅ Generate and print barcode

✅ POS billing on desktop app

✅ Unlimited e-Invoices & e-Way bills Popular

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mybillbook silver plan

₹399 per year

Silver Plan for Android App

✅ For 1 device, 1 business and 1 user

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Hitesh Patel – FMCG Distributor – Mumbai
“myBillBook is easy to use and covers every aspect of running my business like generating invoices, inventory management, GST compliance and much more”

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R V Shetty – Electrical Retailer – Vijayawada
“I found myBillBook a good invoicing software for my small business because it didn’t need any training and it has excellent customer support”

FAQs – Super Market Billing System

Why is it necessary to have Supermarket Billing Software?

In a supermarket, customers can purchase a wide variety of things. Billing these goods manually can take a significant amount of time and energy. Instead, utilize the billing software to streamline the process. In addition to billing, the app streamlines the entire payment process.

Is it easy to utilize the myBillBook Supermarket billing app?

It takes an employee very little time to prepare bills with the Supermarket Billing app. The program is extremely user-friendly, and anyone with a basic understanding of software handling may use it. Within a day or two, your staff will be skilled in using the app’s full functionality.

What is the cost of the supermarket billing app?

The cost of myBillBook's billing app depends on the plan you choose. The basic plan starts at INR 399 per month, offering essential features for small businesses. There may be additional charges for advanced features or customization options. Visit our pricing plans page or contact our talk to our sales team for the most up-to-date pricing information tailored to your specific needs.

Why do store owners prefer supermarket billing software?

It’s simple to utilize the supermarket billing application. It enables businesses to personalize their bills and provide their customers with a streamlined billing experience. The app is ideally tailored to the needs of a supermarket, making it the first choice of supermarkets.

Is myBillBook good for departmental stores?

For a departmental shop in India, myBillBook is one of the best billing software. It offers features like billing, inventory management, GST compliance, and financial reporting, catering to different business needs and budgets.

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