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Billing Software For Grocery Store

The long queues at grocery stores checkout counters has become a common sight these days. As grocery related establishments experience higher transactions on a daily basis, businesses must have an efficient billing system or billing software to achieve optimal customer satisfaction. A good billing system not only enhances customer experience but also makes it easy for businesses to track and manage sales effectively.

myBillBook offers highly interactive billing software for grocery stores and vegetable & fruit businesses. The billing software is available for download on both desktop and mobile so that small business owners can track their sales on the go. Let us look at the features offered by myBillBook billing software for grocery stores in detail.

Features of myBillBook Billing Software for Grocery Stores

GST-Compliant Invoices

myBillBook billing software for grocery stores is designed to create both GST/non-GST invoices in faster billing environments. Once your product data is entered, the software would auto-populate the related GST for that particular product making it easier for faster billing. You don’t have to add any GST, including CGST & SGST, while creating an invoice using myBillBook billing software.

Barcode scanning

Once myBillBook billing software is installed on your PC, you can connect any barcode scanner or gun for scanning the products. By simply scanning the barcode on the product, cashiers can easily add the product to the cart. This not just simplifies the billing process but also minimises data entry errors. In addition, any discounts or offers on the products will be automatically applied through barcode scanning.

POS Billing

A recent addition to myBillBook POS billing software for grocery stores is the retail POS Billing feature. Specially designed for grocery stores and retail stores, the POS Billing feature provides an easy billing interface for the users. Businesses can create multiple bills simultaneously using the POS billing feature. Products can be added easily to the invoices by scanning the barcode or typing the item name in the search bar. The feature requires minimum data entry to fastrack the billing process.

Thermal Printing

Compared to label printing, as thermal printing is most commonly used in grocery stores for billing purposes, myBillBook billing software offers a thermal printing option. The printing option is available in two sizes, including 2-inch and 3-inch. Based on the availability of the printer, you can choose the desired size for your invoice.

Inventory Tracking

Inventory management is one of the critical functions of a business. Especially in the FMCG industry, tracking and managing the inventory plays a key role in avoiding overstock and understock situations. myBillBook billing software for grocery stores enables easy inventory management and tracking. Users can set reminders of low stock items and refill the inventory before the stock expires. You will also get reminders about-to-expire products so that you can remove them from the shelves before your customers notice.

Delivery challans

If you’re taking online orders and delivering products to customers directly, you can use the delivery challan feature to generate the invoices. Then, you can convert the delivery challan into sales invoices to collect payments at the time of delivery.

Get GST Reports

myBillBook grocery store billing software helps businesses to file taxes with ease. With all the GST invoices in one place, the billing software will generate timely GST reports. You need to download the required reports and file the GST returns without much effort.

Share bills online

If your customers prefer to have digital invoices shared directly to their mobiles, myBillBook will help you do that with just one click. Send invoices along with payment links to receive payments faster.

Credit notes

For return products, you can simply issue a credit note generated using the myBillBook billing app. The credit note allows the customers to make purchases within the specified period. This way, businesses will not lose a customer or a sale.

Benefits of Using myBillBook Grocery Billing Software

Easy to use interface

Fast billing environment requires easy to handle billing equipment. myBillBook is designed with a simple user interface to allow users create invoices with ease. With a simple glance at the software, users can understand how to use it. No formal training is required for the employees as the software can be installed and operated without technical knowledge.

Multi-device access

Grocery Stores have multiple checkout counters to fasten the billing process. Purchasing new software for every billing counter is not a cost-effective option, especially for small and medium businesses. myBillBook thus provides a multi-user login facility to help businesses overcome the problem.

With a single subscription, the billing app can be installed on multiple machines and can be accessed by multiple users. This allows the entire invoicing data to be saved in the same place.

Faster billing

An efficient billing solution is bound to provide optimal results with faster and more accurate billing. myBillBook is an amazing platform for grocery billing and invoicing that provides invoices in jet speed. Each invoice can be created in less than 20 seconds if the entire product entry is done accurately.

Safety and security

myBillBook provides a safe and secure medium to save your data. The billing application is ISO certified and uses cloud-based servers to store the information. Data safety is taken utmost care of by saving it on anonymous servers. Even when a user loses the device, the data can be restored on any new device by using the same login credentials.

Affordable billing software

Despite providing all these billing, invoicing, and inventory management features, myBillBook is available at affordable prices to serve small and medium businesses. Different subscription plans with different features start from Rs.142 per month. Users can opt for the plans based on their business size and requirements.

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FAQS – Billing Software For Grocery Store

Which billing software is the most appropriate for a food store?

Grocery businesses need simple-to-use billing and invoicing software. Grocery store billing software is the finest billing software for retail shops since it has a plethora of essential features that ensure the company runs smoothly.

Is the Billing software for grocery stores free to use for food shopping?

Grocery billing software is completely free to use on Android smartphones. You may sign up for a one-month free trial of the desktop version to use the app’s premium features. After the trial period ends, you may pay a modest annual subscription to continue utilising the premium services.

Is software for grocery stores safe to use?

Billing software for grocery store is a safe platform to operate your business. The data in your store is only accessible by you. You can rely on our grocery store billing software to help you run your company more efficiently.

What use does a grocery store billing software serve?

Grocery billing software is used in a food shop to create bills for customers. Additional uses include accounting, financial management, and the generation of GST reports. By automating processes with the app, you can reduce mistakes.

Can my accountant generate reports without extra training using the Billing software for grocery stores?

Yes. No extra training is required for your accountant to produce a report for tax filing using grocery billing software. It is an easy-to-use grocery shop billing system.

Is the billing software for grocery shops compatible with a variety of supermarkets?

Yes. The billing software for grocery shops can assist you in keeping track of all of your grocery stores' retail locations. It enables you to monitor sales from any distant place. You may see individual sales data for each location to help you design your company strategy.

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