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Salon Billing Software

The salon billing software is an application that helps you to run and organize your salon business in a more straightforward way. This software keeps you away from the concern of missing entries and double entries of data. Moreover, you can maintain track of every beauty product you have kept in stock. Furthermore, it helps you to remember about recovering payments, facilitate beauty salon accounting, manage your customers efficiently, generate GST invoices & share the same with your customers, track your salon all the time, create your online store by bringing your all salon services online, and many more.

Why Use myBillBook?

Create customised GST & non-GST invoices, quote, estimate, and purchase orders for your clients

Track & manage all your inventory, get low stock reminders and makes sure that you are never out of stock

Make data-driven business decisions based on reports & insights like GST reports, P&L, stock summary, etc.

Build your professional identity by sharing business cards and greetings with your business logo

Why use myBillBook Salon Billing Software?

The salon billing software is mainly designed for salon and spa businesses to handle all the salon requirements effectively and accurately. The system is committed to offering the most efficient software solution as it updates itself from time to time as per the needs of the market. Now check out some of the reasons for the businesses to use salon invoicing software which are as follows:

Client Record Management

The software manages the client’s future bookings, booking preferences, contact details, and appointment history.

Easy Payments and Receipt Printing

It facilitates payments with the use of online banking and multiple payment modes and also prints instant customized invoices as well as receipts. 

Shift Management

It defines and creates multiple shifts of beauticians and employees as per day, date, and hour and even allots tasks with auto-shift rotation.

POS/Touch Integration

Using this software, you can experience quick billing with Touch Screen POS integration. Also, you can track products easily, evaluate your daily reports, and more. 

Send Notifications and Reminders

This software lets you set reminders regarding customers’ appointments, payments, outstandings, and follow-ups to boost sales by 30%. 

Sales and Stock Management

With the use of the software, you can keep a track of daily service, collection, product usage, and inventory and you would never run out of products by setting reorder points.

Easy Implementation

You can have salon billing software free download, begin invoicing in minutes, and handle your inventory accounts instantly. No matter where you are, the company of software would help you in the process of implementation. Also, several software companies provide updated manuals, tutorial videos, and a team of customer care executives for easy and successful implementation. 


The software assists you to send orders to your supplier, collaborate with your supplier and receive bills without additional fees from the user.

GST Compliant

Salon invoicing software allows you to generate financial reports, GST compliant invoices, file your GST returns and carry out tax calculations without any issues.

Business Booster

Several software companies have business boosters that can provide your business with the benefit of remaining on top beyond the competition in the market and rewarding your business in endless ways. Also, it helps you to boost your business performance by making the most out of the business boosters. 


Effective salon accounting software helps all the entrepreneurs with its attractive features that offer 100% control over the business with self-customization options, time to time innovation & advancements, and flexibility.


The salon billing software is also a trade-specialized solution that automates the workflows of your business with wonderful invoices as per your requirements. It is equipped with software configuration that enables you to build functionality layers to support the most unique models of the business. 

Features of Salon Billing Software

Have a look at some of the impressive features of salon invoicing software given below:

Salon POS (Point of Sale)

Salon invoicing software has a great feature of POS that allows you to access client information quickly on any device only with a few taps or clicks. It further helps you to undertake any sales and process payment of the client seamlessly. Moreover, it tracks referrals, commissions, sales, and rewards points as well. 

Easy Scheduling Ability

The effective salon accounting software has the ability of easy scheduling that automates day-to-day processes which thereby offers more time to staff to carry out other duties. With the software, it only takes a few minutes or clicks to plan appointments or book an appointment. Accessing clients’ personal preferences, contact information, retail purchases, colour formulations, and full history for services would be at your fingertips. 

Strong Reporting

Reporting plays an important role when it comes to running a salon. It is necessary to know how the business is going on. Therefore, detailed performance, as well as financial reports, are effective tools for informed business decisions and performance management. You can search for salon software that provides you with a few ways to run a report. 

Marketing Capabilities

Salon software even equips marketing capabilities that assist you to market your services and products more efficiently. Also, they help you keep your clients engaged and build your business. It allows you to texts message and sends an email to keep the communication flow moving to your clientele.

Mobile Access

You can even get cloud-based salon software that offers you 24/7 data access. The feature of mobile accessing lets you book appointments, check your schedule, check inventory, and run a report on the go or from anywhere. Through your mobile device, you have to just access through a link on your social media or salon’s website. It allows you data access permissions and keeps certain phases of your business private. You can even grant access to your staff to see their schedules or other relevant information. 

Inventory Management

If you are selling retail products then the in-built inventory management software has features that would be very beneficial to you as it keeps track of your inventory by managing quantities every time there is a new product shipment, return, or sale. Moreover, it keeps you away from over-purchasing and supports slower-moving items. 

Automated Confirmations

You should always look for automated software so that the system will send or text your email confirmations and reminders once bookings are made. However, it is your duty to decide how and when to send the communications. The feature of automated confirmations removes the requirement for confirmation calls. It even restrains the downfall of any service industry and late clients. 

FAQs – Salon Billing Software

What software is used by salons?

Salons look for professional salon billing software to manage the accounting, billing, and other financial needs of their salon business. There are many effective salon applications in the market that are easy to learn, renders simple UI design, and have a lot of beneficial functions like stock management.

Which is the best salon invoicing software for businesses?

myBillBook is found to be the best billing software for salon businesses. It helps small to medium business owners to decrease the time needed to bill a customer.

Is there any free salon software to use?

Yes, there are many good salon software applications in the market that are completely free to use; myBillBook is the best salon invoicing software company that offers lifetime free access to their software especially for android device users. In fact, you can fulfill all the requirements of your business right from the scratch with the use of myBillBook salon software. If required, you can even take the benefit of myBillBook’s desktop software using your one-month free trial and premium features with the payment of a small yearly fee thereafter.

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