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Salon Billing Software

The salon billing software is mainly designed for salon and spa businesses to handle all salon requirements effectively and accurately. The system is committed to offering the most efficient software solution as it updates itself from time to time as per the needs of the market.

Features of myBillBook Salon Billing Software

myBillBook Salon Billing and accounting software offers the following features.

GST/Non-GST Invoices:

Whether you’re a GST or non-GST registered salon business, myBillBook billing software allows you to generate invoices in seconds. The app will enable you to create GST and non-GST invoices based on your requirements.

Customer Database:

For beauty salons, it’s essential to maintain a customer database to send promotional messages, offers, and any other deals and discounts. myBillBook app allows you to save your customer details, including their mobile number, e-mail address, age, birthday, etc. You can also add custom fields of your choice.

Stock Records

Not just invoicing and billing, myBillBook salon accounting software allows you to keep track of your stock items. However, you need to enter your stock details whenever you purchase new items for your beauty salon. In addition, you can update the stock items as and when you offer a service or add them to the invoice to allow the billing app to auto-update the inventory.

Enable the ‘Low Stock Alert’ feature to get an update when the products in the inventory go below a certain threshold.

Invoice Estimate:

If any of your salon clients ask for an estimate of the beauty salon services they would like to avail of, you can generate the same in seconds using myBillBook billing software. If the client is happy with your quote and gives the go-ahead, you can convert the same estimate into an invoice using myBillBook salon billing and accounting software.

Go Online:

Another exciting feature of myBillBook is the ‘Online Orders’ feature. You can open your own online store, list your services and take orders online. You can directly share your online store link with your customers and let them know about your services and pricing details. Open your online store today and grow your business 5X faster.

POS Billing:

As a salon business, you may not need a POS Billing option as you don’t have to create bills at a faster pace. However, if you want to simplify your billing process, you can definitely use the POS Billing feature. You can create invoices in less than 10 seconds using the POS Billing feature by entering limited details. If the invoice includes a product purchase, you can simply add the details or scan the QR code to add the item to the invoice.

Your Online Accountant:

Hiring an accountant or a bookkeeper is not typical in the salon business. However, as a business owner, you might take up that job to make sure every transaction is recorded correctly. myBillBook salon billing software works as your virtual accounting assistant and helps record all beauty salon transactions with less effort.

From creating purchase invoices to recording purchase orders, expenses, and cash in the bank and hand, the software allows you to record all accounting transactions with ease.

Easy Payments and Receipt Printing:

The billing software for salons facilitates payments using online banking and multiple payment modes. You can simply share the link with your customers and enable them to make online payments through IMPS, NEFT or any UPI-enabled app.

Business Promotions:

Salon software even equips marketing capabilities that assist you in promoting your services and products more efficiently. For example, send greetings, wishes, and promotional messages about new offers,  services, and new product launches, to multiple users simultaneously using the myBillBook salon billing app.

Accessible on both mobile and desktop:

You don’t have to sit at the beauty salon to keep track of your business. Simply download myBillBook mobile app on your smartphone, login using the same credentials, and your business accounting data will auto backup on your mobile device. You can then access all your business data on your mobile device.

Benefits of Using myBillBook Salon Billing Software

Now that you are well aware of the features offered by myBillBook billing software for salons, let’s see how your business benefits from using the software.

Accounting becomes easy:

You don’t have to hire accounting personnel to take care of your billing and accounting operations. Instead, the cloud-based accounting software manages all your accounting needs efficiently.

Cost efficient:

Compared to hiring an accountant and purchasing a license based accounting software, subscribing to the myBillBook accounting application is 100% cost-effective. The billing software for the salon is available in different packages starting from as low as INR 147 per month. You can also customise the packs as per your requirement.

Saves time and effort:

Creating invoices using myBillBook salon billing software takes less than 20 seconds. Compared to manual invoicing and other billing practices, using the software significantly saves your time and effort so that you can focus on other business operations.

GST filing becomes easy:

With all your bills and invoices in one place, it becomes easy for you to file any type of GST returns. Also, the billing app generates different types of GST reports helping businesses make GST filing easy and convenient.

Grow business faster:

As mentioned earlier, with myBillBook billing software for salons, you can open your own online business. As people these days prefer to book online beauty services, having an online presence at no extra cost increases your chances of getting more business.

Easy Implementation:

Installing myBillBook Billing software on your desktop or mobile is as simple as downloading a game on your mobile. Visit the App Store or Play Store, search for the myBillBook app and click on install. The software gets downloaded to your device automatically. Both the desktop and mobile versions of myBillBook are free to download.

Also, you don’t need any formal accounting or app operating training to use the app. A simple demo would make you familiar with the app. In case you have any queries on using any feature of the application, you can also contact our 24/7 customer support team.

24/7 Customer Support:

If you still feel sceptical about the myBillBook app and its role in your business accounting, you can reach our 24/7 customer support team and request a demo. Our Field Officers will visit you in person, provide a demo of the billing software, clear all your doubts and assure you of the best service whenever required.

If you want to try it yourself, we also provide you with a 14-day trial period during which you can have a real-time experience of the accounting app.

FAQs – Salon Billing Software

Which billing software is used by salons?

Salons require professional billing software to manage accounting, billing, and other financial operations. There are many efficient salon applications in the market that are easy to learn, renders simple UI design, and have a lot of beneficial functions.

Which is the best salon invoicing software for businesses?

myBillBook is found to be the best billing software for salon businesses. It helps small to medium business owners to have cost-effective accounting software.

Is there any free salon software to use?

Yes, there are many good salon software applications in the market that are completely free to use; myBillBook is the best salon invoicing software company that offers lifetime free access to their software for Android and iOS users.

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