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How to Create Custom Invoice in myBillBook

myBillBook’s ‘Custom Theme’ feature is a powerful tool for small businesses to create customised invoices like never before. With this feature, you can customise your invoices and make them specific to your business requirements. Not just changing colours and fonts, the new Custom Invoice feature also allows you to add custom fields, remove unwanted fields, hide/display fields, add business logos, watermarks, and taglines, and do 50+ customisations to make your invoices look functional, professional and personalised.

If you’re here to know the process of custom invoice creation, here is a detailed guide. Go through it and start creating personalised invoices today!

Guide to Creating Custom Invoice in myBillBook

To create your own invoice theme or a custom invoice template, or an invoice of your choice, follow these steps. 

  • Open the myBillBook application on your desktop
  • From the left-hand Menu, Click ‘Settings > Invoice Settings.’
  • On the Invoice Settings page, click on the ‘Create Your Own Theme’ option

You can now edit your invoice based on your preferences.

Add/Edit Business Details, Logo, Invoice & Party Details

  • In the ‘Business and Invoice Details’ Tab, click ‘Edit.’
  • You will be provided with three different layouts – Layout-1, Layout-2, and Layout-3. Choose anyone and go to the next step.
  • Click on the ‘Business Details’ tab for the ‘Logo’ option. Click the toggle button to hide or display the logo on your invoice. If you wish to add a logo, upload a file from your PC in the desired format, and the same will be displayed beside your business name on the invoice.  
  • Under the ‘Business Name’, enter your registered business name and choose a font size between 8px and 28px. 
  • The following fields will provide you with an option to hide or display other business details. You can hide/display your business address, GSTIN, mobile number, PAN number, and email address by clicking on the eye symbol beside each option. 

You can also select the font size of these details from the font size drop-down below. 

  • The next section is ‘Invoice Details’. The two tabs, ‘Invoice Number’ & ‘Invoice Date’ are default options and cannot be edited. The next three tabs – PO Number, E-way bill No, and Vehicle No. have a toggle button to hide or display. Finally, the ‘+Add Custom Field’ option allows adding new fields to the invoice. The font size of all the invoice details can also be selected from the drop-down. 
  • The next section is ‘Party Details’. While the ‘Company Name’ option is the default, the rest, like the Address, Mobile, GSTIN, and Place of Supply, can be hidden or displayed using the associated eye symbol. You can also add custom fields under this section as well. You will also find an option ‘Ship to’ to include a field for the shipping address. You can show or hide the field, include the company name & address, and choose a font size. 

Once all the entire settings are done, click on ‘Proceed.’

  • The ‘Save Template’ page will appear. Under ‘Name of the Theme’, enter a name for the newly created theme, and under the ‘Document Title’, enter the invoice type. If it is an Invoice, name it Tax Invoice; if it is a quotation, name it accordingly. 
  • The ‘Show Business Slogan on Top’ option allows you to hide or show the business tagline on the invoice. If you wish to display it, click the toggle button to find the field to enter the tagline. 
  • Similarly, you can show/hide ‘Watermark’ & ‘Footer’ on the invoice.
  • Next comes the colour and font. You can choose any colour from the available palette and the font size of your choice. 
  • Finally, in the ‘Print Set-up’ option, you can adjust the four margins of the print page and choose to stretch the item table to the full page. 
  • Once all the choices are made, click ‘Save Template’ to complete the custom theme creation. 

Upon successful completion, you will see the ‘Custom Theme Successfully Saved’ message. 

The beauty of this ‘Custom Invoice’ feature is that you will see the changes being applied to the invoice simultaneously. You make a change, and the same will reflect on the invoice on the left instantly so that you will have an idea of what the change looks like in real time. Isn’t that cool? 

Stay tuned for many such interesting features that are yet to be launched by India’s most preferred billing and accounting software, myBillBook. 

FAQs on Custom Invoice Feature

How many custom invoice templates can a user create in myBillBook?

Right now, a user can create one custom invoice template per business.

I cannot find the Custom Invoice feature on myBillBook app. Can you advise me on what to do?

The Custom Invoice feature is currently available only for ‘Enterprise Plan’ users. Active members who wish to access the feature can upgrade their plan.

I'm not able to customise my invoices on myBillBook mobile app.

The custom invoice theme option is available only on the myBillBook desktop app and website. Login from the website or download the desktop application.

Are there any pre-defined templates available on myBillBook?

Yes, there are 8 pre-defined invoice templates available on myBillBook. You can choose the one based on your requirement.

Can I change the invoice colour in myBillBook?

Yes, you can choose from the colour palette available on the ‘Invoice Settings’ page to change your invoice colour.

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