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What is Departmental Store Software?

Department store billing software is a user-friendly solution for all kinds of department stores that manage various products like readymade garments, foods, utensils, shoes, and other groceries. In short, it is an effective option to deal with different inventions under one platform.

As a matter of fact, it is a ready-to-use tool that equips strong POS systems that enables you to handle all your business processes with less effort. Moreover, it offers a real-time overview of out of stock scenarios, inventory management, pricing, expiration, return, sales and vendors performance, and wastage management modules. This software helps you to have complete control over the inventory that eases faster billing and delivery. No matter you undertake store chains or a single departmental store, departmental store software comes in great use as it has all the essential features that satisfy and fulfills the expectations of the customers. Besides, the tool lets you meet exceptional retail requirements by allowing you to bar-code your goods in defined formats.

Furthermore, departmental store invoicing software has the ability to automate store operations as well as POS processes, update about sales/purchase/stock data with minimal occupancy of resources, handles termination management, and reduces manual work.

Why Use Departmental Store Management System?

The departmental store management system is easy to use and full-featured software solution that is perfect for different types of department shops dealing in home linen, readymade garments, utensils, luggage, cosmetics, footwear, and other grocery products. Departmental store billing systems have been designed in different variants to meet the needs of your establishment. It has the potential to deal with a huge number of SKUs.

One of the benefits of using this software is that it enhances staff efficiency as it smoothens the inventory and other processes and needs less human efforts which thereby leads to business expansion and growth. It decreases your engagement in day-to-day complicated tasks and lets you concentrate on new opportunities. Apart from it, this software is even simple to learn so as to take the operations smoothly ahead. It keeps full control over the business by increasing faster invoicing and delivery and managing stores inventory and helps the management in boosting profit. Besides, it even enhances the productivity of the employees. Check out some of the common and crucial features of any department store invoicing software which are as follows:

  • Home delivery & due bill
  • Fast, easy, & robust billing
  • Re-order based on stock/sales
  • Inbuilt financial accounting
  • Efficient day-end process
  • Functionality & screen-based access
  • Easy to learn and use and fully customizable
  • Weighing scale integration
  • Sell items by count or by weight
  • Full control of supplier payments
  • Hotkey for fast-moving products like bread, milk
  • Completely integrated customer loyalty module
  • Stock taking regularly
  • Customer reward points generation
  • No sale reports and stock out
  • Generate data cube and share it among users
  • Provision to make purchase orders for suppliers
  • Repackaging for pulses, rice, sugar
  • Cross-promotion & scheme
  • Enhanced employee accountability for missing money and errors
  • Completely designed and scalable for single & multi-site businesses
  • Accurate margins and markup calculation
  • Slow-moving, fast-moving, stock aging
  • Integration of SMS to acknowledge the purchase of customer
  • The strict control of credit sale
  • Use UPC EAN or create your own barcode

Features of myBillBook Department Store Billing Software

Have a look at the best features of department store invoicing software which are mentioned below:

Auto-Cloud Backup

With this feature, you can either store data directly or upload data online in One Drive/Google Drive. You can access the data anywhere and anytime and even recover the backup as per your needs.

Data Security

This feature offers 7-layer data & ransomware protection, high security, encryption, auto-backup, and user access rights management.

Easy & Fast Billing

Generate bills batch-wise with in-depth details about different businesses

Sales Analysis on Google Map

Now filter data, route, date, company & salesman wise and track your sales through Google satellite map. With this feature, you can now grow your business by finding a new customer.

E-Way Bill

After registering on the GST portal, you can generate e-way bills easily and upload all the processes associated with e-way bills on the portal itself.


Set recorder points to restore the stock, manage inventory levels, and save your losses because of expiry.

Order Calling

Receive orders by scanning the QR code and remove the need to type the contact number of the customer to place calls.

Barcode Management

Assists in encoding and centralizing all products details in a barcode hence it becomes easy for the shop owners to accurately and quickly track products.


You can now remain on top of your finances with robust thousands of inventory, purchase, sales, and accounting reports.

Home Delivery and Cashier

The feature of home delivery and cashier management offers you 100% authority over your business.

GST Filing

You can file returns and push transactions into the GST portal


Upload B2B bills electronically authenticated by Export invoices, Invoice Registration Portal (IRO), and Debit/Credit Notes for use on the common GST portal.

Import Purchase

Enable to import purchase from any CSV or excel format which saves your precious time with 100% accuracy.

Expiry Management

Maintain a record of timely return and expiry date to the supplier before the expiry of the product.

Auto-Bank Reconciliation

Auto-bank reconciliation provision with 140+ banks and makes the most out of the online banking option with ICICI bank.

FAQs – Department Store Billing Software

Can I customize the department store billing software according to my store requirements?

Of course, department store billing software can be customized as per the requirements of the customer.

How department store software can support my business?

Departmental store software is a one-stop solution made especially for retail chains or stores. It provides complete accounting, billing, sales, and inventory solutions to storekeepers. It automates store operations and POS processes that further offer centralized control for multi-purpose store retailers.

Does departmental store software render competitor analysis and market analysis?

Yes, certain departmental store systems offer retail software solutions that help businesses to meet their organizational needs. Hence, you can even find the market and competitive analysis with other latest features.

Is it possible to transfer all data from my present departmental software to a new one?

Yes, it is possible to transfer all kinds of data from your current departmental store software to any other departmental store software.

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