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Billing Software with Barcode

In the current competitive business environment, fast-paced service is one of the most sought-after business traits. Next to quality, customers seek less check-out times, especially in brick and motor stores like supermarkets, grocery stores, vegetable & fruit markets, etc. Small and medium businesses must focus on billing systems that would help them serve their customers efficiently with less effort.Billing software with a barcode generator and scanner is one such medium that helps businesses reduce check-out times, manage inventory, and minimise billing errors. myBillBook is one of the fastest-growing barcode billing software that is being used by more than 60 lakh businesses across India. Let us look at the features and benefits offered by myBillBook billing software with barcode scanner is detail.

What is a Barcode Billing Software

Billing software that can generate, print, edit, and scan barcodes is typically called barcode billing software. Any billing software with barcode generation and barcode scanning facility comes under the same category. Compared to billing software without the barcode scanning feature, the software with a barcode generator benefits a business in better ways, like faster billing, accurate accounting, reduced errors, etc.

Businesses like retail stores, supermarkets, grocery stores, apparel shops, and the similar should have billing software with barcode scanning feature for faster checkouts. For wholesale businesses and businesses with slow-moving goods, it might not be mandatory. However, for an accurate and easy billing process, any business can opt for barcode billing software. 

myBillBook Barcode Billing Software

myBillBook is a GST billing and accounting software that offers both barcode generation and barcode scanning features through its cloud-based mobile and desktop apps. Specifically designed for small and medium businesses in India, the billing software with barcode generation facility is being used by more than 60 lakh businesses across the country. 

Ease of use, affordability, multi-device compatibility, data safety and security are some of the key features that made myBillBook the fastest emerging barcode billing software in India. 

Let us look at the features offered by myBillBook as a barcode billing software to understand how it helps businesses grow faster. 

Features of myBillBook Barcode Billing Software

  • Auto-generate barcode: Generating or creating a unique barcode for your product/s is not complicated using myBillBook billing software. In the software, barcode generation is part of the product listing process. So, while adding a new product to the inventory and its details, you can simply click on the ‘Generate Barcode’ option to create a barcode for the product. 
  • Customise item code & item name: The billing software generates a random item code when the auto-generate barcode option is selected. However, if a user wants to change the item code or use item codes based on the existing sequence, he/she can do it through the billing software. Similarly, the item name can be added along with its description in the billing app. 
  • Show/Hide product details: The barcode billing software allows the users to decide which options to show or hide above and below the barcode. Details such as business name, item code, item name, MRP, and selling price can be shown or hidden above or below the barcode based on the business requirement.  
barcode billing software sample
  • Download or print barcode: Once the barcode is generated for a product, you can save it initially and download or print it based on your requirement. When you choose the ‘Download Barcode’ option, the barcode gets downloaded to your PC. When the ‘Print Barcode’ option is selected, you can directly print the barcode in the desired format when the’ Print Barcode’ option is selected. 
barcode billing
  • Download or print barcode: Once the barcode is generated for a product, you can save it initially and download or print it based on your requirement. When you choose the ‘Download Barcode’ option, the barcode gets downloaded to your PC. When the ‘Print Barcode’ option is selected, you can directly print the barcode in the desired format when the’ Print Barcode’ option is selected. 
  • Bulk barcode print: Once the barcodes for all the items are generated, they need to be printed and stuck to the products before they move to the shelves. However, printing barcodes for each and every item is a difficult and time-consuming task. myBillBook barcode software thus offers the ‘Bulk Barcode Print’ option to help businesses print barcodes faster.
  • Multiple printer options: To make the barcode printing even more quicker and efficient, the billing software provides two different printer options – Label printer & A4 printer. 

Label printer works with a roll with barcode dimensions of 50x25mm (2 x 1), having 2 barcodes per row. Based on the number of stickers in the roll. 


A4 printer works with the barcode dimensions of 52.5×25 mm, having 4 barcodes per row. You can print 48 barcode stickers on an A4 page.

  • View / Edit barcodes of existing products: Besides generating new barcodes, the billing software also allows the user to view existing products’ barcodes and edit them if necessary. In case you want to change or refresh the codes of the old or existing products, you can do it using the ‘Edit Item’ option. 
  • POS Billing: Another interesting feature of myBillBook is the POS Billing system. For fast-paced store environments like supermarkets, grocery stores, and vegetable & fruit markets, the POS billing feature helps create bills with lesser details. Users can create multiple bills by holding one bill and creating another. In addition, items can be added to the bill by searching item names or by simply scanning barcodes. 
  • Barcode scanner: The billing app supports any barcode scanner that can be easily connected to your PC. Once the billing app with a barcode scanner is in place, you can simply scan the barcode on any product to fetch its details. It eliminates manual entry of products to the invoice and reduces the data entry errors while improving the speed of invoice processing. 

Benefits of myBillBook Barcode Billing Software

The features of the myBillBook billing app with barcode scanning are listed above. Let us see how the features benefit your business. 

  • Faster & accurate billing: Compared to manual entry of product details, barcodes enable faster billing. Generate barcodes, stick them to the products and scan them while billing. The product details will be fetched as soon as the barcode is scanned. This saves a substantial amount of time and also provides accurate billing without errors. 
  • Reduces errors: Using barcode scanners, the number of mistakes can be reduced significantly. During barcode generation, if the product details are entered accurately, then the scanner picks up accurate data without any errors. Barcode scanners are typically accurate regardless of the material on which they are scanned. 
  • Multi-device support: Unlike enterprise software, the myBillBook billing app for barcode scanners can be downloaded on both mobile and desktop. You can use the same credentials to login in on both devices. You can give access to different employees to process the invoices. 
  • Better inventory management: Barcode scanners make inventory management easy and precise. Once the items are scanned during billing, the information is instantly recorded and the inventory is updated automatically. This way, businesses can get up to date information about the stock anytime and from anywhere. 
  • No training required: Whether it is using the barcode generation feature of the billing software or using the barcode scanning while billing, none of them requires any formal training. The features are simple to use and can be adopted easily by practising just once. 

FAQs on Billing Software with Barcode

What is billing software with a barcode generator?

Retail billing software with a barcode generator is billing software that keeps track of your invoices, inventory and business management and also provides the small black and white barcode stickers that can be applied to each product. Just by scanning the barcode of the product, you can get an overview of the data of the product and the stock.

Can any business adopt billing software with barcodes?

Yes. Whether you’re a retail business, a manufacturing business, a wholesale business or just a grocery store with multiple products, you can easily adopt the myBillBook software for your business.

Are barcode billing software and barcode scanning hardware expensive?

For barcode scanning, any barcode scanner or gun is sufficient. A barcode scanning gun is available at an affordable price. myBillBook barcode billing software is one of the most affordable billing softwares available in the market. The subscription price for the software begins at as low as INR 142 per month.

Is it possible to convert your business online?

Yes. With the help of billing software, you can convert your physical business to a digital business too without the hassle, and with the rise in digital businesses, this is possible to do with just a few changes on the myBillBook billing software.

How many barcodes can I print on A4 size paper?

Using an A4 Label printer connected to the billing software, you can print 48 barcodes per A4 size paper.

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