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Billing Software with Barcode

Every business is now going digital with the rise of technology and digital apps. The best way for your business to adapt is getting digital and adopting the latest features to ensure the business is keeping up with the latest business trends and staying on top of the game. One of the ways of doing that is by adopting billing software with a barcode feature. Billing software is a system that does the backend work of your business ensuring the invoices are of correct order, there is a track of the inventory and weekly or quarterly reports are made in time to analyse the growth of the business. myBillBook provides the feature of setting up a billing software for your business and even adding the feature of a barcode so that all transactions are easy and seamless to process. 

Why use myBillBook?

Create customised GST & non-GST invoices, quote, estimate, and purchase orders for your clients

Track & manage all your inventory, get low stock reminders and makes sure that you are never out of stock

Make data-driven business decisions based on reports & insights like GST reports, P&L, stock summary, etc.

Build your professional identity by sharing business cards and greetings with your business logo

Why is billing software with barcode required?

As mentioned above, billing software is a system that does the backend work for your business. One of the biggest hassles for a business is their billing cycle, ensuring the creditors pay on time and all the details mentioned on the invoice are the right details and in order. A billing software does the job for you, ensuring the invoices are sent to creditors on time and that all the details mentioned on the invoice are correct so as to save time from the back and forth of correcting mistakes.

Not only that, but billing softwares also keep a check on the inventory. When you’re concentrating on the sales of your business, many times you don’t have time to ensure what the inventory looks like and which products are out of stock and which need to be sold soon. With the help of billing software, you know the exact status of your goods and what is left and not left. The billing software will also give you nudges about when you need to replenish your inventory and in what quantity so that the inventory is right for your business.

By adopting the myBillBook billing software, the software will generate business reports for you by itself, giving you a thorough overview of what your business looks like, what actions need to be taken, and what is working well for your business. These business reports, which otherwise need to be generated by a team of consultants can be done with just a few clicks on the myBillBook billing software and that too at a quarter of the cost. In short, these are a few features of billing software that will be a gamechanger for your business, revenue and profits.

What is retail billing software with barcodes?

When you’re running a very product heavy business and caters to a number of different products and SKUs (Stock Keeping Units), it is very difficult to know the details of the product when you’re billing them. Features like knowing the details of the products that need to be mentioned on the invoice will be very difficult to get data manually, without the help of software.

Think of a pharmacy, a store that has multiple products such a cough syrup, medicine tablets, injections and hospital equipment, old age supplies and general products such as soaps and shampoos. For a store that needs to keep track of all these products along with their expiry date, it is very very difficult to keep track of it manually, or reading the back of the label every day. To make the processes easier, it is better to get retail billing software with barcodes.

A retail billing software with barcodes is a system wherein the products are labelled with a black and white sticker with barcodes looking like lines. Once you scan these products on retail billing software all the appropriate details that are needed to know about the product will come on the screen. It will also ensure the right MRP is mentioned and in case any offers or sales are going on, those discounted prices will also reflect on the screen. All of this is only possible because of a barcode inventory software which is a feature the myBillBook billing software offers.

Another major feature of barcode inventory management software is how it keeps a check on the inventory and lets you know the standings of your latest inventory. Going back to the pharmacy example, in case a particular medicine is running low, by scanning the barcode of the product you can know how many of those products are left in the batch that you ordered last. This gives you a good overview of the sales of the product, as and when they sell and how many are left in the inventory for you to order again or not. This is only possible because of the small black and white label attached to each product.

What are the features of having a barcode inventory software system?

We’ve mentioned the main features of adopting a barcode inventory software system such as invoice detailing and inventory tracking. These are the main features of having a retail billing software with barcodes. There are a few other features that need to be highlighted too which add benefits to the business and making the running of a business quite seamless. myBillBook offers all these features on the billing software with a barcode.

Some of the features are: 

  • Invoice Detailing and Personalisation: Apart from having to make detailed invoices, with the help of a barcode inventory software system, you can even personalise the invoices according to the details you wish to print on your business invoice. These details help you take hold of how you wish to bill your clients and all the data entered on the invoice will be correct and free of error. 
  • Track Inventory and Manage It: One of the biggest advantages of having a retail billing barcode software is keeping track of the inventory and giving you updates on what products sell sooner and what products are slow in the business cycle. It also gives you an update about the stock of the inventory and in case the stock is reducing of a fast-moving product. 
  • Create Financial and Business Reports: One of the biggest ways to grow your business is to understand what is working for your business, what isn’t and how to grow your business based on these assumptions. This is possible via business and financial reports which if need to be done manually is a big task. With the help of a retail billing barcode software, all business and financial reports can be done with a few clicks and you can have extra time in analysing your business and ensuring the right steps are taken to course correct and grow your business. 
  • Cuts Down Error: Humans are bound to make errors and these errors will reflect on the inventory management and the invoice detailing. Once you computerise the back end workings of your business, the error made on your end will reduce drastically, as a software system minimises the errors made. With the help of the myBillBook billing software with barcode, the errors made are close to nil or minimum, ensuring the business processes are not disturbed. 
  • Centralised Barcoding System: If you wish to scale your business or have multiple franchisees or offices, having a retail billing barcode software will ensure all your processes are centralised and under one roof. With the help of a billing software, all the locations managed geographically can have a central processing system that follows the same format. The owner of the business can also have a look at how each location is performing as all the data is on one software and can be accessed from any location. This helps make better business decisions which can be done faster and easier. 

These are a few of the benefits of having a billing software with barcode and with the help of myBillBook you can easily add the software to your business without changing too many business processes. 

FAQs about a Billing Software with Barcode

What is a billing software with barcodes?

A retail billing software with barcode is a billing software that keeps a track of your invoices, inventory and business management and also provides the small black and white barcode stickers that can be applied to each product. Just by scanning the barcode on the billing software system, you can get an overview of the data of the product and the stock.

Can any business adopt billing software with barcodes?

Yes. Whether you’re a retail business, a manufacturing business, a wholesale business or just a kinara store with multiple products, you can easily adopt the myBillBook software into the workings of your business.

Is it possible to convert your business online?

Yes. With the help of billing software, you can convert your physical business to a digital business too without the hassle and with the rise in digital businesses, this is possible to do with just a few changes on the myBillBook billing software.

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