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Textile Billing Software

Textile Billing Software enables you to efficiently oversee and supervise your textile business’s stock and accounting. By documenting all operations such as purchases, sales, payments, vouchers, bill-to-bill modifications, and so on, this program will assist people in controlling inventory with accounts.

This software is required for businesses involved in “Textile Industries.” This program will assist them in keeping detailed inventory records for each product. It will also keep track of their finances till the end of the year. This program can help textile industry distributors, dealers, traders, and retailers.

As a result, you may simplify your business activities with the help of the Textile Billing Software, from procurement, sales, and stock control to GSTR filing, offer, and marketing administration.

The system comes with several features and intelligence tools to help textile shop administrators to execute proactive decisions about vendors, reorders, and target consumers to boost sales and income.

Why use myBillBook billing software for textile business

POS Billing Software has been designed after doing a comprehensive study and careful observation of industry dynamics and problems experienced by textile shop owners. Auto-suggestion on different functional areas is possible because of the application’s sophisticated modules and intelligence technologies. So, learn more about the advantages of using our textile billing software.

Purchase suitable merchandise from the vendor.

Make the correct decision to buy the correct goods from the right vendor!  Textile billing software includes a feature that allows company owners to monitor, track, and report on their sales.

  • Product movement from purchasing to selling.
  • The product’s supplier, the date it was purchased from the provider, the number of goods sold, and the array of products in stock per vendor.
  • Choosing a provider who will deliver the product on schedule.
  • Stock movement while reordering

Replace with a More Appropriate Product

Using criteria of roughly 365 days or other specific parameters, with the help of  ABC evaluation to determine fast-moving and slow-moving items! Avoid throwing away undesirable items based on statistics! The following are some of the benefits that can be obtained:

  • Avoid overstocking supplies.
  • Has a good understanding of market trends.
  • Significantly reduces storage space.
  • Can shorten the purchase cycle, allowing just the most popular products to be reordered.

Avoid Non-Moving Stocks Mostly Occupied in Your Shop

Generate reports for analyzing the non-moving products from the vendor over a while! It is well-known that the cost of holding the products over a prolonged time would cause huge costs to the company, as well as reordering the same product from the supplier would be a catastrophe!

Textile POS software’s “Inventory Analysis” or “Reports” module may provide detailed data on stock availability inside the business.

Using the Mobile App to Create Purchase Orders

It would be simple for textile company owners to obtain data on fast-moving items on their mobile PDA while on a product buying trip!

If this is the case, he can generate a PO directly from his PDA, which will then be approved by the pos program. This is made possible with the Textile POS Solution!

Find out more about the supplier who is willing to provide you with a large profit margin.

The “reorder management” function allowed textile company owners to collect data on supplier margins!

The modules were created to aid business owners in making strategic decisions about which suppliers to utilize based on margins, product replenishment, and purchase cycle.

Clearance of Old Stock

If you are concerned about non-moving stock commercials that are occupied your storage area.  Don’t be anxious! With the comprehensive modules of textile pos/billing software, such as “Promotion Management,” one may select “n” number of individual goods, create a combination, and establish offers for product upselling or old stock clearing.

Management of Retail and Wholesale Prices 

If your business services both customers and other businesses, then you’ll need a way to establish various pricing for each product! This is made feasible via Textile Billing Software.

The master module lets you specify two distinct pricing that may be utilized successfully for B2B and bulk orders.

Multiplex Management

With the “Textile POS Solution,” you can effectively maintain numerous product characteristics. Because the system allowed for the creation of different properties such as brand, size, colour, material, and so on… One may have the following options:

  • Enable auto-reorder recommendation when the amount of a specific inventory variant exceeds a certain criterion.
  • Analyze fast-moving variants to determine how much more money might be spent on a specific item.

Features of textile billing software

Backup to the Cloud Automatically

Upload data online and save it immediately to Google Drive/One Drive. Access the data from any location and restore the backup as needed.

Data Safety

Copy Protection with Directory | Hard Disk Protection with Data Restore Password | Server Protection with Data Restore Password

  • Extremely secure.
  • 7-layer data and ransomware security; control of user access privileges.
  • Encryption and auto-backup features ensure the safety and security of your data.

Billing is straightforward.

Create batch invoices with specific information about various businesses.


Manage levels of inventory, establish reorder points to refill products, and avoid expiration losses.

GST registration

Push transactions into the GST site and file return.

Purchase of Imports

Allows you to import purchases from any excel or CSV file, saving you time and ensuring 100% correctness.


Keep track of your money with thousands of powerful sales, purchases, inventory, and accounting reports.

Quality assurance 

Designed to assure that the whole development and/or maintenance processes deliver goods that satisfy GMP specifications/requirements on time

Control of Finished Good Quality

Simple to use, efficient, flexible, FDA compliant, with integrated and automated quality procedures, and platforms that are scalable and customized

Report on Salesman Commission

You can easily produce Salesman Commission Reports, learn about profit margins, and boost your sales accordingly.

Production Control and Planning

Supply chain optimization, R&D management, and more visibility across the manufacturing operation are all priorities.

Distribution and sales

Easy tracking of main, secondary, and tertiary sales, reduction of forecasting mistakes, simplifying ordering/invoicing, and reduction of overhead expenses


Increase end-user adoption and compliance while managing catalogues, requisitions and approvals, Purchase Orders, and so on.

E-Way Billing

After enrolling on the GST Portal, you may easily produce E-Way Bills and publish all processes connected to E-Way Bills on the Portal itself.


B2B invoices validated by the Invoice Registration Portal (IRP) can be uploaded electronically, and invoices and credit/debit notes can be exported for use on the common GST portal.

Calling for Orders

Scanning the QR Code eliminates the need to input the customer’s phone number while placing calls or receiving orders.

FAQs – Textile Billing Software

Is it necessary to engage a qualified person to operate the software for textile?

No. Within a day, any employee may learn how to utilize the textile software. The program has a basic user interface, and they won’t require any additional training to produce bills utilizing the software for textile.

Is it safe to save basic client information in the software for textile?

Yes. Software for textile is completely secure to use, and all data is encrypted. By storing essential client information, you can save time when it comes to invoicing your consumers. It can assist you in managing client connections and providing unique discounts to them.

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