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Billing Software For Mac

Whether you are a MacBook user or an iMac user, myBillBook billing software is compatible with all the Mac devices and all the latest versions. In contrast to most billing softwares on the market, myBillBook billing software works on all the latest Mac devices including notebooks and desktops.

Billing Software for Mac

How to use myBillBook Billing Software on Mac

It’s as simple as logging in to any social media account.

  • Visit mybillbook.in/s/ on your Mac system.
  • Click on the ‘Login’ button on the top right corner of the page.
  • Enter your registered mobile number, OTP received on the number and click ‘Login’

Once the credentials are verified, you will be taken to the billing software, where you can generate GST-compliant invoices on your Mac system.

Features of myBillBook billing software for Mac

As a billing and accounting software, myBillBook offers GST-compliant billing and invoicing features for your Mac. Listed below are the billing features offered by myBillBook for Mac users.

GST-Compliant Invoice Generation

The billing software for Mac allows users to generate both GST and non-GST invoices. Based on your business requirement, you can choose between a GST or non-GST invoice format. While using a GST invoice, the tax rates are auto-populated based on the product selected.

gst invoice for mac
various invoice creation for mac

Various Types of Invoice Creation

Not just sales invoices, the billing software for Mac also allows users to create various types of invoices including sales quotations, credit notes, delivery challans, proforma invoices, and debit notes. Based on the transaction type, you can choose the invoice option from the billing software for Mac.

Bulk Import of Customer Data

For businesses with recurring customers, safeguarding customer information is vital. If you’re new to myBillBook best billing software or if you’re migrating from other billing applications, you can bulk upload your customer information to the myBillBook billing software on Mac in a few clicks. Make sure to include GSTIN and other party details like place of supply that would help create GST-related invoices with ease in your Mac book.

Besides you can also add your new or individual customer information using the ‘+ Create Party’ option whenever required.

bulk import customer data
bulk edit product information

Bulk Upload/Edit Product Information

It’s a daunting task to enter every product detail while creating each invoice. Hence product inventory plays an important role while creating an invoice. myBillBook on Mac allows users to have a detailed inventory of all their products to make invoicing effortless.

Users can bulk add or edit items, and add individual products with the required details into the software in a few clicks. Once all the products are added, creating an invoice with the product details takes less than a few seconds.

Customised Invoice Formats

Not just GST/non-GST invoices, the billing software for Mac also allows customisation of invoices to match your brand image. The GST billing software offers seven different invoice themes in 8 different colour formats. You can also add your business logo to further customise your invoice.

customised invoice format for mac
smart collect

SmartCollect for Faster Payment Collections

The SmartCollect Payments feature on the myBillBook software for Mac enables faster payment collection as it allows the users to insert the payment link in the invoice directly. Customers can simply click on the link and make the payment through RTGS, IMPS, NEFT, or UPI. Once the payment is done, the user receives the notification instantly mentioning the customer who has made the payment. All this can be done without any transaction fee or hidden charges.

A Dashboard that Presents Business Performance at a Glance

At the end of the day, simply click on the Dashboard button of myBillBook billing software on your Mac desktop to get a quick review of your business performance. You can check the latest transactions, sales report of the day, low stock items list, accounts receivable and payable, stock value, total cash in hand and bank, total invoices made, etc. all in one place.

business performance

Benefits of Using myBillBook Billing Software on Mac

mac billing software

Billing Software Compatible with Mac

myBillBook for Mac is designed with an attractive and easy-to-use interface to make it easy for the users to navigate through the application on your Mac desktop.

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The website is compatible with all the latest versions of Mac including the Mac operating system, Mac OS X, and above. The menu options are kept simple for an enhanced user interface. The design is less clumsy thus making the navigation easier. 

protection of data

Safe and Secure

Any information entered in the billing software for Mac is 100% encrypted and stored anonymously to prevent hackers, malware, and virus attacks.

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 The information stored in the billing app is end-to-end encrypted using industry-standard secure server layers. It is accessible only to a small number of employees who need to provide technical support. Users can rest assured about their customer and business information as they are using ISO certified software.

regular data backups

No data loss with auto-backup

All the data stored in the GST billing software for Mac is automatically backed up periodically eliminating the need for manually backup of the data.

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Even when you login from another device or lose your existing device, all your business data remains safe with us. The entire data will be auto retrieved when you login to a new device with the same credentials.

customer support

24/7 Customer Support

Users of the myBillBook billing app for Mac can take the help of the customer support team anytime through Whatsapp or e-mail.

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They can send their queries on Whatsapp at +91 740041 7400 or chat with us online & get their queries resolved quickly. For e-mail support, send an email to [email protected]. Our support team is available 24*7 and offers multi-lingual service.

track and receive payments

Saves time & money

myBillBook billing & accounting software for Mac allows users to create invoices in seconds.

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Not just invoice generation, the GST billing software also allows direct sharing of the invoices to the clients through e-mail and Whatsapp. Further, the SmartCollect feature enables faster collection of payments. Thus the billing software for Mac saves your time and money by efficient invoice generation.

login with multiple users

Multi-user Access

myBillBook free billing software for Mac is accessible by multiple people of an organisation having the same account credentials.

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Don’t worry if you have Mac and your employees don’t. The billing software is compatible with all Windows operating systems and Android mobile phones. Just use the same mobile number on any device to login to your business billing software from anywhere and at any time.

FAQs about billing software for Mac

What is billing software for Mac?

myBillBook is a billing and accounting software designed for both Mac and Windows operating systems. myBillBook website available on Mac operating system is termed as billing software for Mac

Is myBillBook GST invoicing software available on iOS App Store?

Yes, myBillBook billing software is available as a mobile application or app for iPhone users. However, the iOs app version is currently available with limited features. Very soon all the features will be made available on the app version as well.

What other features are available on myBillBook GST invoicing software for Mac apart from billing & invoicing?

Billing is the basic feature offered on myBillBook billing software for Mac. Besides that, the software offers accounting, inventory management, e-way bill generation, business reports, offline billing services, and a lot more.

Is myBillBook accounting and billing software free to use?

Yes to some extent. New users can avail a 14-day free trial period of the billing software at zero cost. Post the trial period, you can choose from various subscription plans starting from as low as INR 142 per month. Isn’t it cheaper than your Netflix monthly subscription?

What are the printer options available on myBillBook billing software?

myBillBook supports both normal and thermal printers. In thermal printers, 2 inch and 3-inch paper sizes are supported. And in the normal printers, all paper sizes are supported.

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