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Billing Software for Distributors

With the help of a billing software for distributors, distributors can keep track of the inventory of the business, what stock is in the system, what goods are selling faster compared to the other products and what price points work best for the clients. This is just an overview of what a billing software can do. But the features of a billing software expand far more than just keeping a track of the inventory as it has in-built inventory management software. With the help of a billing software, distributors can also send in reminders for payments from their clients and help grow the business.

Billing Software for Distributors

What is a Billing Software for Distributors

Billing software for distributors is an application that helps distributors to generate invoices, quotations, sales estimates and manage their business accounting, inventory and tax filing needs. An efficient distributor billing software adapts the distributor business needs and serves both retail and wholesale customers with the best business practices. Not just generating invoices, it must also make payment tracking and GST filing simpler.

Features of the myBillBook Billing Software for Distributors

The features of myBillBook distributor business billing software are further explained in detail for better understanding.

personalised bills

Customisation of Invoices

myBillBook software allows distributors to customise the invoices according to the business needs.

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They can modify the options in the invoices to suit the retail and wholesale customers. Invoicing options like ‘Amount received, Balance Amount, Previous Party Balance, Current Party Balance, etc., are of great help to track pending payments.

gst invoicing

Professional Delivery Challans

The software also allows the distributors to generate delivery challans that can be shared directly with the customers or the delivery agent.

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The challans can be customised based on the customer or other business requirements.

speed and accurate billing

Send Timely Reminders and Collect Payments

As most distribution businesses work on credit, the payment deadline is not the same for all the customers.

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Not receiving timely payments would hamper the cash flow and the money available in the business.

myBillBook would save you from such scenarios by providing the list of invoices generated with the details like Amount Paid/Unpaid, Due Date, Invoice Number, and Party Name. As a result, distributors can quickly look at the Sales Invoice dashboard and schedule calls or reminders accordingly.

The app also enables sending direct reminders with payment links through Watsapp and SMS.

better inventory management

Keep Track of Inventory

Get real-time status of the inventory as the software records the stock entering and leaving the business.

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myBillBook app also provides timely reminders of what’s in the stock and what’s out of stock, enabling the distributors to refill the inventory on time and avoid overstocking of goods.

business analytics

Business Reports and Analysis

The billing software has all the details about the distributor’s business – right from accounting and billing to the payment of vendors and sales of the business.

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It can thus generate business reports to help understand the business’s overall performance. The reports are very beneficial in taking critical business decisions

easy to use tool

Easy to Use

Not only is the myBillBook billing software easy to use and understand, but it can easily be integrated into the system.

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It is one of India’s leading billing softwares that cater to all forms of business like retail businesses, kirana shops, technology companies, medical and general stores, etc. It can be adopted by all business forms, making it accessible to all.

myBillBook Billing Software for Distributors

With a greater understanding of the Indian market, myBillBook billing software has been designed to serve retail and wholesale distributors’ needs equally. Moreover, the application is compatible on both mobile and desktop, making it easy to access even by small and medium-sized businesses.

myBillBook distributor billing software allows distributors to –

  • Create customised GST-complaint invoices
  • Track inventory
  • Reminds about pending payments
  • Generates reports to understand business performance
  • Records customer data

Further, the distributor billing software is integrated with accounting software to help manage the books efficiently. It also reduces the errors in the business and ensures timely payment from creditors, keeping the cash flow healthy and stable.

Whether in retail or wholesale distribution, you can easily download the myBillBook free billing software for your business and use it to reduce the backend workload, which takes up time and effort.

The myBillBook free billing software can be customised to the needs and requirements of your business, right from the type of invoices you wish to have and makes your business look very professional.

FAQ about the myBillBook Billing Software for Distributors

Is the myBillBook billing software GST compliant?

All the features of myBillBook software are entirely GST compliant, with the latest GST updates reflected in the business’s accounting and billing. As a result, it reduces the paperwork required for billing and accounting and gets the work done faster.

Can you get a trial before you decide to use the software?

myBillBook provides you a free trial period that would help you experience most features of the app in real-time. After that, you can buy the subscription only when you’re satisfied using the app.

Is the billing software easy to use and understand?

The software is easy to use and understand and can be easily integrated with the business. The business owner can teach the employees how to use the software and understand the workings of the software very quickly, which makes the job easier to do.

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