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Cash Memo Template

Today, many small and medium businesses are still highly dependent on cash transactions, and therefore, use hundreds of cash memos every other day in their businesses. myBillBook offers a variety of cash memo templates for all such companies.

Make your business processes more efficient and seamless using the ready-to-use cash memo templates by myBillBook! 

Downloadable Free Cash Memo Templates

Does your business involve a lot of cash-based transactions? Are you looking for an easy way to make cash memos for your business? 

If so, myBillBook is your ideal companion.

myBillBook cash memo templates are not complex tools but simple designs that make your everyday transactions more convenient. You can download them on any device of your choice, in any format you prefer, and for free!

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Benefits of Using Cash Memo Templates from myBillBook 

With myBillBook, choosing the ideal cash memo bill format for your business becomes highly convenient and efficient. Check out some of the benefits of using myBillBook for generating them for your business: 

Downloadable formats: The templates available on myBillBook invoicing software are simple designs that you can easily download on your PC or mobile. You can also sync these devices to access cash memos on the go. 

Easy to print and share: Cash memos generated using myBillBook can be printed using a regular thermal printer. However, if you believe in reducing your carbon footprint, you can also share these memos online via emails and Whatsapp. 

Variety to choose from: You can select the cash memo bill format of your choice, among those available on myBillBook, as per the details you want to be included in it. These cash memos are suitable for all types of industries and businesses.

Accessible video tutorials: Even though the designs are simple to use, the video tutorials available on myBillBook will answer any other questions that you may have about using its various features and services. 

Improved business efficiency: By managing your inventory in real-time and organising all your payables and receivables in one place, you can focus on other essential aspects of the business and improve your business efficiency to a significant extent. 

Other products: With myBillBook, you get access to many more accounting and bookkeeping products that can propel the growth and advancement of your business. These include purchase invoice generator, sales invoice generator, GST calculator, inventory management, business reports, etc. 

Cash Memo Template Highlights 

  • Easy to generate and use.
  • No maximum limit on the number of bills to be downloaded every day.
  • Print-friendly cash memo designs for A4 and A5 size paper.
  • Conveniently organised for accounting and bookkeeping purposes.
  • Highly customisable designs that you can edit to match your requirements.
  • Suitable for all types of businesses, including manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, distributors and stockists.
  • Applicable for all industries (pharmaceuticals, agriculture, FMCG, hardware, etc.).
  • Capable of creating an online catalogue of fast-moving products.

Special Purpose Cash Memo Templates

One-time cash memos: For one-time clients or transactions that will less likely be repeated, they can be generated one-time. 

Recurring cash memos: In case of recurring transactions, the customer’s details can be saved to be used repeatedly to generate them for future transactions. 

Which Cash Memo Template Should You Use?

Are you confused about which template to use for generating cash memos for your business?

Here are some pointers that will guide you to make the best decision about your requirements: 

  • Use a template that is available in word document format if you want to make it look aesthetically pleasing and have lesser formulas and calculations involved.
  • If your business involves elements that require different formulas for calculating taxes, an excel format template is the ideal choice.
  • Depending on whether you need a pdf copy or a jpg/png copy to be shared with your customers online, you can select the appropriate template that can be converted into the required format.

Types of Cash Memos for Small Business

Some of the basic cash memos that small businesses can use include: 

Standard cash memos: Any business in any industry, a standard cash memo is used as a basic cash receipt for cash transactions. It has all the necessary details like the items, amount payable, taxes, etc. It acts as proof for both parties involved in a transaction. 

Advanced/specialised cash memos: An advanced cash memo is a specialised or more detailed version of a standard one. It can include additional information like the parties involved, the distribution of taxes among different types of GSTs applicable, and product item details in depth. 

Partial cash memo: It can also be generated if a transaction is partially paid for in cash and partially through banks. In such cases, a cash memo can be traced back to the invoice that will include the complete payment details of the transaction.