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Thermal Printer Billing Software

A billing software is required for all businesses and the only difference is whether the invoices or bills generated are digital bills or physical bills. In case of a situation wherein bills are printed physically, which is basically how the majority of the businesses print their bills, a thermal printer billing software is required. It is then important to ensure that your billing software has integrated thermal printer and ink features to ensure the bills are printed correctly and no errors are made. The myBillBook billing and inventory software is a system build in such a way that the software is compatible with thermal printers ensuring there is no hindrance in your billing system and all the bills and invoices are generated seamlessly. 

A thermal printer and billing software is not just required for billing and invoicing purposes but is used in the business in many other ways and reasons. Some of the areas wherein a thermal printer and billing software can be used is sales and purchase vouchers, business reports, labels for products in small print, profit and loss and balance sheet statements, etc. A thermal printer billing software is your one stop shop software solution that is required for your business. Right from keeping track of all the invoices and inventory, also helps scale the business by giving details about the sales of the business, publishing business reports which can then be analysed to see how the business can do better. 

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Why use myBillBook?

Create customised GST & non-GST invoices, quote, estimate, and purchase orders for your clients

Track & manage all your inventory, get low stock reminders and makes sure that you are never out of stock

Make data-driven business decisions based on reports & insights like GST reports, P&L, stock summary, etc.

Build your professional identity by sharing business cards and greetings with your business logo

What is a Thermal Billing Printer Software and where all can it be used? 

A Therma Printer is a special type of printer that is used for the sole purpose of printing bills and invoices for the business. They are not like the everyday household printers that individuals use, but are smaller in size and make lesser noise. 

A thermal billing printer software is a billing software wherein the software is compatible with printers that are specially made to print bills and invoices. Bills and invoices for businesses are very different from normal prints on paper. They require special ink, a special bill size based on your business, different information that is necessary to be mentioned, sales and offers and so on. At this rate, it is necessary to have software that is compatible with printing these bills and invoices, easily and not requiring the business to make any changes. 

A business just does not have to print bills and invoices but there are many other instances wherein other documentation is required such as a business letterhead or sales report to show to superiors and so on. At this point, if you have a software that is compatible with these changes, you can easily create your letterhead on the software or open the business reports made by the software and get them printed. Right from the invoice to the duplicate invoice, GST Rates, HSN Code, SMS billed details, to even times of Goods Returns and Purchase Enquiry and Vendor Management, a thermal printer billing software will do it all for you and your business. 

myBillBook billing and invoicing software ensure they have a very easy and integrated thermal printer billing system that businesses can easily adopt in their everyday workings without the hassle and continue with their business. 


What are the features and benefits of having a Thermal Printer Billing Software? 

A billing software is known to help increase the efficiency of your work and business. They help in knowing the exact inventory amount, how many products are in sale and aren’t. Billing softwares help in customised invoices and sending nudges to clients to pay up. But a thermal printer billing software not only does all the features mentioned above but also integrates with the printer you have especially to print invoices and bills. It is very important to have a software that can integrate with the thermal printer as these printers are different from everyday printers and are just for the sole purpose of printing invoices and bills for businesses and stores. 

Some of the features of a Thermal Printer Billing Software are: 

  • Compatible with most Billing and Invoicing Thermal Printers 

Printers that are required in the shops to print invoices are different from the printers used for everyday purposes. To find a software that easily integrates with these printers is difficult and can be time-consuming. You need to find software that can make changes easily which can be adapted into the printing of the invoice such as adding discounts, sales and offers. Ensuring the price change in product is reflected easily as so on. The myBillBook Billing Software is easily compatible with most of the thermal printers out there in the market, ensuring the workings of your business are not affected one bit. With the help of the myBillBook Billing Software not only can you ensure your inventory and business is taken care of, but your invoices and bills can be customised too and changes for the bills can be made quickly. 

  • Various Themes and Customisation 

Every business is different, and has different needs and wants. With the myBillBook billing software, you can choose the theme you want for the software, what user experience works for you and how you want to reflect the same on your bills and invoices. Depending on the type and the nature of your business you can choose a theme for your bills and invoices such as that for a pharmacy, bills for an eyewear shop, bills for a local Kirana store and so on. This will add colour and themes to your bills and make them look more professional and presentable. 

  • Compatible on the myBillBook App and Desktop 

Whether you like using the myBillBook on the desktop with a computer or just on the smartphone, the myBillBook Thermal Printer Billing Software is compatible on both, the app and the desktop. That means, whatever mode you choose to work from, you will be able to complete your work from anywhere, anytime. You can even send bills and invoices on the mobile phone to other clients and suppliers, on their whats app or SMS. All of this is possible on the myBillBook Billing Software. 

  • Regular and Thermal Printer 

While all this time we have concentrated on the thermal printer, if your business has a regular printer too there’s no worry. The myBillBook billing software is compatible with regular as well as thermal printers. Whatever printer you have adopted for your business, the myBillBook billing software will be able to finish and do the job. On the regular printer, sizes of A4 and A5 are supported and for the thermal printer sizes of 2 inches and 3 inches are supported. So you can print according to your needs! 


FAQs about Thermal Printer Billing Software 

  • What is a thermal printer and what is a thermal printer billing software? 

A thermal printer is a special kind of printer that is used by businesses, officers and shops to print invoices and bills for clients. Since these bills come in different sizes from the regular printing paper and have different needs, a special printer is required for such a purpose. 

A thermal printer billing software is a software that is compatible with the thermal printer. While printing bills and invoices from software you want a software that can be easily integrated with the printer, make the changes necessary in the invoices and reduce the workload. A thermal printer billing software does exactly all the above points. 

  • Can a regular printer be used in a billing software? 

Yes. The myBillBook billing software is made in such a way that whatever is the printer of your choice for your business is, you can use the software easily without any problem. Be it a regular printer or a thermal printer, you will be able to integrate the software into your business with no hassle. 

  • Does the myBillBook Billing Software also offer barcode options and features? 

Yes. Many businesses now add barcodes to their bills and products to scan the products better and faster. myBillBook offers barcode scanning options too that can be integrated into the bills when they are being made. 

  • Is it possible to send the invoices via email or WhatsApp? 

Yes. Many times businesses are conducted over different modes or different geographical areas. In such a situation, you can send invoices on the myBillBook software via email or even WhatsApp, whatever your clients prefer.