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Cloud Accounting Software

Accounting software that is hosted on a distant server is known as cloud accounting software. It is also called online accounting software or web-based accounting software. The software allows users to use the software without downloading anything to the device and save data on cloud servers.

Users can access the application through a cloud application service provider through the internet or other networks. A firm does not need to set up separate PCs with software when using cloud-based accounting software since everyone in the organisation may access the cloud on their own devices. This also enables remote teams or branches to access the same data and software version.

Why Use myBillBook?

Generate GST & non-GST invoices

Create customised GST & non-GST invoices, quote, estimate, and purchase orders for your clients

Manage your inventory

Track & manage all your inventory, get low stock reminders and makes sure that you are never out of stock

Analyse Business Reports

Make data-driven business decisions based on reports & insights like GST reports, P&L, stock summary, etc.

Send business card & greetings

Build your professional identity by sharing business cards and greetings with your business logo

Which Businesses Require Cloud Accounting Software

To keep it short – cloud accounting is required by any business which wants to adopt the latest accounting practices and conduct their business with ease and flexibility. 

In specific, if you run a multi-store or multi-location business, there is no doubt that online accounting software is usually the best option, as purchasing a separate software for each and every store and hardware would increase the operational costs of your business. 

Cloud Accounting Software in India is available at an affordable price and can be accessed by all your team members across your stores and locations. 

Especially small and medium businesses in India can leverage the new cloud accounting technology and avoid the costs of purchasing an accounting software package. 

myBillBook Cloud-Based Accounting Software

myBillBook is one of the fastest emerging cloud-based accounting software in India. Designed to meet the billing and accounting needs of small and medium businesses in the country, the cloud-based accounting software helps businesses digitise their accounting operations. 

Accounting on the go: Typical accounting software restricts access to your business accounting to your office. Cloud-accounting software like myBillBook allows you to keep a check on your business at any time and anywhere. You can install the myBillBook application on your mobile, tablet, and PC and access your account wherever you are. 

Work with your employees: Cloud accounting allows you and your employees, like accountants, bookkeepers, or other employees, to log in simultaneously and collaborate on critical accounting tasks. Use the same login credentials to log in to myBillBook app to work simultaneously with your team. 

Mutli-device access: Don’t worry about carrying your laptop wherever you go. You can access myBillBook on your mobile phones, tablets, and PCs. Install the myBillBook app on any of your smart devices and access it from anywhere you are. Use the same account to check and track the status of your business sales. 

Generate invoices instantly: Close your business deals on the spot by generating estimates or quotations, or proforma invoices and by sharing them instantly with your customers. Your client visits now become more beneficial with myBillBook’s online quotation and invoice generation. 

Auto sync-up of data: Not just business invoicing, you can also access your business accounts on the go. Check bank balance and cash in hand, expense summary, purchase summary, due bills details, stock value, low stock value and other business details on your phone through the myBillBook app.

Even though multiple people enter the data from different places, the app gets backed up and synced automatically so that you can have up-to-date accounting information all the time. 

Get & Make payments on time: Set automatic payment reminders to your customers and get your payments on time. Further, you can also enter bills from vendors and make timely payments. You can also schedule recurring payments to avoid late payments. 

Lesser Resources Required: The best cloud accounting software in India assists in automated bookkeeping, automated bank reconciliation, and automated cash collecting. These certainly decrease the burden of your team members to a considerable degree. 

No backup required: In the event of a disaster, you may simply use myBillBook backup to restore your data without disrupting company operations. This is a much safer alternative to your desktop accounting software, which requires manual backups. If you fail to back up your files, you are always vulnerable to data loss due to the unpredictability of the environment.

No need to purchase license: When you purchase a lifetime license for any software application, you have no choice but to use it for as long as you can.

With cloud accounting software, there is no such limitation. Your payment is restricted to your usage. If one day you decide to not use your cloud-based accounting software anymore, just contact us and cancel your subscription. It’s that simple. Similarly, you may simply upgrade your version of cloud-based accounting software as your business requirements expand.

Customise your plan: Not every business has the same accounting requirements. myBillBook understands this pretty well and designed the subscription plans accordingly. If you’re still not content with the existing plans, you always have the option to customise your plan.

The Enterprise plan offered by myBillBook provides unlimited access to add any number of businesses, and users, unlimited device logins and e-way bill generation, and many other existing features. Businesses can choose what they want based on their accounting requirements. 

Data Security: In a desktop-based accounting program, your information and data are both in danger of being damaged, infected, or deleted if your computer experiences a virus assault. However, if you depend on a cloud-based version of the accounting software, this no longer would be a worry since the data are not housed on your device. Thus they will not be impacted even if your device is damaged.

FAQs – Cloud Accounting Software

What sort of businesses in India can adopt cloud accounting software?

Any business that would like to upgrade their business practices and adopt the latest technology to ease their accounting and billing processes can adopt best cloud accounting software.

What are the advantages of operating in the cloud?

Operating on the cloud offers you portability, guarantees data protection, and helps you save money.

How reliable is Cloud Accounting Software?

Cloud-based accounting software provides attention to data protection since it utilises the same level of security as employed by banks.

How reliable is Cloud Accounting Software?

Cloud-based accounting software provides attention to data protection since it utilizes the same level of security as employed by banks.

How does Cloud accounting function?

Cloud accounting operates online, providing you exposure to accounting statistics from numerous devices anytime, anyplace.

Is cloud accounting expensive?

No. Compared to desktop accounting software, cloud accounting software are cost-effective and does not require specific operating systems or system configuration to work on.

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