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Invoice Management System

Why use myBillBook?

Generate GST & non-GST invoices

Create customised GST & non-GST invoices, quote, estimate, and purchase orders for your clients

Manage your inventory

Track & manage all your inventory, get low stock reminders and makes sure that you are never out of stock

Analyse Business Reports

Make data-driven business decisions based on reports & insights like GST reports, P&L, stock summary, etc.

Send business card & greetings

Build your professional identity by sharing business cards and greetings with your business logo

Why Use myBillBook Invoice Management Software?

  1. Data Processing Accuracy 

The more invoicing you handle and create, the greater the possibility of error. Digital invoice management systems protect you from these inaccuracies.

So you don’t have to enter invoice information into spreadsheets for payments or receipts manually. Instead, everything is automated for you. This removes every possibility of duplicate payments, misplaced transactions, or other data-entry issues.

  1. Faster Processing Of Invoices 

Accounting software can speed up the processing of invoices, lower the cost of accounts payable, and reduce the chance of human error.

These advantages will reduce cost per invoice, better supplier relationships, and fewer vendor payment concerns.

  1. Payment Approval Process Is Simplified 

Invoice software can assist you in avoiding bottlenecks in the approval process.

With built-in authorization logic, billing software automatically permits individuals with the appropriate level of authority to approve invoices.

  1. Time and Money Savings 

According to research, sending a client invoice is even more costly. So you may end up paying more money on processing payments than the invoice’s actual total amount payable.

You can completely avoid this laborious process and save your company a lot of money with invoice management software.

Invoice management systems (IMS) automate nearly every aspect of your account receivables and payable processes.

The invoice is promptly entered in the appropriate ledger account, and you may transfer or receive payments directly from the system by merging your bank accounts.

  1. Perspectives in Real-Time 

Billing management software provides separate dashboards for tracking invoice data. Automated invoice reporting allows you to monitor your company’s financial health in real-time.

  1. Encryption of Cloud Data in a Secure Manner 

Invoice management solutions must meet strict security requirements for data security and payment services. 256-bit SSL encryption ensures maximum security after an invoice has been entered into the system.

As far as data transmission over the Internet is concerned, that’s the industry standard.

  1. Professional Billing Templates 

Billing management software has professionally designed templates that you may quickly customize with your brand’s logo, colours, signatures, and font.

After selecting your preferred template, all that is needed is to complete the invoice components and click send.

Significance of Billing Management Software for Small Businesses

  1. Reducing the Complexity of the Billing Process 

The cutting-edge online billing software that combines time management and invoicing can streamline your billing procedure. When you adopt an innovative and advanced billing management system, you will no longer be required to go through a time-consuming and tiresome billing process. The software allows users to make invoices from time entries without switching between applications quickly. In addition, the same platform will enable you to send invoices to your customers via email.

  1. Increasing Productivity and Employee Morale 

Employee morale directly affects work performance. Therefore, employee morale and productivity both benefit from modern billing software solutions.

These tools help you analyze employee timesheets and reward employees who accomplish jobs faster than predicted. This will make them delighted and inspired to achieve better. On the other side, scheduling professional training sessions requires individuals who are unable to perform their duties. This will allow you to demonstrate your concern for them while also assisting them in overcoming workplace obstacles.

  1. Facilitating Efficient Project Planning 

Numerous invoicing and estimating software packages feature characteristics that enable you to accurately and effectively plan, execute, and analyze project plans. With these tools, you may review previous employee timesheets and expenses. This information can then be used for accurate project estimations in the future.

  1. Creating a Paperless Workplace 

To create timesheets and expenditure reports, utilize the software’s built-in templates, complete them with the relevant details, and save them as drafting to be changed later. Using this method, you can avoid compiling papers that are easily misplaced, lost, or destroyed. If you need to make invoicing, the software also includes invoice templates.

  1. Payroll Automation 

The modern billing software that includes a time tracking solution can be interconnected with the existing payroll system, allowing your human resource professionals to automate their payroll management tasks. This integration provides real-time data transmission from the billing management software to your payroll system.

Features of Invoice Management Software

Invoice management has many valuable features that help minimize overall business operations.

  1. Barcode Scanner 

You’ve probably already seen barcode scanners at retail businesses or shopping malls. It scans the barcode on the goods to determine the price and details. The integration of barcode billing into a perfect solution speeds up the payment process while maintaining accuracy.

  1. POS (Point of Sale) 

The point of sale (POS) has become one of the best aspects of billing software, as it improves the accuracy of the invoice process. It determines the value of the customer’s products, generates invoices, and collects payments.

  1. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) 

CRM-integrated invoicing software helps you raise client satisfaction while also enhancing your company’s overall performance. In addition, the entrepreneur can communicate with current and potential clients to strengthen their interactions.

  1. ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) 

As a business process, ERP typically refers to organize and automate service-related back-office processes. It involves strategy, sales, and marketing. This function in billing software aids in corporate decision making.

  1. Integration of Email 

With the help of this tool, sending invoices to clients’ email addresses has become simpler. This feature lets you send product invoices to clients’ email addresses. Additionally, you can send mail to users concerning special offers to increase customer engagement.

  1. Report on Sales and Purchases 

This is the most helpful feature of the software for creating receipts since it allows you to keep track of financial reports. This way, you can compare your current sales/purchase reports to previous ones and make more informed sales/purchase decisions.

  1. Inventory Control 

Numerous small business owners experience difficulties controlling their store’s inventory. However, it’s possible to track how much merchandise is available in the warehouse and how much has been sold using a standard solution associated with inventory management with in-built inventory management software. You can also keep track of where a specific lot is located in the store.

  1. Manage the chain of retail establishments 

With this software, it’s much easier to keep track of the operations of large retail chains from a distance. In addition, you’ll have quick, easy, and accurate access to sales/purchase reports.

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FAQs – Invoice Management System

What is the procedure for using myBillBook billing software?

The system keeps a record of the data that the customer provides.
The system classifies services and products based on the data collected to keep track of money.
Following the completion of the services, the company generates invoices.
When an invoice payment is overdue, the bill management system’s reminder feature sends a notification to the client.

Three Way Invoice Matching – what is it, and how does it work?

An invoice matching method known as three-way invoice matching is used in bookkeeping management and accounting to handle an invoice that has been received from someone just like how myBillBook works. It makes sure only legitimate payments are processed, avoiding invalid and fraudulent invoicing. For example, invoices, purchase orders and receiving reports all need to be matched for payment processing. This is known as a “three-way match” since the procedure verifies three documents to processes the payment.

What is invoice tracking software, and how does it work?

An invoice tracking system integrates with your accounting and billing software to keep track of all invoices and notify you when they are due for payment. In addition, it notifies and alerts consumers about past-due invoices, gives payment options or interaction with payment gateways, and generates appropriate reports for you.

How can I select the most appropriate invoice management software for my business?

It is pretty straightforward: try and select. The majority of business software includes a free trial version. Then, you can use the software and determine whether it is an excellent fit for your organization.

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