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Best Alternative To Tally Accounting Software

Looking for a Tally alternative is one of the best choices companies, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have made for their business. The Tally accounting solution might look comprehensive, but it is not customised for small businesses in terms of usability and affordability. With the advent of cloud computing, there are many efficient accounting softwares in the market that can replace Tally, a desktop-based accounting software.

myBillBook is one such accounting and billing software that is the best Tally alternative in the current market. myBillBook is an easily downloadable PC and mobile application available at an affordable price.

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Why Use myBillBook?

Generate GST & non-GST invoices

Create customised GST & non-GST invoices, quote, estimate, and purchase orders for your clients

Manage your inventory

Track & manage all your inventory, get low stock reminders and makes sure that you are never out of stock

Analyse Business Reports

Make data-driven business decisions based on reports & insights like GST reports, P&L, stock summary, etc.

Send business card & greetings

Build your professional identity by sharing business cards and greetings with your business logo

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*T&C Apply. The features and functionality will vary across different plans.

How myBillBook is a Better Alternative to Tally

Ease of Use

Tally is a complicated business management software. Dedicated personnel with accounting knowledge is required to operate it. Also, product training is a must when using the software for the first time. Since Tally is a DOS-based software, its design looks like an old 90’s software. 

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myBillBook, on the other hand, is like any other app on your mobile. The app delights the user with simple menu options, an easy-to-use interface, and an intuitive dashboard. Any employee of the organisation can easily use the software without any accounting or product knowledge. 

Each section of the myBillBook contains a detailed ‘How-to-do guide’ and videos to help users get acquainted with every single option of the app quickly and easily. The cloud-based application looks stylish and is easy to use. If the users still have queries on using the app or need some extra features to support their business, the 24/7 chat service is always at their fingertips. 

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Real-time Data Access

Tally is a software installed on a particular computer or a set of computers. Any accounting or billings tasks need to be done on the same PC. If a particular person is handling the software, he/she has to be there to retrieve any kind of data. 

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myBillBook, as mentioned above, is a cloud-based software that can be downloaded and installed just like any other app on your mobile. The app has PC and mobile versions and is compatible with all Android mobile devices and Windows PCs.

Users can download the myBillBook app on both PC and mobile phone and log in with the same account to experience seamless data integration between both devices. Having the software on mobile devices makes it easy for business owners to access information from anywhere and anytime. They don’t have to visit the office or business location to access their business data. Invoices, quotations, etc., can also be generated on the go.

Auto-Backup and Updates

In the in-house softwares like Tally, software updates need to be downloaded and installed, which might introduce additional risks to the computer. The download and installation of the software update need to be done manually and, if unnoticed, it may not get applied automatically.

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In case of a stolen or damaged PC, the data in the software is at risk, as there is no auto-backup feature on the software. Businesses need to take back-ups on their own in external storage devices.  Even in case of system upgrades, the software requires re-installation and exhausting data migration. 

Tally’s alternative, myBillBook has the edge over both auto-update and auto-backup features. All the data in the application is auto backed up at regular intervals making the information safe all the time. Even when the user loses or changes the mobile or PC, the data automatically gets restored on a new device. The same stands true when upgrading to a new PC or a mobile device. 

Similarly, the auto-update feature of myBillBook notifies the user of the newly released software updates. The app opens only when the latest update is installed. This ensures that the accounting application is relevant all the time. 

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Data Security

For most installed softwares, the application’s security is entirely in the hands of the person handling it. The safety of the information entered in the application completely relies on how the business handles it. 

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myBillBook, on the contrary, is an ISO certified accounting application. The data entered in the software is 100% encrypted and stored anonymously to prevent hacker and malware attacks.

Application Maintenance

If there is any problem with the software like Tally, the support typically involves physical visits of a techie to the user’s location, and the service is often charged. 

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However, such instances are pretty rare in a simple application like myBillBook. The timely software updates fix any bugs in the application while adding new functionalities, making it better every other day. Therefore, the cost of maintaining the application is almost zero.

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Cheaper Pricing Plans


Tally software is available on rent at a starting price of INR 7,200 + 18% GST (INR 1,296) per year and the Perpetual edition is available at INR 18,000 +18% GST (INR 3,240) per year. 

myBillBook, an affordable and efficient alternative to Tally, is available at INR 399 / Year only. We rest our case and leave the comparison to the business owners. But remember, not everything that comes with a hefty price tag is the best. Businesses need to choose the one that suits their needs and meets their limitations.

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Migration From Other Applications

Tally is a stand-alone software that may not allow data migration from other applications. You may have to manually enter all the data or import it in the form of excel sheets.

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myBillBook, on the contrary, enables easy data migration from all popular accounting softwares, including Tally, Marg, QuickBooks, etc. The migration process from Tally to myBillBook is quite simple. Our sales team members are on their toes to help new users in the migration process.

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Made in India

Tally is available in many countries. Even though India is a big market for them, no one understands how to conduct business in India as Indians do. 

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The main feature that sets myBillBook apart from Tally is that it is built and made in India. After meticulously analysing the Indian market and its bookkeeping requirements, the software is designed to cater to local businesses’ needs. As a result, from the aesthetics to the features, everything looks truly Indian.

Accounting and Billing Features of myBillBook

myBillBook is offered only in India with a mission to accelerate the growth of Indian SMBs through digitisation. The intuitive interface of the application, powered with competitive features and advanced security, makes it a better alternative to Tally and other similar applications. Below are some of the key billing and accounting operations businesses can do with myBillBook billing software. 

  • Create professional invoices & share them via WhatsApp
  • Generate both GST and non-GST compliant invoices in seconds
  • Track & manage inventory on the go
  • Analyze performance with important business reports
  • Send reminders & collect payments on time
  • Build relationships with customisable business cards & greetings