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Cash Voucher Format

What is Cash Voucher Format?

A cash voucher format is a template used to create a cash voucher document that serves as proof of cash payment. It contains all the necessary details to record and validate the cash voucher.

A  cash voucher is a document used to record and authorise the withdrawal of cash from a petty cash fund, and you would need a cash voucher in the following scenarios:

  1. When you need cash for a specific purpose. This case requires you to complete the voucher and receive some money from the designated custodian.
  2. If the request for cash is for reimbursement of an expense already paid for, you should attach the relevant receipt to the voucher.

Cash Voucher Generator

Cash Voucher Generator

Sample of Cash Voucher Format

Take a look at a sample cash voucher that will provide a clear idea of what information should be included in a cash voucher and how it should be presented.

cash voucher format sample

Cash Voucher Format – Details to be Included

Information about the company Company’s name, official logo, physical address and contact information, and alternate phone number
Voucher Identification The heading should specify a Cash Voucher and its kind, whether debit or credit
Serial Number Unique identifying number
Date of Payment Date of issuing the voucher
Voucher Value Amount of payment, both in numerical and written form.
Payment Method Information about the mode of payment – cash or bank cheque. The name of the bank, account number and other relevant details should also be included to prevent discrepancies.
Terms & Conditions Any limits or rules that apply to the usage of the voucher
Recipient Information The name and details of the person or organisation receiving the payment
Payee Information Details of the person or organisation making the payment, including their name and position within the company.
Redemption Date The date by which the coupon must be redeemed
Transaction Information Specific transaction for which the payment is made
Approval of Designated Authority Signature of a designated authority within the company’s accounts department
Cashier Approval This section confirms that the cashier handles the amount specified on the voucher and that the transaction is being conducted properly
Recipient’s Signature The recipient should sign the voucher to acknowledge receipt of the payment
Date of Expiry The date till which the coupon is valid

Cash Voucher Templates- PDF, Word, and Excel

Cash Voucher Format in PDF

A cash voucher in PDF format is commonly used and widely accepted as the standard format for document recording. There are several reasons why you should use a cash voucher format in PDF:

  • Cash vouchers in PDF cannot be easily altered.
  • PDFs are easily shareable.
  • A cash voucher in PDF format can be opened on any device with a PDF reader.
  • PDF-format cash vouchers present a professional and organised appearance.
  • You can customise the format of cash vouchers in PDF to fit your organisation’s specific needs.
  • It is easy to print multiple copies of the same voucher.

Cash Voucher Format In Word

Creating a cash voucher in Word can be a good solution, and there are several reasons why you might choose to use a cash voucher format in Word:

  • A cash voucher in Word allows you to customise the layout and design of the voucher to suit your specific needs.
  • A Word document allows you to make changes and update the cash voucher format in Word as needed easily.
  • Word format cash vouchers are easily shareable via email, cloud storage or other platforms.
  • Creating a cash voucher format in Word is generally a more cost-effective solution than other forms of cash voucher creation.
  • Once you create a cash voucher format in Word, you can print it on any printer, allowing you to print multiple copies simultaneously.

Cash Voucher Format in Excel

You can create a cash voucher format in Excel considering the following:

  • The powerful Excel spreadsheet program allows you to organise data clearly and logically.
  • Cash voucher format in Excel allows you to use formulas and functions to automate specific tasks.
  • Like Word, the cash voucher format in Excel allows you to customise the layout and design of the cash voucher to suit your specific needs.
  • Excel files are easily shareable.
  • A cash voucher format in Excel allows you to analyse data and create charts and graphs.
  • Excel’s built-in security features allow you to protect your data with passwords and encryption.

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FAQs on Cash Voucher Format

What is a voucher?

A voucher is a document that contains all details regarding your company’s payments to liability used by the accounts department.

What are the types of vouchers?

Vouchers can be classified into

  • Cash vouchers
  • Non-cash vouchers
  • Sales vouchers
  • Purchase vouchers
  • Supporting vouchers

Why do you need a cash voucher?

You need a cash voucher to prove that your cash was paid. In addition, you can use them to pay for an outstanding invoice. Furthermore, you can use them for tracking your cash payments.

How do you use a cash voucher?

You can use a cash voucher by ensuring that you complete the following steps:

  1. Cross-check the expiry date of the voucher.
  2. Analyse the rules applicable to the voucher.
  3. Find businesses or individuals accepting the voucher you have.
  4. Present the voucher to the person in charge of payments.

What are the benefits of using a cash voucher?

Cash vouchers offer benefits such as increasing sales, saving money, and improving customer relationships. They can be used for payments and purchases and as an alternative to cash/cheques. Also, they can be presented as gifts to strengthen customer relationships.

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