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Hotel Invoice Template – Do you run a hotel? Are you always swamped with guests checking in and out and the process taking most of your time? 

Well, in that case, having ready-made hotel bill templates for the guests can be a big time-saver. With the myBillBook online hotel bill generator, you can choose from a wide range of templates with different types of hotel invoice format options available on the software. 

Whether it is a simple hotel bill format or a hotel bill format with GST, myBillBook has you covered. Once you sign up on the software for a free hotel invoice generator, you can choose from multiple options as per your business needs. You can even customise the blank hotel bill format depending on the elements you want to be included in your hotel bill/invoice. 

Downloadable free hotel invoice templates

A hotel bill is a document provided by a hotel to its customers as proof of transaction for their stay in exchange for money. For the hotel owners looking to collect the money from customers, it is a hotel invoice, but the same document works as a hotel bill for the customers. 

If you are a hotel business owner, you already know that generating invoices is an integral part of the transaction. To make this transaction faster and more smooth for your customers, having downloadable free hotel bill templates can be a blessing. 

myBillBook provides you with downloadable free hotel bill templates that are pre-designed and can be easily downloaded on a computer & used for day-to-day billing. These hotel receipt format templates are designed to make it convenient to be used by anyone and are easily shareable online & offline by taking a printout. 

Benefits of using hotel bill format templates from myBillBook 

The myBillBook free hotel bill format templates make the lives of business owners a lot easier and convenient. Some of the benefits of using hotel invoice templates include: 

No extra cost: To use a built-in hotel invoice template for your hotel business from the myBillBook billing software, you do not have to pay any extra cost. These templates are free to use as myBillBook works on a freemium model. Only a standard fee is levied on the use of some premium features, which is optional. 

Reduced transaction time: As a hotel business owner, you do not want your guests to wait in a queue at the time of check-in and check-out while you sit back and create individual bills. With a ready-to-use hotel invoice format, you can generate bills faster by entering basic details like facilities and customer details and reduce your transaction time significantly. 

Added convenience: In addition to reducing your transaction time, the myBillBook hotel invoice templates are also easy to use, customisable, shareable, and adaptable to various formats. You can edit the existing templates or design your own, take a printout & share it online via different mediums like Whatsapp or email. Also, you can download and save the template in various formats like pdf, doc, or jpeg, as per your requirements. 

Hotel bill template highlights

Give your small hotel business a professional touch with the highly sophisticated and professional-looking hotel invoice templates: 

  • Completely free and easy to use templates for hotel bills.
  • Easily customisable to meet the needs of every hotel business owner.
  • Reduces transaction time by automating calculations and computations as per specific requirements.
  • Print-friendly designs that can also be shared online with the customers in a click.
  • Includes the hotel brand and identity in the invoice design.

Types of special-purpose hotel invoice templates

Besides the simple hotel bill format, myBillBook offers many special-purpose templates for hotel bills. The different types of hotel invoice templates for several special purposes include: 

Standard hotel bill format: This one is your basic hotel invoice template that has the basic stay charges and taxes included in the invoice, with the option to add some additional facilities used by the guests. 

Recurring hotel bill format: This particular hotel bill template is used by hotels where guests revisit as a part of a membership program or have recurring payments due to the hotel because of regular use. For instance, if your hotel business has a tie-up with a company to arrange for the stay of its international employees, or if it has a membership plan for its club or pool, you can accept ongoing payments using the recurring hotel invoice template.

Advance payment hotel bill format: An invoice that lays out the details of an advance payment received by a hotel for reserving some of its facilities as decided to be used on a future date. Advance hotel invoices include elements like booking a few rooms, or a banquet, or a restaurant at the hotel for a future date. In such cases, only a part of the payment is received in advance, and hence, a unique special-purpose template is required for the invoice. 

Find Free Invoice Format In Excel & GST Bill Format In Excel

Types of hotel invoices for small businesses

Standard invoice: A standard hotel invoice includes basic stay and food charges and nothing else. It is the most basic and simple invoice template available on myBillBook software.

Credit invoice: A credit invoice reflects any positive balance that guests may have, which they can avail of later by opting to use the hotel’s services. 

Debit invoice: When a customer owes the hotel some money, and the payment is pending, they can be notified using a debit invoice. 

Which template should you use? 

Which template you decide to use to generate your online hotel bill invoice is completely your decision and depends on your requirements. Here are some tips that can help you in deciding which template to choose for your business: 

  • If your hotel offers only standard services, choose a simple hotel bill format and add the standard charges as optional. This will keep the process simple for you, and you will not have to go through all the options. 
  • If your hotel business requires highly customised invoices as per the services you provide, you can use a blank hotel bill format and design it as per your special requirements. This can also be a suitable option if you do not find a template that fulfils all your needs. 
  • If you have highly customised requirements for your hotel invoice templates, you can choose a template that is the closest to your needs and then customise it to match your requirements. 
  • If you want your hotel bill format to be downloaded in a particular format, make sure that the template you are selecting is available in that specific format to make things easy for you later. 
  • You can also choose customisable templates with multiple themes and colour options to match your brand image. This generates brand recognition among customers and also promotes your brand identity. 

Download myBillBook now and create your hotel bills seamlessly.

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