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Bookstore Billing Software

A bookstore billing software is a specially designed bookstore billing software that helps book shops conduct their billing and accounting operations at ease. There are many billing software for bookstores available in India. myBillBook is one of the fastest emerging billing software for book shops and provides a comprehensive billing and accounting experience.  Let’s explore the features and benefits offered by myBillBook bookstore billing software that would help you understand how the billing app is best suited for your bookstore business.

Features of Bookstore Billing Software

Generate Invoices in Seconds

With myBillBook bookstore billing software, you can create invoices in seconds. You just need to enter the book details or simply scan the barcode present on it, enter the number of items, and you’re done. The bookstore billing software will automatically calculate the respective GST (CGST, SGST or others), apply discounts, if any, and create the invoice in less than 20 seconds.

Stock Management

Managing a book store with a huge collection of books is not an easy job. Making sure you have the popular and the commonly purchased books in the stock itself is a challenge.

myBillBook’s bookstore inventory software helps you with all the inventory management tasks like keeping track of all the low stock books, sending low stock reminders, items sales summary, etc. In addition, whenever an invoice is generated, the stock will get auto-updated by the bookstore software.

POS Billing

If your bookstore is crowded, especially during the weekends or sale days, you can use the POS billing option of myBillBook bookstore billing software. The book store POS billing feature enables you to create invoices in less time as it requires minimum information. You can also hold one or more bills and create another bill if there is an issue with the previous bills.

The bookstore POS billing feature of the billing software thus helps book shops have fewer queues at the checkout counters, thereby enhancing the customer shopping experience.

Barcode Generation & Printing

The bookstore billing software generates a unique barcode for every book in your store. You can print the same and stick it on your books for an easy billing process. The bulk printing option also allows you to print barcodes in bulk.

While creating an invoice, simply scan the barcode using a barcode gun to add the item to the bill. Irrespective of the number of books to be billed, the barcode scanning feature enables quick and easy billing.

Multiple Printing Options

myBillBook billing software for book stores provides two different printing options – Normal Printing and Thermal Printing. In normal printing, you can print invoices on A4 paper, and in thermal printing, 2 and 3-inch printing options are available.

Bulk Import of Products

If you’re migrating to myBillBook from other bookstore billing software, you don’t have to worry about the data transfer. The billing software provides multiple options for seamless data transfer from your existing software to myBillBook.

Using the ‘Bulk Add Items’ option, you can either add data from the Excel Sheet or from other billing software like Vyapar, Marg, and Tally.

Besides, the billing software for book shops also has an Item Library of about 1 lakh products from which users can quickly add items to their inventory.

Benefits of Bookstore Billing Software

Following are some of the benefits bookstore owners can reap using the billing

User-friendly interface

myBillBook app is designed to help small and medium businesses to digitise their accounting and billing operations. Therefore, the billing app is designed with an easy-to-use interface so that all small business owners can easily access it without much effort.

Eliminate manual errors

Compared to maintaining manual bill books or providing paper-based invoices or bills, using a bookstore billing software reduces the error percentage. You can also manage your resources well as you can reduce the number of employees working on billing and accounting.

Customer Database

As people with book reading habits tend to purchase books repeatedly, it’s important to maintain a customer database that would help you to keep in touch with them. The bookstore billing software helps you in recording your client data with the least effort.

SMS Marketing

Whether it is a year-end book sale or an annual book exhibition, or any limited sale, any promotional communication can be delivered straight to your customer’s mobile through the SMS marketing feature offered by the billing bookstore software. You can also send your customers greetings and special wishes from the billing app.

Provide credit notes

If there is any book return due to some issue, you can simply issue a credit note using the billing software instead of returning the money to the customers. This way, you don’t have to lose the customer or the sale.

24/7 support

The bookstore bill software is designed with easy to use interface. Despite that, if you still have any doubts at any point of time about using the billing software, our customer service team is ready to help you with any kind of queries. We offer both call and chat support in English as well as regional languages.

FAQs on Billing Software for Bookstore

How to install myBillBook bookstore billing software on my PC?

Downloading myBillBook bookstore billing software is easy. The software is available for free download on both Windows and iOS platform. Based on your PC, you can visit the respective App store and download the billing app.

Do I need to purchase myBillBook bookstore software license?

No, myBillBook software for book shops is not a typical PC software. Instead, it is a cloud-based web application that can be subscribed to get access. The billing software offers different subscription plans. You have to pay annual subscription fee to get access to the billing app.

I have multiple branches for my book store. Do I need to take separate subscription plan for each store?

No, separate subscription is not required for each branch. Instead, you can add each branch as a different business in the billing app. Each store will get access to the billing app with the same subscription.

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