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Optical Billing Software

An Optical Billing Software or billing software for optical shops helps optical stores manage their billing, accounting and inventory operations easily. Optical shop owners can customise the options and especially the invoices or bill formats as per their business needs and provides their customers with a personalised experience. Listed below are various features and benefits offered by the myBillBook Billing Software for optical stores and optical businesses.

Features of myBillBook Optical Shop Billing Software

myBillBook Billing Software for Optical Shop offers more than 40 features that help optical shops to perform their accounting, billing and inventory management operations at maximum efficiency. Listed below are some of the key features that would help optical stores to choose myBillBook as their preferred billing software.

Generates GST/non-GST Invoices

If your optical business is GST registered, you can easily generate GST-compliant invoices using myBillBook optical billing software. Otherwise, you can simply create non-GST, regular invoices/bills for your perusal.

myBillBook provides more than 6 invoice themes in 8 different colour options to help businesses customise their invoices as per their brand image. You can either be consistent in choosing a single invoice theme or can experiment with different themes based on the occasion or your customer preference.

Premium plans in the optical billing software allow you to remove myBillBook Branding from invoices making the bills specific to your optical business.

Easy Inventory Management

Whether adding your spectacles’ stock details to the software, editing the existing information or managing it, myBillBook optical billing software makes your job easy.

If you’re new to the optical software, you can enter your existing stock details, either one item after the other or in bulk. You can also upload the data from excel sheets or other billing software like Marg, Tally, and Vyapar.

Once you have the entire details in place, while creating an invoice, you can simply search for any product using the first few letters. On every invoice creation, the stock information will be auto-updated by the software.

Stock Summary & Reports

The optical billing software also provides you with detailed information about your stock value, the number of low stock items, category-wise item list, rate list, stock summary, item sales summary, item batch report, and item report by party. Using these details, you will get a clear picture of your optical stock by the end of every day.
Take Online Orders: myBillBook optical billing software provides an exclusive feature – the Online Store option for its users. You can list your entire optical range, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, etc., on the store page.

Just like any e-commerce store, you can list all the product details like the picture, price, product description, technical information, delivery options, discounts, etc., on the optical software’s billing page. Simply share the store link with your customers and encourage them to place their orders online. Grow your business 2-3 times faster with both online and offline presence.

Barcode Management

From generating a unique barcode to printing it and then scanning it during invoice generation, the optical software does everything for your optical business. You can generate unique barcodes for each product while listing them in the software, print the same and use them on the product. During the billing process, simply scan the barcode using a barcode scanner to get the product details on the invoice.
Multi-Business Management: If your optical shop has different branches across the city, you don’t need a separate billing application for each store. You can simply add all your branches and maintain separate accounts for each store on the billing software for optical stores.

You can provide access to multiple employees across your branches so that they can independently conduct their billing and accounting operations without any overlap or interruption.

Benefits of myBillBook Optical Shop Billing Software

The optical billing software provides a variety of accounting and billing benefits for optical businesses. Some of the key benefits are listed below.

Data safety & security

You enter your product details, transaction details, sale information, and accounting data into the optical billing software, and you must be wondering how safe and secure the data is. But don’t worry. Our app is ISO certified and is 100% safe and secure.

All the optical business information will be stored on cloud-based servers to protect it from virus and malware attacks. Your data can only be accessed with an OTP that will be sent to your registered mobile number. Even if your computer stops working, your data will still be available to you on myBillBook billing software for optical stores.

Accessible from both PC & Mobile

To increase the accessibility of the optical billing software, myBillBook is designed for both mobile and desktop devices. Two different applications are available for download on mobile devices and PCs. Further, you can also access the optical billing software through the web-based application at mybillbook.in/s/.

With multi-device access, you don’t have to sit in your optical shop to keep track of your business. You can simply login to the business account from your mobile phone and check the status of sales and other transactions from anywhere and anytime.

Seamless Data Transfer

As mentioned earlier, if you’re switching to myBillBook optical billing software from other billing applications, you can simply transfer all your data using different methods. You can either upload it from Excel files or directly from other apps using the single-click options provided by the billing software.
Multi-language Support: Not just in English, the myBillBook Optical Billing Software allows you to create invoices in regional languages as well. You can generate invoices in Hindi, Gujarati and Tamil and provide a much more personalised experience to your customers.
Priority Call & Chat Support: Firstly, myBillBook app is easy to understand. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy for anyone with a basic smartphone using knowledge. Also, when you subscribe to the optical billing software, you get a free demo of all its features and functionalities.

Besides all this, if you still find anything difficult to understand or require a customised plan to suit your optical business needs, our 24/7 customer support is always there to help you. You can have our priority call support and chat support from our team, who are ready to assist you with the required details in your regional language.

Affordable Pricing

With all the features and benefits offered by the optical billing software, you might be wondering how the software would cost. Don’t worry. The very purpose of myBillBook optical billing software is to help small and medium businesses digitise their accounting and billing. Therefore it is priced at an affordable cost starting from Rs.142 per month.


FAQs on Billing Software for Optical Shops

What is optical billing software?

A billing software that is customised for optical shops to digitise their billing and accounting operations is called billing software for optical shops.

How can I use billing software for my optical shop?

Billing software like myBillBook provides a number of functionalities, including GST bill or invoice creation, quotation generation, SMS marketing, POS Billing, expense tracking, inventory management and a lot more. You can use the required functionalities for your optical business accordingly.

Does the optical billing software accept online payments?

Yes, myBillBook optical billing software accepts various online payments, including UPI, NEFT, IMPS, and RTGS. You can directly include the required details in the invoice enabling the user to make online payments.

How much does it cost to set up an optical store in India?

We cannot define a fixed investment to set up an optical shop in India. It depends on various factors, including the location, size of the business, market it caters to, raw material price, availability of workforce, and others. As these factors change based on the location, the investment cost also changes accordingly.

How to download optical billing software free?

You can download myBillBook optical billing software from the Android Play Store or iOS App Store based on your device. The optical billing software is free to download on both stores and also offers a free trial of 14 days to provide a real-time user experience for prospective customers.

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