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How to do Bulk Whatsapp marketing through myBillBook

Here is a step-by-step guide to bulk WhatsApp marketing using a WhatsApp marketing software like myBillBook.

Step 1: Open your myBillBook billing software. Make sure you subscribe to a platinum or enterprise plan. If yes, you will get free 500 and 1000 credits each, after which they will have to pay for additional credits.

Step 2: Then, Go to the “More” section.

Step 3: On the page, click “WhatsApp Marketing.

Step 4: You will view two select buttons:

Select “See how it works” if you wish to have a quick read-through tutorial on creating bulk messaging campaigns.

Select “Create Campaign” to view the bulk messaging templates available on myBillBook.

Step 5: On selecting “Create Campaign”, you will witness a page titled “What will you send today?” displaying all the templates available.

Step 6: You can browse more images by clicking “View all messages.”

Step 7: On the top of the page, you have the option to choose messages based on categories such as “Festivals,” “Offers,” and “Loyalty.” Select the one as per your preference.

Step 8: Do not forget to click on the select box “With image” if you require an image.

Step 9: You can edit the message once you choose the template.
Note: You can only make minute changes, like changes in words or phrases and cannot edit the template.

Step 10: When making the changes, click “Save & Continue” to select the party.

Step 11: Select the party name and click on “Next.

Step 12: You will be redirected to the review page. Review all the details and finally click on “Send Campaign.”

Step 13: You will view a page displaying “WhatsApp Campaign Created Successfully,” implying that the campaign has begun.

Step 14: You can check for the campaign’s progress on your Campaign Dashboard. 

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