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Billing Software for Automobile Shop

For an automobile showroom having efficient invoicing or billing software is quite essential. As automobile stores typically deal with high-end customers, providing professional invoices/bills becomes a business mandate. myBillBook billing software for automobile shops is meticulously designed to cater for the needs of automobile showrooms.

Besides enabling the creation of professional and customised invoices, the automobile software provides inventory management, accounting, staff management, and business report generation features to help auto shops perform their job at ease.

Features of Automobile Billing Software

Comprehensive Billing Experience

myBillBook is a GST-ready billing and accounting software that helps businesses to generate invoices, manage accounting tasks, and inventory management operations easily. Further, it provides 30+ business reports on various business activities, including sales, products, customers, expenses, transactions, etc.

GST Invoice Creation

The billing software for automobile shops allows businesses to create GST invoices in customised formats. You can add your business logo, match your brand colour, choose a custom font and design your invoice as per your choice. You also have an option to choose what fields to display or hide based on your business requirement.

360 Degree Dashboard

myBillBook’s dashboard feature provides a comprehensive view of business information, including the latest transactions, payments, total cash in bank & hand, sales reports on a daily/weekly basis, etc. By just having a glance at the dashboard, you will get a good idea about your automobile store’s performance on any given day.

Create Different Sales Invoices

Not just GST invoices, myBillBook also allows auto stores to create different types of invoices, including quotation/estimate, delivery challan, proforma invoice, etc. As automobile businesses require all of these invoice types at some or the other point in time, the billing software allows them to create them with ease. They also have an option to convert proforma invoices into sales invoices once the deal is finalised.

SmartCollect Payments

This is a custom payment feature offered only on myBillBook billing software. Through this feature, auto businesses can streamline their payments. They can send Smart Account details to their customers to automatically settle invoices.

The Smart Account created for the business is unique to every customer and is directly linked to the settlement bank account. Through the SmartCollect feature, customers have an option to pay with any UPI app, including Phonepe, Gpay, Paytm, etc.

Manage Purchases

From creating purchase invoices, purchase orders, purchase returns, and debit notes to recording payments out, myBillBook billing software helps you deal with your auto suppliers easily. You can create purchase orders and invoices without much effort and share them with your suppliers through Whatsapp.

e-Way Bill

The billing software allows you to create an unlimited number of e-way bills in a few clicks. The software also enables easy sharing of the bills via WhatsApp or email. The billing app can generate 4 types of e-way bills – regular, Bill to ship to, bill from dispatch from and a combination of the last two.

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Benefits of Using Automobile Billing Software

By using automobile billing software, auto businesses can reap the following benefits.

Send invoices digitally

Not just creating invoices online, you can also share the invoices online with your clients directly. You can either Whatsapp the invoices or send them through mail to your customers.

Always on stock

The inventory management feature of myBillBook helps auto shops to manage their inventory efficiently. Whenever an invoice or a purchase order gets generated, the stock gets auto-updated. Auto stores have real-time tracking of their stock details which helps them to place pre-orders as per the customer demand.

Accounting becomes easy

Whether it is recording expenses, tracking the sales or calculating the cash in hand and cash in the bank, the billing software takes care of all the accounting tasks with ease. At the end of the day, you can check the dashboard to get an idea about the total cash and payments collected or made, all in one place.

Easy staff management

You can add multiple employees of your auto business to the billing app to provide them access. Salesmen, stock managers, partners, and accountants can get access to the app with limited or full access.

Faster payment collections

You can send payment reminders to your automobile customers directly to their mobiles. You can also schedule payment reminders when you have to collect payments from your customers. Automobile stores can get payment reminders directly on the myBillBook mobile app and Whatsapp.


Unlike regular billing software, myBillBook, a cloud-based accounting software, is priced at an affordable fee to make it available for small and medium businesses in India. However, for large automobile companies, an enterprise plan is available. Automobile stores can customise the plan by including or excluding the required features and make it a personalised billing software for their business.

FAQs on Billing Software for Automobile Shop

What is automobile billing software?

An automobile billing software is a specially designed software for automobile stores, automobile showrooms, automobile spare part businesses and any business related to automobiles.
It helps auto businesses to manage their billing, invoicing, accounting, and inventory operations online.

My automobile business has multiple branches. Do I need a separate software for each outlet?

myBillBook being is a cloud-based software that can be accessed from any place. With a single subscription, you can manage multiple outlets by adding them as different entities in the software. Use the same credentials to log in to the billing app, select the outlet, and you’re all set to start your billing and accounting operations on the billing software.

Can I print barcodes using myBillBook automobile billing software?

Yes, myBillBook automobile billing software provides barcode printing and barcode scanning features for easy invoicing.

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