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Transporter ID in e-Way Bill

What is a Transporter ID?

For transporters who have not registered under GST, the e-Way Bill system generates a 15-digit unique number called TRANSIN, or “Transporter ID.” When a transporter registers on the e-way bill portal, the GST portal issues a transport ID for the specified items. A transport ID functions similarly to a GSTIN.

Where and when to use the Transporter ID or TRANSIN?

Unregistered transporters must replace the GSTIN with this ID on every e-Way Bill. For the transporter to update the vehicle number later for the movement of goods, suppliers and consignors are given this number to include on the e-Way Bills they produce.

How can unregistered transporters obtain their transporter IDs or TRANSINs?

When registering on the EWB site, every unregistered transporter will receive a transporter ID. After enrolling on the e-way bill portal, you can expect the following results:

  • A unique transporter ID or TRANSIN is given to the transporter.
  • A unique username to access the e-Way Bill interface.

Here is how GST unregistered transporters can enrol on the e-Way Bill platform:

  • Step 1: Visit the e-Way Bill website.
  • Step 2: On the Home page, select the Registration option and “Enrolment for transporters.”
  • Step 3: Enter the information in the application at points 1 – 9, then click “Save.”

The fields with an asterisk (*) in red are required fields:

  • Step 4: Choose Your State, enter PAN card and click validate. Also, enter a trade name, if any.
  • Step 5: Select the appropriate enrollment type from the list: transport service, cold storage, warehouse, or godown.
  • Step 6: From the drop-down menu, choose the appropriate business structure: foreign company, partnership firm, proprietorship, private limited company, public limited company, unlimited company, or others (If HUF, AOP, BOI and so on).
  • Step 7: Enter the full address into all fields marked with a red asterisk (*).
  • Step 8: Enter the fax (if any), landline, and email addresses in the appropriate fields.
  • Step 9: Choose whether the address at a) is a building owned, leased, rented, consented to, shared or any other circumstance.
  • Step 10: To authorise the e-Way Bill System/GSTN to retrieve the Aadhaar information of the authorised employees of the organisation from UIDAI for authentication, check the box on the left-hand side of the form.
  • Step 11: Then, click “Upload” after choosing two acceptable PDF documents from your computer (one for ID evidence and one for address proof). If a file is not uploaded successfully, the system displays an error message, edits the file as necessary, and then retries the upload. The file name should show up on the right side of each field if it were successfully uploaded.
  • Step 12: Create a new password and username that are unique. Click “Check” to see if the username you want to set is already in use or not.
  • Step 13: Ensure the information you provide is accurate by checking the declaration, then click “Save.”
  • Step 14: The system generates and displays a 15-digit transporter ID or TRANSIN. Notify your clients of this number.

Generation of Transport ID

The transporter must enrol on the e-Way Bill site and submit the necessary information and documentation to receive a Transport ID.

After receiving the necessary data, the EWB system creates the transporter ID. A new e-Way Bill that specifies the mode of transport should be generated if the transporter changes items from one mode of transportation to another.

The transporter must submit a new Form GST INS-1 before switching modes of transportation.

Multiple Invoices under Transport ID

When an unnotified e-Way Bill is generated against a Transport ID, the e-way bill portal acts as a connected system, and the transporter is notified about the assignment of EWB via the portal.

Using one of the following techniques, a transporter can obtain e-Way Bills created on a transport ID:

  • After logging in, the transporter checks the reports area in the EWB portal and chooses “EWB assigned to me for transfers and sees the list.”
  • The transporter could access “Update Vehicle No” and choose “Generator GSTIN” before entering the GSTIN of the taxpayer who gave him the EWB.

Creating Multiple Sub-users under Transport ID

Every registered supplier or transporter can create several sub-users and assign them duties. The person can offer additional offices or business locations as sub-users for large transporters. The registered user may add up to three sub-users for one registered place of business.

Read to know more about Create & Manage Sub-user on the e-Way Bill Portal

FAQs on Transporter ID

Is a transporter ID mandatory for e-Way Bills?

To create a Part A Slip, a Transporter ID is now necessary.

How do I remove my transporter ID from my e-Way Bill?

Once generated, the e-Way Bill cannot be removed from the website for e-Way Bills. However, it is revocable within 24 hours of formation by the GST taxpayer or the transporter.

Can e-Way be generated without a transporter ID?

No, e-Way cannot be generated without a transporter id.

How do I change my transporter ID?

Here are the steps to change the transporter ID:

  • Log up to the e-Way Bill Portal.To access your account, go to the e-Way Bill Portal.
  • Revisit the transporter's specifications. Proceed to the e-way bill page's Update transporter data.
  • Enter the new transporter ID.

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