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Penalty for expired e-Way Bill

Transporters must know that failure to submit an e-way bill could result in officials seizing their vehicles and other property. In addition, the protracted delays at the checkpoints would impact your supply chain. Thus, follow the rules to go ahead without an e-way bill penalty, and this blog summarises them all.

What will happen if the e-Way Bill is not generated?

The repercussions of failing to produce and carry the e-Way Bill could cost you money, as well as other types of losses.

Below is the list comprising various penalties for non-generation of e-Way Bills for a shipment of goods made in violation of the law:

Monetary Penalty

Moving goods without an invoice or e-Way Bill is illegal and carries a fine of Rs. 10,000. As a result, the minimum fine for breaking the guidelines is Rs. 10,000.

Detention and Seizure

Suppose a vehicle moves goods without an e-Way Bill. In that case, it may be detained, seized, and released only once the officer has received the penalty for a mistake in the e-Way Bill. There are two possibilities for this:

  1. The owner wants to pay the penalty- In this case, he must pay the total amount of the tax.
  2. Other cases- In any different scenario, they will have to assess a penalty of 50% of the product’s value.

It is always better to utilise softwares like myBillBook to streamline this tedious procedure to enable the efficient facilitation of commodities from one state to another.

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What happens if e-way bill expires?

You can extend the e-way bill's validity time on the site once it has expired after revising the details in PART-B of Form GST EWB-01, including the justification for the extension.

Can we extend the e-way bill after the expiry date?

Yes. You can prolong the e-way bill's validity between 8 hours before and after its expiration time if unusual circumstances prevent the shipment from reaching its destination within the validity period.

Can I cancel the e-way bill after 72 hours?

No, you cannot cancel an e-way after 72 hours have passed from the bill's generation.

How do I pay my e-way bill penalty?

You can pay the penalty in Form GST DRC-07 for every applicable consignment.

How many days is the e-way bill valid?

An e-way bill's validity varies depending on how far to transport the products. You will have one day of validity for a typical vehicle or transportation mode for every 100 KM or portion of its journey. On the final day, at midnight, this validity ends.

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