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e-Way Bill under GST in Karnataka

Significance of an e-Way Bill in Karnataka

Since the State announced the deployment of the e-Way Bill system with effect from September 6, 2017, you need to generate e-Way Bills to move goods within the State of Karnataka.

The consequences of not generating and submitting e-Way Bills consistently for two tax periods would be blocking e-Way invoices on the government portal.

Required Time of e-Way Bill Generation

You must create an e-Way Bill is created when the value of the commodities moved to or from a registered individual exceeds Rs. 50,000. However, even if the value of the products is under Rs. 50,000, the registered person can still provide an e-Way Bill.

Who Should Generate e-Way Bills?

  1. A person with a GST registration who has goods in transit
  2. A transporter when the supplier does not produce an E-way bill
  3. Persons in charge of the vehicle used to transport the consignment of goods if the consignment value exceeds Rs. 50,000
  4. Persons not registered for GST supplying goods or services to a registered person

Documents Required to Generate an e-Way Bill Under GST in Karnataka

You would need the necessary documents for e-Way Bill generation in Karnataka are:

  • Documents relevant to the consignment of goods like Invoice/Bill of supply/challan
  • Transporter ID or the vehicle number in the case of transport by road,
  • If the transport is by rail, air, or ship: transporter ID, transport document number, and date.

Format of the Karnataka e-Way Bill

Part A and B comprise the two portions of the e-Way Bill. The information about the consignment, often the invoice details, is gathered in Part A of the e-Way Karnataka bill. You must provide the following information:

  1. The recipient’s GSTIN
  2. The delivery location’s pin code
  3. The number from the invoice or challan against which you make the goods supply
  4. The consignment’s value
  5. The HSN code for the transported items( You should mention the first two digits of the HSN code if the turnover is up to INR 5 crores. Otherwise, an HSN code with four digits is required.)

Systems Before e-Way Bill

1. e-SUGAM

In the pre-GST-e-waybill-Karnataka era, a seller or dealer should create an online transit document to move products worth more than Rs. 20,000 both inside Karnataka and into and out of Karnataka.

2. C-forms

A seller or dealer also used to provide C-forms based on the Taxation Laws (Amendment) Act of 2017 for items acquired from outside the State to be subject to a 2% discount in tax.

Registration to Generate e-Way Bills

Procedures for GST payers and registered transporters, and transporters who did not register with the GST for registering e-Way Bill Karnataka:

  1. Navigate to the portal, vat.kar.nic.in the e-Way Bill.
  2. Then, click on the homepage tab.
  3. Fill out the registration requirements by clicking “e-Way Registration.”
  4. After completing this, you will receive a unique user ID that they can use to access the portal.

FAQs on e-Way Bill in Karnataka

Has the state of Karnataka released an amendment to the earlier notification?

No. The Karnataka government is yet to release a new notification to put the altered law into effect.

What is an e-way bill?

The Eway bill is a legal document that permits the transportation of goods between states.

When should I generate an e-way in Karnataka?

You should generate an e-way bill when the value of the commodities moved to or from a registered individual exceeds Rs. 50,000

What are some other E-way bill generation techniques?

Eway bills can also be created and managed by:

  • SMS. Karnataka residents must text the code to the cellphone number 97319 79899.
  • Android-enabled Eway bill applications
  • An API interface with your ERP is available

Can I register online for e-way bill generation?

Yes. You can register on the portal https://ewaybillgst.gov.in

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