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How to Register on the E-way Bill Portal

This article explains how various types of taxpayers can register for e-way bills.

Registration for GST Unregistered Transporters


You must generate an e-way bill if you are a transporter with:

  1. A consignment goods value of a single supplier exceeding Rs.50,000
  2. A single vehicle’s transported goods value exceeding Rs.50,000, then

Registration Process

Follow the GST e-way bill registration process for registered users. However, instead of GSTIN, use the transporter ID you received while enrolling on the e-way bill portal.

Use your Transporter ID to create your unique Username and password.

Actions to Undertake When You Receive Goods From an Unregistered Supplier

Assume you are a registered receiver receiving things from an unregistered source.

In that situation, you must follow the same procedures for getting an e-way Bill as the supplier. Hence, you will need to create an e-way Bill.

Registration for Taxpayers/registered Transporters

Registered transporters must follow the below GST e-way bill registration process on the e-Way Bill portal.

  1. Navigate to the home page of the e-way bill portal.
    Note: If a login pop-up appears on the portal, close it.
  2. Click on “e-Way Bill Registration” under “Registration.”
  3. Enter the captcha code and the GSTIN, and click “Go.”
  4. Generate an OTP and verify it.
  5. The auto-filled se details are displayed. If it is changed or is incorrect, you can click “Update from GST Common Portal” to fetch the latest data from the GST portal.
  6. After checking the details, click on “Send OTP“. Then, enter the OTP you received on the registered mobile number and verify it by clicking “Verify OTP“.
  7. Then, create a new User ID and a Password of your choice. After validation, the system will save your user ID and password. Otherwise, you will receive a pop-up message if there is any error or e-way bill login problem.


How can unregistered transporters register for e-way bills?

Unregistered transporters can do so by following the process mentioned above. They must, however, supply "Transporter ID" rather than GSTIN.

Should I generate e-way bills if I receive goods from an unregistered supplier?

Yes. You must use the same steps as the supplier.

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