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e-Way Bill Login in Mobile

Enabling SMS e-Way Bill Generate Facility

A registered person can generate GST e-ways bills through SMS like the other modes.

Who Generates SMS e-Way Bills?

  • Small customers who have no access to a computer or an internet connection
  • Organisations with limited trading volume
  • When in an emergency, such as one that occurs late at night or while driving

Need for SMS e-Way Bill Generation

SMS-based eway bill generation is ideal for handling limited transactions. You can also use this facility in emergencies, such as at night or while travelling in a vehicle, as it is a simple process of e-way bill login via mobile.

Functions of e-Way Bill Operation via SMS Mode

There are three major activities related to e-way bill online login operation through SMS mode:

  • Generation of e-way bills
  • Updation of vehicle details
  • Cancellation of e-way bills

How to Generate an e-Way Bill Through SMS?

You can generate an SMS e-way bill online by following a simple step-by-step approach.

  1. Before making a transaction, you must register your mobile number on the GST e-way bill portal. Once you select the option “for SMS” under the main option “Registration”, the following screen is displayed.
E-way Bill Through SMS step1
  1. Enter your mobile number and complete the OTP to register the mobile number.
E-way Bill Through SMS step2

You can delink or change the mobile number if required now.

Log in to https://ewaybill.nic.in/ using your credentials.

Finally, enable the SMS e-way bill generation on your mobile.

Afterwards, send an SMS to e-way bill generation on mobile is 7738299899 in the below format with space beside each parameter.

EWBG TranType RecGSTIN DelPinCode InvNo InvDate TotalValue HSNCode ApprDist Vehicle

SMS Format: e-Way Bill Generation

Each of the parameters in the SMS format delivers the following information:

EWBG The act or the e-Way Bill Generate Key Word
TranType Transaction Type as per the Code list.
RecGSTIN Recipient’s GSTIN (GST Identification Number).
DelPinCode PIN Code of the delivery location
InvNo   GST Invoice Number of the supplier’s document
InvDate Invoice Date of the supplier’s document
TotalValue The total value of goods in Rupees as per the Invoice/Bill document
HSNCode The first Commodity’s HSN code
ApprDist   Distance in kilometres from the consignor to the consignee
Vehicle The vehicle number in which you transport the goods

Once the validation is complete and the mobile number is registered, you are ready to generate an e-way bill using SMS.

e-Way Bill Generation Process via SMS

E-way bill login in mobile(www.ewaybill.login ) and e-way bill generation comprises the following

  1. First, try the GST e-way login on the portal.
  2. Click “Registration” and select “For SMS” from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the registered mobile number, and click on “Send OTP”.
  4. On receiving the OTP, enter the same in the “Enter OTP.”
  5. Verify it by clicking “Verify OTP” and then click “Exit”.
  6. Select the relevant user ID from the drop-down menu listing all the user IDs.
  7. The mobile number will auto-populate after this step.
  8. Finally, click “Submit” to generate the e-way bill.

Note: You can register a maximum of 2 mobile numbers with a single GSTIN.

Updating Vehicle Number Through SMS

If you want to update your vehicle number, send an SMS request in the format below to 7738299899:

EWBV EWB_NO Veh_Tran_No ReasCode Mode. 

On sending the SMS, and if there are no errors, you will receive an SMS stating that the updation to the new number is complete.

Note: You cannot update the e-way bill with the vehicle details if your e-way bill expires.

SMS Format: Vehicle Details Update

Things to be Aware of

  • The taxpayer or the transporter that has generated the e-waybill is the only person who can update the vehicle.
  • The validity period depends on the distance mentioned in the e-way bill. You can update the vehicle details with the same.

You can decode the SMS format for the vehicle update as

EWBV e-Way Bill Vehicle Updating Key Word
EWBNo 12 digits E-Way Bill number
Vehicle Vehicle number for the movement of goods
ReasCode Reason Code to indicate why you added the vehicle number

Cancellation of the e-Way Bill Through SMS

If you want to cancel an e-way bill through SMS, send an SMS request in the format below to 7738299899:



  1. You can cancel an e-way bill only if you are the generator within 24 hours of its generation.
  2. You cannot cancel a verified e-waybill.

SMS Format: Cancellation of e-Way Bill

You can decode the SMS format for e-way bill cancellation as

EWBC E-Way Bill Cancellation Key Word
EWBNo 12 digits E-Way Bill Number
e-way bill banner 2

FAQs on e-Way Bill

What is the number to which I should send an SMS for e-way bill generation?

You must send an SMS to 7738299899

Can I update my vehicle details through SMS, although my e-way bill has expired?

No. You cannot update the e-way bill details if your e-way bill has crossed the date of expiry.

I missed generating e-way bills and am in a hurry as my vehicle is in transit. How can I fix this?

You can still generate an e-way bill before the verification by generating your e-way bill via SMS.

What are the functions of e-way bill operation via SMS mode?

You can update vehicle details, generate e-way bills, and cancel them through SMS.

How can I Generate an E-way Bill Through SMS?

You can generate an SMS e-way bill by registering on the GST e-way bill portal for SMS, sending an SMS “EWBG TranType RecGSTIN DelPinCode InvNo InvDate TotalValue HSNCode ApprDist Vehicle” to 7738299899, and waiting for the confirmation.

e-way-bill banner 3

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