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Create & Manage Sub-user on the e-Way Bill Portal

Although users have many facilities on the e-Way Bill portal, they face multiple discomforts. The system addresses them through the SMS facility, the Sub-users feature, and Masters.
However, they can avail of these features only once they register on the e-Way Bill portal. This blog brings you all the details you need to know about the sub-user facility on the portal.

Significance of Sub-user Creation

As you already know, for every consignment you own having a value exceeding ₹ 50,000, you must generate an e-Way bill. However, it becomes difficult under the following scenarios.

  1. You have multiple businesses.
  2. You have various places of business or head offices.
  3. You have branches at different locations.
  4. You work remotely from the principal place of business.

The challenge of generating an e-Way bill due to the above reasons led to the idea of creating a sub-user.

Who is a Sub-user?

A sub-user is a user who can use the same login credentials created initially and perform the actions per the access given to them. However, they cannot reject one.

Creating Multiple Sub-users for the Same GSTIN

You can create sub-users on e-Way Bills as follows:

  1. Click “Create Sub-user” under “User Management.
  2. Enter the OTP you receive on the registered email ID/mobile number and click “Validate.”
  3. Enter the required details on the “User Creation” screen and click “Submit.”

Below are the parts on the screen that you should fill in:

  1. Enter the “Suffix Login ID” (Sub-User name) and click on “Check” to check its availability.Note: if the username of the taxpayer is “abcdef” and he is giving a suffix as “rvk”, then the sub-user id will be “abcdef_rvk.”
  2. Enter the authorised personnel’s name, address, designation, mobile number and email ID. This particular person will be the one using the sub-user ID.
  3. Select the place of businesses/ branches concerning the sub-user to generate e-Way bills.
  4. Select the facilities available for sub-user on the e-Way Bill portal, i.e. e-Way Bill generation, cancellation, rejection, report generation or updating masters.
  5. Click on “Submit.” After the sub-user creation, the system automatically generates a password. Then, it sends the password to the sub-user in case of no error. Otherwise, the system pops up an error message.

Similarly, You can manage the sub-user by clicking “Update Sub-user” under “User Management.” You can make changes and click on the “Update” button.

Freeze the Sub-users

  1. The taxpayer also gets an option to freeze the sub-users on e-Way Bills, i.e. Disable the sub-user from using the e-Way bill portal’s facilities.
  2. Click “Freeze Sub-user” under “User Management.”
  3. Select the sub-user you want to Freeze. Then, click on “Freeze” on the screen.
  4. On clicking “Freeze“, the sub-user selected will no longer be able to access any facilities on the e-Way Bill portal.

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