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As a matter of fact, retailers should develop a point of service to the point of sale to remain buoyant and compete with innovators of today in an increasingly merciless global environment. Retail POS software emancipates retail staff to provide unbelievable service levels as well as build customer trust in an omnichannel world. 

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       Advanced Reports such as GST Reports, Profit & loss
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Why use myBillBook?

Create customised GST & non-GST invoices, quote, estimate, and purchase orders for your clients

Track & manage all your inventory, get low stock reminders and makes sure that you are never out of stock

Make data-driven business decisions based on reports & insights like GST reports, P&L, stock summary, etc.

Build your professional identity by sharing business cards and greetings with your business logo

Why Use myBillBook Retail POS Billing Software

Retail POS billing software is one of the very beneficial systems for businesses to fulfill their needs and goals. If you are looking out for reliable and effective purchase order management software, it is better to go with myBillBook as it is a better choice when it is to maximize your purchase order process. With the use of myBillBook purchase order management software, you can undertake various tasks, right from invoicing and billing to managing accounts and preparing business reports all in one package. It is very easy, quick, and convenient to generate purchase orders with myBillBook. There are several reasons why you should use retail POS invoicing software which are as follows:


Safe and Secure (ISO 27001 Certified)

myBillBook retail POS system is a 100% secure and safe platform that uses the latest and standard encryption technology to store the data of the user.


Seamless Data Transfer

Using myBillBook software allows you to transfer data from other software smoothly. The options that are available in the software for the transfer of your clients and items from other software are Vyapaar and Tally.


Desktop and Mobile-Friendly

myBillBook has been designed to be equally compatible with desktop and mobile as well. The mobile application can be downloaded free from Google Playstore. Also, you can switch it between devices like computers and smartphones with an auto-data sync feature. 


Language Support

In fact, myBillBook equips various languages like English, Hindi, and Hinglish by keeping the needs of Indian users in mind. Other languages to this system are coming soon. 


Auto Backup

With the best auto-backup feature in the software, you no longer have to worry about losing your client and financial data. It keeps the backup of all your data in the cloud system. 


Customer Support

In case if you face any problems ever with the software, you can contact the customer support of myBillBook and get a superfast response from them.


Significance of Retail POS Software India for Small Businesses 

Now check out the importance of retail POS software India for small businesses, which are given below:


Automated CRM

POS system carries out huge upgrades of customer relationship management. You can discover records of multiple or single customers very easily in order to swap or return the purchased items in no time. 


Enhanced Efficiency

As a carpenter cannot build a house without nails and a hammer, your cashiers cannot work effectively without the use of the right tools. Therefore, it is very important to provide them with the right tools like a POS system and a barcode scanner for doing the job.


Real-time View

The POS system offers an analysis report of the business processes in real-time. It even provides detailed information about the various facets of the company, which helps you in making the right and informed decisions. Moreover, it encourages the growth and success of the company essentially by precisely pointing out the basic improvements you require to make in business processes. 


Speed Up Payments

With the use of a POS program, one can have a more effective checkout process and make the customers know that they can easily get through the lines. It simply means the difference between selecting your potential customers and competing with them. If you have a seamless checkout process and your lines are shorter, there is a possibility for you to be the first pick. 


Employee Management

Using POS software, you can now manage your employees by reducing the time you spend on enforcement operations and schedules. Modern POS applications have functionality for the time clock so that your employees can clock in as well as out on a POS terminal. The benefit of point of sale is that it empowers you with access control approaches to make sure that the identity of employees is verified for access to your system and clock-ins and assist you in reducing shrinkage from the theft of employee. 


Instant Access

POS software allows you to get access to your POS solution anytime and anywhere. In many cases, small businesses would require working from home or having immediate access while travelling somewhere. Today’s new generation technology has totally changed the way retailers work and allowed access to both operational and financial data in real-time.


Easy to Use

Analog technology keeps on continuing with us in today’s era, which is why cash registers have gone out of use. As everything is digital nowadays, everything can be operated on the touch screen now. In today’s time, everyone knows how to navigate a touch screen. In the same way, POS software is very simple for the employees to understand and learns with its intuitive interface. It thereby shortens their training time and assists them to be more potent at their workplace.


Features of free retail POS software 

Have a look at some of the common features of free retail POS software given below.


Data Backup

One of the interesting features of POS software is generating backup seamlessly on your PC and drive. It lets you safeguard your business data from bad programs and shift it from one device to another. In short, it simply helps you to tack data loss issues.


Easy Invoicing

With retail POS software, you can generate GST invoices quickly and get paid faster. Also, you can share the bills/invoices with your suppliers or customers with the software. Moreover, it assists you in handling the finances of your business better.


Manage Payments

The POS software offers multiple payment options to your customers to get paid immediately. The software helps you to track all payments received and even send payment reminders to get rid of delays. Furthermore, it lets you add digital payment options to make transactions directly to your bank using the options of direct bank transfer, UPI, and e-wallets.


Device Compatibility

POS billing software supports desktop and android mobile devices. In addition, you can operate it on multiple screens to deal with your business smoothly wherever and whenever you want. 


Receive Cheques

Using retail POS accounting software, you can now handle the payments of cheques until you withdraw. Also, it helps you manage bounced cheques by recording withdrawal status and sending repayment reminders. Moreover, it allows you to undertake direct cheque transfers to your customers or suppliers.


Record Transactions

With the software, you can now maintain the record of your overall payables and receivables efficiently. You have just to set up reminders within the app to accumulate payments. Manage the cash flow in your business to avoid payment delays. To send early reminders to your customers, you have just to track your transaction in the dashboard to make payments digitally.


100% Data Security

The retail POS billing software offers you 100% data security as it stores the data of your business in an encrypted format to get only your access. Local backup is available on your PC or drives to avoid loss or damage of data. 


Manage Expenses

You can now record expenses quickly with the POS software whenever you get a bill from your supplier. Moreover, you can generate expense reports to perceive and strategize your future payments, which further helps you to save your precious time when you file taxes. You can even grow your business faster just by optimizing your business expenses. 


FAQs – retail POS software 

  1. What type of data can I track with retail POS software?

With the use of effective and reliable retail POS software, you can track the accuracy issues regarding data, the name of goods, the number of items sold, wastage of items, inventory theft, damage of items, and shrinkage of items. 


  1. Is the retail point of sale software viable financially?

Obviously, it is a financially viable option to arm your business with a retail POS system as it spells profits and success for your business. Using this software, you can get insightful forecasts into the conditions and future sales of your business model by reading the in-depth auto-generated reports carefully it renders. It assists you in managing costs accordingly by recognizing those items that are or are not profitable at all. This further allows you to boost profitable stock items and get rid of the ones that are not providing you with any profit. 


  1. What type of success rate it has with regards to offering error-free data?

As it is a technology-based system, there is no room for any error when it is compared to other manual systems. All the transactions are simplified, organized, and automated by keeping the errors at bay, reducing the risk of fraud in retail outlets, and enhance efficiency. Above all, the computerized systems of inventory management create data that have lower chances of errors.