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NIC-GePP Tool – How To Print E Invoice In GST Portal


The NIC-GePP Tool is a beta version of ‘NIC-GST e-invoice Preparing and Printing’ (NIC-GePP) excel based tool used to assist the taxpayers in entering an invoice in web-based form and printing the e-invoice with a QR code after downloading the IRN from e-invoice portal.

The NIC-GePP tool is suitable for taxpayers who do not have an ERP system.

You can find the Beta version of this tool for testing on the e-invoice trial portal (https://einvoice1-trial.nic.in.)

How to Print E-invoice in GST Portal With NIC-GePP Tool

  1. Enter the invoices one by one using forms and generate IRNs using an e-invoicing tool.
  2. After entering all the information, generate a JSON file.
  3. Next is the GePP e-invoice login or the GePP e-invoice portal login.
  4. Select “E-invoice” and “Bulk Upload” from the GePP e-invoice portal – https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in.
  5. To print the e-invoice, select the row, click the “Print” option, and get your e-invoice with all details, including the QR code.
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Benefits of the Tool

The GePP e-invoice tool has many advantages, and they include:

  • Providing user-friendly invoice entry forms
  • Printing e-invoices in personalised forms with QR Code
  • Validating the invoice values
  • Generating simple accounting statements
  • Handling data in digital and exchange form

The E-invoicing Process Using a Tool

  1. Prepare invoices manually or on ERP.
  2. Enter invoice details on the tool.
  3. Prepare files using the tool. Login to the portal and upload the file.
  4. Generate IRN and download the file.
  5. Import the downloaded file to the tool and print the invoice with a QR code.

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