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GePP facility under e-Invoicing

GePP functionality has been added to e-invoicing to help businesses that can’t integrate with IRP.

According to the recent notification, the system is gradually becoming a requirement for all enterprises whose total annual revenue surpasses the threshold of Rs.5 crores.

What is the GePP facility under e-invoicing & Who can use the GePP facility?

GePP is a utility for creating and printing GST e-invoices. It is an excel-based tool that enables taxpayers without an ERP solution to enter invoice information in a simple form and print an electronic invoice with a QR code by getting the IRN from an online portal for electronic invoices.

Where to access the GePP e-invoice facility?

On the webpage, go to the “Help tab” > “Tools” section to access the “Bulk creation tool,” which is where you can prepare and print GST e-invoices.

Salient features or functionalities of the GePP e-invoice portal

GePP is an Excel-based utility with the features listed below:

  • It is a fairly straightforward form where invoice information may be entered once.
  • It makes it easier to create recipient masters and supplier profiles.
  • It helps the growth of HSN masters.
  • It supports the creation of the IRN and the e-invoice JSON file.
  • It facilitates the tool’s ability to download and import QR codes.
  • Finally, it allows the printing of electronic invoices directly from the tool.

Benefits and Limitations of the GePP facility

The GePP facility has these advantages:

  • The ability to enter data offline is beneficial to taxpayers. To create and print the electronic invoice with a QR code.
  • It offers data exchange with the e-invoice system following its interface format.
  • To simplify the creation of e-invoices, master data for suppliers, receivers, and products will support the auto-population of information.
  • You can choose to keep track of the information about payments made for e-invoices.

What differentiates the Bulk IRN generating tools from the GePP facility?

By uploading several invoices at once, bulk IRN-generating tools make it easier to generate e-invoices. This excel-based solution facilitates the export of invoice information from the taxpayer’s billing software or ERP. The IRP will then approve the bulk upload of these invoices as JSON files.

The invoice registration portal will create a unique invoice reference number and rapid response code for each e-invoice after verification, and the same will be digitally signed.

To accommodate the needs of various classes of taxpayers, it is accessible in four different formats.

Format A: Businesses can utilise format A if their invoices contain just one or two items.

Format B: This format works well for companies whose invoices have multiple line items.

Format C: This format is appropriate for companies with numerous line items in their invoices, including payment information, reference information, etc.

Format D: This format is appropriate for companies with many line items on their invoices, such as those with payment information or references.

GePP, however, is only beneficial to small taxpayers without access to ERP. Direct invoice details entry is possible with this tool.

The creation of IRN and e-invoice JSON is made possible by its interface with IRP. It enables the printing of an e-invoice after the import of a QR code.Since the GePP facility is one of the bulk IRN-generating methods beneficial to small taxpayers, the term “bulk IRN generation” is used more broadly.

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