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E-invoice Scanner

QR Code in E-Invoicing

QR code means “quick response code”  that you must include on all e-invoices to create qualifying GST invoices. It is a machine-readable two-dimensional barcode released by the government as a QR code verification tool.

Details Available Within the QR Code

The QR code consists of important invoice parameters like:

  • GSTINs of both the supplier and the recipient/buyer
  • Supplier’s invoice
  • Invoice generation date and value
  • Several line items
  • Main item’s HSN Code 
  • Unique IRN (hash)
  • IRP’s Digital signature

How to Verify the invoice details through the QR

You can verify the invoice details through the QR code by either of the following:

  1. QR code scanning
  2. JSON file upload

How to Download and Install the QR Code Verifying App

To get the QR code app or the e-invoice scanner, follow the instructions below:

  1. Navigate to https://einvoice1.gst.gov.in/Others/QRCodeVerifyApp, using the Android or iOS operating system.
    qr code app einvoice scanner
  2. Enter the mobile number and press “Submit” to receive an OTP.
  3. Confirm the OTP.
  4. You will receive a QR code upon successful validation.
  5. Verify the app APK. Send it to the registered mobile number. Finally, install the APK, download the e-invoice scanner app, and verify the QR code.

How to Use the QR Code App

If you want to use the e-invoice QR code scanner, perform the following steps:

  1. First, click “verify QR code” on the e-invoice scanner online after installing the APK. Then, scan the invoice’s QR code to fetch the invoice details.
  1. Otherwise, upload the invoice JSON. On the e-invoice barcode scanner app’s home screen, select “verify signed e-invoice” and select the JSON file to upload to view the invoice details.


How does the QR code help you in e-invoicing?

The QR code will help you gather information about the invoice and also verify and validate the invoice from anywhere; capture and record data using machines, and improve the accuracy of data input.

How can I verify the QR code?

You can validate the QR code with the offline GST e-invoice scanner app the IRP provided and use it to get tax authorities to validate the invoice details.

When do I get a signed QR code?

You will get a "Signed QR Code" as part of the response along with the IRN when you report an invoice to the IRP.

What is meant by a QR code?

QR code is a two-dimensional barcode printed on merchandise to provide data in a machine-readable format.

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