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Billing Software For Juice Shop

Juice shops have gained more importance in recent times as most people prefer to have healthy alternatives. Both a small juice outlet with 3-4 employees and an exclusive juice bar attract customers when maintained and managed properly.

Billing software for juice shops helps beverage outlets to manage their billing and accounting operations in a much more efficient way. Let’s discuss some interesting features of juice billing software offered by myBillBook.

Features of myBillBook Juice Shop Billing Software

GST Billing

As GST invoice generation has become a norm for all GST-registered businesses, providing bills to juice shop customers is a must. myBillBook juice shop billing software provides a quick billing process with pre-defined invoice formats. You just need to enter customer and product information, and the software will generate invoices in seconds.

Multiple Outlet Management

If your juice shop has multiple branches, you can manage the billing and accounting operations of all the outlets using a single app with the same subscription. You don’t have to invest in different billing software for each outlet.

Online Orders

myBillBook billing software for juice shops provides an online store facility. You can list all your juice items on the online page and share the link with your customers to enable them to place online orders.

Multiple Payment Options

The billing software for juice shops is integrated with multiple payment options. It allows your customers to choose the payment option that they are comfortable paying through. You can directly share the payment link with your customers through Whatsapp or SMS using the juice shop billing software.

POS Billing Feature

Besides the regular billing feature, myBillBook billing software for juice outlets also provides a POS billing facility that enables faster billing. You can switch to the feature when you experience a heavy crowd at your juice shop. The billing software provides faster billing, a multi-billing facility, barcode scanning feature to enable a quicker billing process.

Stock Management

myBillBook juice shop billing software records all sales transactions and identifies fast-moving items and not selling items. It thus helps juice shop owners to plan their inventory properly. Using the information, they can reduce wastage and plan their resources accordingly.

Benefits of myBillBook Juice Shop Billing Software

Waste Reduction

Food wastage is one of the major concerns faced by eatery businesses. With proper inventory management, juice shops can avoid food wastage efficiently. myBillBook’s inventory management feature helps juice outlets to know the present stock status any point of the day. Based on the information, businesses can refill their stock as and when required.

Mobile and Desktop Support

To install myBillBook juice shop billing software, you don’t need any special hardware. You can either download the billing app on your phone or the existing PC that you use for billing. You can also provide access to your staff so that they will also have an idea about the orders to be delivered.

Faster Billing

With both normal and POS billing features in place, myBillBook billing software for juice shops provides a faster billing experience. You can switch to any of the billing features based on the crowd at your outlet.

Free Promotion

There are two things in myBillBook that would help you to promote your juice centre. One is the customer database, and the other is the free promotional messages feature. The party library of the billing software gets auto-updated with the customer details.

Once you have a decent customer database, you can send promotional messages to your customers using the free SMS marketing feature. You can inform them about any special offers, discounts, or sales or simply send them festival wishes.

FAQs on Billing Software for Juice Shop

What is a juice shop billing software?

Juice shop billing software is a specially designed cloud-based software application to manage billing, accounting, and inventory operations of a juice business.

Why do I need a billing software for my juice shop?

You might need billing software to digitise your billing operations. With that, you can optimise your billing operations and enhance your customer experience.

What payment options does a juice shop billing software provide?

Unlike traditional billing software, payment options are integrated into the billing software. You can offer your customers a variety of online payment options including IMPS, NEFT, RTGS, Google Pay and other UPI-based payment platforms.

How to download myBillBook juice shop billing application?

myBillBook billing software is available for download on both mobile and desktop devices. You can simply visit the respective play store, search for myBillBook app and download it just like how you download any other app on your device.

Is a free version of myBillBook juice billing software available?

myBillBook juice billing software is available for free for the first 14-days. During the free trial period, you can try most of the features offered by the billing software at no cost. Once the free trial ends, you have to subscribe to one of its annual plans based on your business requirement. The plans are available at affordable prices, starting at Rs.142 per month.

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