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Ice Cream Parlour Software

Ice cream parlour billing software helps ice cream shops to manage their billing and accounting tasks effortlessly. myBillBook ice cream parlour billing software is specially designed for small and medium business outlets in India, so you can rest assured about the functional features offered by the cloud-based billing app.

From simple billing to complex GST filing, the billing software makes your job easy, enabling ice cream outlets to focus on other essential business functions.

Features of Ice Cream Parlour Billing Software

POS Billing Functionality

Not all ice cream shops require POS billing functionality. However, based on the situation, you can switch to POS billing mode in myBillBook ice cream shop billing software. The point-of-sale billing software helps ice cream parlours to fasten their billing process and generate error-free invoices in seconds.

Item Library

Another way to ease ice cream parlour invoice processing is to have an item library in place. Whenever new stock arrives, you can enter the details of all the products in the billing app. While generating an invoice, simply search for the product with its initial letters. Once the product name displays, you can click on it to add it to the invoice. What’s more, once the invoice is generated, the stock gets auto-updated with the sold items.

Stock Management

Having an item library not just eases the invoicing process but also helps you in keeping check of the stock status. Using the billing software for ice cream shops, you can be well aware of low-stock items, about-to-expire items, stock value, etc., on a daily basis.

Based on the stock reports generated by the billing software, you can place pre-orders for low stock items, clear about-to expire items, get low stock alerts, thus get full control over the stock. The icecream billing software would never let your business go out of stock or over stock.

Multi-outlet Billing

If your ice cream shop has multiple outlets across the city, you can use the same billing software to manage the billing and accounting operations of all the branches. Simply add all the branches as different entities and use the same credentials at every store to login to the billing app.

Cloud-based Billing App

Ice cream shops do not need special hardware to set up billing software. The cloud-based billing application is designed for both mobile devices and PC. Based on your existing billing hardware, you can download the billing application.

Thermal & A4-Size Invoices

Invoice generation is the main feature of ice cream billing software. Using myBillBook application you can generate both A4 invoices and thermal invoices based on your printer settings. If you ice cream business is GST registered, you can create GST invoices, else you can create non-GST invoices using the billing app.

Benefits of Ice Cream Parlour Billing Software

When you have a billing software for your ice cream business, you would definitely find the following benefits.

Time & Cost Saving

Compared to manual billing process, creating invoices in a billing software automates many processes like accounting and inventory management. This helps ice cream shops to save costs and time with respect to resource allocation and management.

Enhanced customer satisfaction

Billing software for ice cream shops enables faster billing thus reduces the number of queues at the check-out counters. This enhances the overall customer satisfaction encouraging them to visit your store repeatedly.

Send Promotional Messages

If you have a sale or offers going on in your ice cream store, you can let your customers aware of the same by sending messages directly to their mobile phones. In a few clicks, you can spread the same message to all the customers in your database.

Customised invoice themes

Break the monotony with customised and colourful themes offered by myBillBook billing software. The app provides 8 different invoice themes in 8 different colour shades allowing ice cream business to choose a invoice format that matches their brand image.

FAQs on Billing Software for Ice Cream Parlours

How expensive is myBillBook billing software for ice cream shops?

myBillBook ice cream parlour billing software is available on an annual subscription. Different subscription plans are available with the lowest plan starting from Rs.142 per month. The annual subscription thus makes the billing software the most affordable billing software in India.

Can I generate barcodes using the ice cream parlour billing software?

Yes, the billing software provides the barcode generation feature at no additional cost. You can generate a unique barcode for each ice cream product, print the same and use it on the product for faster invoice creation.

Do I need to back-up invoices from the billing software?

myBillBook billing application provides auto-back up facility. Data entered in the app will be automatically saved at regular intervals. Even when you lose your device, using the same account credentials, you can retrieve the entire data.

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