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Reward Points & Loyalty Program

As a business owner, you can now offer loyalty programs to your customers using our app. Unfortunately, this feature is only available under the Enterprise plan.

With this feature, you’ll be able to set up a loyalty program and choose the reward rate at which your customers will earn points for their purchases. Then, input reward points to be claimed at the time of billing, as per your customers’ wishes. Party details will show customers’ available reward point balances. This article will help you learn to use the loyalty programs myBillBook offers.


How to Use the Loyalty Program on myBillBook?

Below is a complete guide on how to use the loyalty program on myBillBook:

  1. First, open the myBillBook app on your device.
  2. Next, sign in to your account using your login credentials.
  3. Navigate to the “Reward loyalty & grow your business 100x” section, which you can usually find under the “Rewards Points” tab from the “More” tab.
  4. On the loyalty program dashboard, you’ll see options to “Setup Reward Points” or “Know More” about the program. Select “Setup Reward Points” to begin setting up the program.
  5. You’ll see an introduction screen explaining how the reward points work. To enable the program, follow the three simple steps outlined. First, the redemption rate is set at one point equals one rupee discount.
  6. To set the reward rate, you’ll need to decide how many points to give for every 100 rupees spent. For example, you can provide 10 points per 100 rupees. Note that you can only set the reward rate once and cannot edit it in the future.
  7. Once the reward points are set up, they will be credited to a customer’s account whenever you create an invoice and the amount is settled. To view a customer’s reward points balance, go to “Parties” and click on the customer’s name, then go to “Details” to see their balance.
  8. When creating an invoice for a customer, you’ll be able to see their reward points balance. If they choose to redeem their points, click on the “Plus Reward Points” button and enter the number of points to be redeemed. You can view this balance as a discount on the invoice.
  9. To view data about the loyalty program, you can use the date range filter on the “loyalty program” dashboard. The filter shows the total reward points given, claimed, and redeemed, as well as invoices generated with redeemed points. You can also use the “Reward Point Settings” button to enable or disable the program and view the earn rate (note that you cannot edit the earn rate.)

That’s it! Using the loyalty program on myBillBook is easy and can help you save money and earn perks on your purchases. Loyalty programs help you access the best customer retention strategies available today. Just keep an eye on the available rewards and redeem them when possible.

Benefits of a Loyalty Program

Increased customer retention: Loyalty programs can help customers acquired keep returning to your business. The “repeat customers” scenario happens due to customer satisfaction, and you will give them incentives. Hence you can improve customer retention.

Boosted sales: Offering rewards and incentives can encourage customers to feel like purchasing more, leading to increased sales for your business.

Valuable customer data: Loyalty programs can gather data about customer preferences and behaviours, which can help tailor marketing efforts and improve the customer experience.

Perks for customers: Loyalty programs can provide customers with discounts, free items, and exclusive promotions, making their shopping experience more enjoyable and rewarding.

Foster a sense of community: Loyalty programs that reward customers can help create a sense of community among customers, as well as between customers and businesses.

Build customer relationships: Loyalty programs can help build strong relationships between businesses and their customers, creating a loyal customer base.


Overall, implementing loyalty or reward programs can provide numerous benefits for businesses and customers, making it a valuable tool for business success.

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