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25 Best New Business Ideas in Bihar

Bihar is one of the most densely populated states in India. While earlier, the main occupation of the people there was agriculture, in recent times, Bihar has shown tremendous growth in other directions. This is one of the best times to start a new business in Bihar. Bihar is one of the top producers of rice, silk, and sugar. Several other secondary and tertiary businesses have been cropping up in Bihar in recent years. In this article, we discuss the best business ideas in Bihar. These ideas will give you a fair idea of where to start and how much to invest before you proceed with your business in Bihar.

Things to Remember Before Starting a Business in Bihar

Here is a list of things you must keep in mind before starting a business in Bihar:

  1. Conduct thorough research of the market.
  2. Check for all the legal procedures and see if you can get all the required permits easily.
  3. Look for competitors.
  4. Decide how much you can invest outright and how much loan you would require.
  5. Make a list of the average rates of the products or services you plan to provide around the area you plan to start the business.

Once you have ticked all the boxes, you can proceed with opening a business in Bihar.

25 Top Business Ideas in Bihar

  1. Food processing 

Bihar is one of the leading agricultural states. It is the largest producer of vegetables and the second-largest producer of fruits. Hence, an industry specialising in food processing will be a lucrative business in Bihar. Processed foods are being increasingly used in the metropolitan areas of India. They are also exported in large quantities. Food processing industries like canned vegetables and fruits, tea packaging, etc., are great business ideas in Bihar.

  1. Pickle making

Pickles are very famous all over India and abroad. With Bihar being the topmost producer of vegetables, it is a good business idea to start a pickle-making industry there. You can start as a home-based industry and then grow as you go. This business needs very less in terms of manpower, machinery, and marketing.

  1. Sugar industry

Sugar is largely consumed in all parts of India both directly and indirectly (through processed foods). If you have a larger capital for investment, you can consider opening a sugar factory business in Bihar.

As Bihar has high agricultural produce, you can get the raw materials needed for making sugar (mainly sugarcane) at cheap rates. You will also need both skilled and unskilled manpower to work at the factory along with machinery. Scientists are also required to test the quality of sugar. The returns of running a sugar factory are huge. Thus, you will be earning profits within a short time despite the huge investment.

  1. Transportation

Transportation of people, livestock, and agricultural produce across and beyond the state poses quite a huge problem to the people in Bihar. Most people depend on state-run public transport, which may not always be punctual and may cause hardships. You can start a transportation business in Bihar by purchasing a multi-utility vehicle that you can rent out for various purposes. This business idea does not need much investment and almost no manpower. You can expand your fleet of vehicles as the business grows.

  1. Rice and rice husk processing units

Rice is widely produced in Bihar. However, there are almost no rice processing units. This poses huge problems to the locals. Opening a rice and rice husk processing unit in Bihar is one of the most lucrative business ideas. You do not need much investment in terms of machinery and manpower.

  1. Computer classes

With Bihar undergoing rapid urbanisation, everyone must have at least basic computer skills. Starting a computer class in Bihar is a good business idea for those who have little capital. You can even teach different languages if you know them. While the youth may pursue advanced courses, you can provide basic courses for those who are interested. Many old people or ladies wish to brush up their computer skills to keep up with the world.

  1. Dance classes

Bollywood has a huge fan following in Bihar, even in the rural areas. Opening a dance class in Bihar is a lucrative business idea. Make sure you include Bollywood songs in the dance routine to pull more customers. If you are a dancer or know someone who can dance well, you can explore this business idea in Bihar.

  1. Music classes

Along with dance, music also plays a large part in the Indian psyche. If you can teach music, you can proceed with this business idea in Bihar. You can start with the basics and then include Bollywood songs. You can also teach musical instruments.

  1. Beauty parlour

The beauty industry is one of the most rapidly growing industries in Bihar. This business idea will give you huge profits in a short time. Before you start a beauty parlour business, however, you need to undertake the salon course training. Once you are equipped with the skills, you can start small right from your home. As your business grows, you can rent or purchase a shop and continue your operations there. Beauty parlours are more popular in cities like Patna, Muzaffarpur, etc., though there is some market in other towns too.

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  1. Textile industry

Bihar is home to many weaving traditions, such as Bhagalpur cotton. These weaving techniques are usually passed on over generations within families. However, in recent years, these weaving traditions have been usurped by weaving machinery, and gradually, these weavers have lost their livelihood. With this business idea, you can set up a textile industry and help the weavers get back to their feet. While they will bring the weaving expertise, you can provide the space, machinery, and marketing inputs to make it profitable for all parties.

  1. Wheat processing

The local people in Bihar consume rotis or flatbread made from wheat regularly. Therefore, setting up a wheat processing unit or chakki can be a profitable business idea in Bihar. In the beginning, you can purchase a small machine and process wheat from home. Later, you can rent or buy a shop and extend your operations. This business in Bihar requires less investment and low manpower.

  1. Bakery

If you love baking, you can consider opening a bakery in Bihar. Many people, especially children, love baked goods. Baked items like cookies also have a longer shelf life. Hence, you can bake them in batches according to the demand. Cakes, pastries, puff pastries, etc., are also a huge hit among all age groups. This business idea requires little investment.

  1. Fish cultivation

Fish cultivation is also known as aquaculture and is practised widely in the rural areas of Bihar. Fish like glassfish, loaches, eels, etc., are abundant in Bihar and popular in and around the state. The state government of Bihar also offers 50% finance to those interested in engaging in aquaculture in Bihar. This might be one of the small business ideas in Bihar, but it needs quite a bit of investment to create ponds, buy equipment and chemicals, etc. But once it is set up, the profits are huge.

  1. Coaching centre

While there are numerous coaching centres in the bigger cities in Bihar, there is a distinct lack of coaching institutes in the rural areas. Students in these areas are always on the lookout for good coaching centres at affordable prices. Opening a coaching centre is one of the best business ideas in Bihar. There are different coaching institutes you can consider:

  • Primary school coaching
  • 10th and 12th standard coaching
  • Entrance exam coaching
  • Government exams coaching
  • Specific subject coaching (mathematics, languages, etc.)
  1. Fertiliser manufacture

Bihar is an agricultural state. Many people require fertilisers for their crops for healthy produce. You can start a successful fertiliser business in Bihar. If you do not know, you can hire people who can make good fertilisers. You can also try making eco-friendly, organic fertilisers. With this business idea, the profit will be slow but steady.

  1. Restaurant

If you are planning to start a business in the bigger cities of Bihar, starting a restaurant is a good idea. There is a huge demand for quality food near the IIT Patna campus as well. A restaurant takes some investment in terms of capital as well as manpower. You will need to rent or purchase a place for the restaurant as well as hire waiters, chefs, cleaners, etc. You also need to maintain a high level of hygiene. Within a few months, you will start earning good profits.

  1. Rental

There are some extremely picturesque locations in Bihar where there is a high level of tourist traffic. Buying a building for rental purposes is a great business idea. You can list your property on sites like Airbnb for better reach. If you do not have a lot of capital, you can purchase other materials and rent them out. You can specialise in different fields according to your preference. You can deal in electronics, furniture, decorations, books, and so on.

  1. Xerox and printing shop

A xerox and printing shop is one of the best business ideas in Bihar. It is a small business that requires less investment and yields high profits. However, the location of the shop is of utmost importance if you want to earn good returns. For example, a xerox and printing shop near schools, colleges, courts, and other government offices get more business.

  1. Pani puri stall

Pani puri or golgappa or puchka is one of the most popular eatables all across India. Bihar is no different. You can easily open a pani puri stall in any city or town in Bihar with minimal investment. You can also make it as small or big as you want. You have to maintain a high level of hygiene while making pani puris as this is street food, and there are huge chances of contamination. You can earn a high level of profit within a month of establishing your stall.

  1. Mobiles and accessories shop

With network service providers rapidly expanding their network, it is no surprise that everyone has a mobile phone with them. Even in the rural areas of Bihar, people carry at least a basic cell phone for emergencies. Starting a mobile and accessories shop in Bihar is a great small business idea. You need some investment at the beginning for a shop and the handsets. You also have to stock several plans from different service providers. However, once you have done the basic setup for this business in Bihar, you will start earning profits very soon.

  1. Leather manufacturing

Bihar has a high number of cattle that are ultimately used for leather. The state is well-known for its high-quality cow, buffalo, and goat skins. There are several tanneries, footwear manufacturers, and bag makers to whom you can sell quality leather. You will need some investment in space, machinery, and manpower for this business in Bihar. With this business idea, you will soon be earning a lot of profits.

  1. Tailoring shop

Starting a tailoring shop in Bihar is a great business idea. You can start this business in Bihar with a single sewing machine. However, you must know different sewing attires. You can also offer textile repairing services such as altering or darning. If you do not know how to sew, you can hire professionals for it, though it will cost you some more money. Sewing good patterns, delivering on time, and charging competently will gain you more customers. You can rent or buy a shop and grow your business too.

  1. Mineral water bottling

Many tourists in Bihar prefer buying bottled water. Bottling water is one of the easiest and cheapest business ideas in Bihar, with a huge profit margin. However, you need to maintain the highest level of hygiene while bottling water. Marketing your product well is also key to good sales. You can make your water bottling business in Bihar a great success with quality packaging.

  1. Papad making

Women have been making papads in summer since time immemorial. It is a good business idea in Bihar. You can exclusively employ women for the work, thus giving them scope for supplementary income. You can also experiment with different ingredients to create various flavours that your customers will like.

  1. Gym

Many people, mainly youngsters, are now turning to the gym to tone their bodies (and possibly, resemble their Bollywood icon). However, there are only a few well-equipped gyms in Bihar to cater to their needs. You can start a gym if you have larger investment capital. You will need ample space, enough exercise items, and instructors. However, once the initial investment is made, you will begin to reap profits almost immediately.

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In Bihar, you have a lot of scope to experiment with different business ideas. You can start small and then expand later. In some cases, the state government sanctions up to 50% capital for a start-up. If you decide to start a business in Bihar, these ideas will help you set one up successfully.

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