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Top 10 Small Business Ideas In Tamil Nadu

Vanakkam! If you are planning to start a new business in Tamil Nadu, we have just the right ideas for you.

In recent years, Tamil Nadu has rapidly advanced economically. Tamil Nadu has shown a tremendous rate of industrialisation and urbanisation in the last few decades. In fact, from one of the leading agricultural states, it has turned into one of the topmost states with a large service industry turnover.

There are several IT and industrial parks across Tamil Nadu that offer the best infrastructure to people looking to start a new business. As a result, there are a lot of opportunities for entrepreneurs to start small businesses in Tamil Nadu.

Best Small Business Ideas in Tamil Nadu

Here is a list of the best business ideas in Tamil Nadu Tamil Nadu for a small business. These ideas cover different industries, including agriculture, automotive, textiles, and so on.

Food joint

If you are interested in the food-making business, this could be one of the best business opportunities for you. In the beginning, you can start small and then expand as you go. Typical foods in Tamil Nadu are dosa, idli, and rice varieties with delicious sambar and chutney. However, many people from other states living in Tamil Nadu prefer eating foods they are used to.

Even the native people are eager to try out new foods from other states. You could start a specific food stall such as a momo stall or even a pani puri joint to attract new customers. Depending on your food, you could tie up with food delivery services and offer home deliveries too.

Consultancy Agency

There are many industries in Tamil Nadu, and hence, there is an almost constant need for manpower. If you start a consultancy agency for any industry, it can be a good business idea in Tamil Nadu. All you need is to set up meetings with some good companies and ask them to let you do their recruiting. This is a small business that does not need much investment in terms of money and space but will give you good returns. Once you build a good reputation for yourself, you can expand your business to other industries too.

Textile Manufacturing

Tamil Nadu is known for its beautiful textiles and sarees like Kanchipuram silk. You can tap into this business by starting your own textile manufacturing unit. This small business idea is one of the top 10 businesses in Tamil Nadu. It does not need much investment, but it requires someone who has the technical knowledge to operate a machine and spin the fabric. Many weavers are looking for sponsorship for their work. You can offer them the space and set up, and they can bring their expertise. Together, you can earn good profits.

Rice Husking Mill

Rice is grown and consumed on a large scale in Tamil Nadu. A rice husking and processing mill in Tamil Nadu has good potential to grow. This is one of the business ideas in Tamil Nadu that will need some initial investment for space and machinery. But after the initial setup is done, it starts earning profits. You could also opt for a mobile rice husking mill wherein you go to the fields and husk the rice there. It is very beneficial for farmers in remote areas who do not have the means to transport their harvested crops.

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Turmeric Processing Unit

Turmeric forms a big part of a typical household in Tamil Nadu. It is used in all forms daily. Tamil Nadu is also one of the largest turmeric producers in India. You can start a turmeric processing unit to dry the harvested turmeric and then powder it. It can be then transported in powder form to different parts of the country. Turmeric processing and packaging is the best business in Tamil Nadu.

Pickle Making

Some of the most famous pickles originate from Tamil Nadu. The people of Tamil Nadu are very fond of making and eating pickles with curd rice. You can turn this into a business. This is a small business that requires almost no manpower, no machinery, and minimal investment. You can start by making the regular staples like mango pickle, avakkai, and vadu maanga and then proceed to other varieties as your clientele grows. Pickle making is onenof the best business ideas in Tamil Nadu in which you are sure to earn profits instantly.

Leather Industry

Tamil Nadu provides nearly 70% of the leather used in India. There is a huge market for good quality leather. There are several leather tanning industries near Vellore and on the outskirts of Chennai. The leather industries of Tamil Nadu also supply leather footwear and bags to many stores across India and abroad. You could rent or buy a small space in the leather tanning area and start your business. This business requires someone with technical knowledge to produce high-quality leather. Once you have the expertise, you can turn this business idea in Tamil Nadu into a thriving business.

Medical Tourism

Tamil Nadu boasts of some of the biggest names in the medical business. Many people living abroad prefer coming to India for medical procedures because of the expertise of Indian doctors as well as the affordable costs. A medical tourism agency works as a liaison between the hospitals and the visitors to make sure that the patients find the perfect doctor for their problems. This also includes managing their trips and stay in Tamil Nadu before and after the procedure.

Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is one of the best business ideas in Tamil Nadu if you want to earn quick profits. You need very less investment, and you can start this business easily with little space. You can offer poultry products like eggs and chicken. In the beginning, it is advisable to run the business on a contractual basis. You can also take up a franchising opportunity. It is necessary to maintain the health of poultry and hence, you must be knowledgeable enough to detect diseases and other issues.

Tea Processing Units

Tea is produced in the hilly areas of Tamil Nadu like Ooty and Kodaikanal. A tea processing unit should dry the leaves and package them well. These packages are sent all over India and exported to other countries as well. Indian tea is one of the most famous delicacies around the world. If you start a tea processing unit, you must make sure that you follow certain processes to ensure that your tea tastes the best. A tea processing unit requires some initial investment and expertise. However, you can start earning profits almost immediately.

Tamil Nadu offers endless opportunities for new entrepreneurs to start new businesses. These business ideas in Tamil Nadu will help you kickstart your business journey and earn good profits.

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FAQs about small business Ideas in Tamil Nadu

How to start a suitable Tamil Nadu business on small scale?

If you’re starting a small business in Tamil Nadu offline, analyze your strength and decide what suits you the best. Think about what has the most demand at your location. Plan where you want your shop or store to be by which you can attract the targeted audience.

How to organize your small business?

Have a schedule stick to it no matter what you finish within the allotted time. Don’t accept orders that you can’t complete on time. Let customers’ satisfaction be your sole purpose.

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