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Small Business Ideas in Kerala

Are you looking for some small business ideas in Kerala? Then, yes, you have landed on the right page. This article is all about the most profitable and most trending business ideas in Kerala that you can try out, and for sure, you can make a lot of profit with very low investment.

As a matter of fact, Kerala is a state where the literacy rate is 100%. Moreover, the state is so investor-friendly as the cost of operations for any kind of startup in this state is very less as compared to other places. No matter if it is power, transport, water, or rentals, the prices are very low for industrial purposes.

Above all, Kerala is best for low investment businesses even though you are a resident and not from Kerala primarily. Check out some of the benefits of starting a small business in Kerala right below:

Benefits of Starting a Small Business in Kerala

If we talk about the benefits of starting a small business in Kerala, they are as follows:

  • Various rental options in infrastructure
  • A lot of investment options
  • Suitable for different businesses like handlooms, crafts, and so on.
  • The right place to expand and flourish
  • Now let us know about some of these benefits in detail below:

100% Literacy Rate with Lowest Rate of Employee Attrition

Kochi in Kerala is a place where you can have an educated and skilled workforce. Moreover, it has various IT Parks and software industries that can fulfil your software, as well as IT needs, to run your operation in this location. As this place has the lowest employee attrition rate, this will offer you an edge over your international as well as domestic competitors who are striving hard for employee turnover and retention.

Investor-friendly State Policies

Without a doubt, Kerala comes under the list of most investor-friendly states in India. The Kerala government has introduced a Start-up Mission that has given a great boost to the start-up sector. There are several economic zones in Kochi that offer one-stop clearance to every start-up to make it hassle-free. The Act of government’s Kerala Investment Promotion and Facilitation encourages both domestic and foreign investors to invest.

High-Quality Educational and Medical Provisions

If we talk about having the great social infrastructures in India, Kochi is the best as it has all the facilities like banking, shopping, housing, medical, schooling, and food as well. With these facilities, it improves your lifestyle with an option of good investment opportunity.

Low Rental, Power, and Water Tariff

What is special about Kochi in Kerala for small businesses is that it provides you with reliable infrastructure at a very low cost. The start-ups can start a business with very low investment. Moreover, water, transport, power, rentals are also very low which thereby lowers the operating cost as compared to other places.

Top 8 Small Business Ideas in Kerala with Low Investment

As you have seen above, there are several benefits of starting a small business and having small business ideas in Kerala, from learning opportunities, financial pros, lifestyle changes, independence, and creative satisfaction. Everything is rewarding in this state when it comes to setting up small businesses.

Kerala is indeed an investor-friendly state to start your small business, without a doubt. It offers a plethora of opportunities for individuals to switch on. Situated in the southern part of India, this place is famous for attracting business entrepreneurs who want to make a profit in less time.

If you are thinking to set up a small business and looking for new business ideas in Kerala, you can find them here. Have a look at the top 10 small business ideas in Kerala with low investment given below:

Agarbatti Making in Kerala

The use of Agarbattis or incense sticks is quite common in almost every house. Having a small plant for agarbatti manufacturing is a good business idea in Kerala. Incense stick making is a simple and easy to conduct business. The raw material used for manufacturing the sticks is also not quite expensive.

No huge machinery is required for a start-up or a small business; hence, the investment would be below Rs. 30,000 to Rs. 50,000. Once you start generating profit, you can invest in some machinery, expand your business and churn out more products to make better profits.

Banana Chips Processing

Banana chips from Kerala are popular across India. As the raw material for the chips manufacturing is available in abundance, starting a banana chips processing unit is a profitable business idea in Kerala. Producing banana chips of good quality have potential for export. The initial business for banana processing may not require huge investment. With some basic equipment one can start a small banana chips manufacturing unit in Kerala.

Coconut Oil Based Food Business

Just like banana chips business, coconut oil-based food business is also a profitable business idea in Kerala. As most Kerala-based snacks and savories are made with coconut oil and the same has demand in the market, starting the business is not a bad idea. With a small investment one can initiate the business and sell the products on both online and offline platforms. Processing them in Kerala makes the snacks more authentic and hence the chances of success are more.

Baking Business

If you are the one who is interested in making bakery items, you can think of doing business by selling them in Kerala. You can open your shop using your baking skills and many other workers. All you need to do is find an area where there are no or less number of bakeries. You can try innovating with new ideas in pastry making, biscuit baking, pizza making, etc., and you would definitely get a hold in quite less time.

Candle Making Business

In Kerala, the demand for candles is high as it is a place due to various religious ethnicities. Therefore, you can think of running a business of candle-making. You can make a variety of candles in different designs and colours. It requires a minimum investment and no equipment as candles can be made with the things available at home. Marketing and selling the home-made candles in Kerala is what adds value to your business.

Artificial Jewelry Business

If you are thinking to do business with a small investment, then you can try selling artificial jewellery as women usually like to wear various artificial jewellery than gold ones. Nowadays, women are interested in wearing a variety of trendy artificial jewellery that can be changed as per the costume. Being a religious country, people in Kerala are more likely to buy artificial jewellery.

The investment for the business depends on the stock you want to pile up. The more capital you have, the more products you can have in your business. Later based on the sales, you can restock the fast selling products.

Ice-cream Business

Are there any people who do not like ice cream? Especially summer is the time where people go crazy for icecreams. People like to try different flavours of ice creams therefore, you can focus on making new flavours in ice-creams. Icecream business is thus a good business idea in Kerala.

Bed Sheet Business

A bed sheet is a common item used in every house. Moreover, the demand for bedsheets is quite high as people like to keep their beds looking neat and beautiful. Thus, you should focus on making attractive bedsheets to sell at reasonable prices in Kerala.

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