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Serialization for Improved Inventory Management

Maximize your inventory control with myBillBook’s serialization which makes your inventory management process efficient, organized and hassle-free.

Organize Inventory like a Pro with myBillBook’s Serialization Feature

Effortless Item Tracking

The serialized inventory tracking feature in myBillBook allows users to track item details and serial numbers accurately.

Seamless View and Search

Users can efficiently view details of serialized items and search for specific serial numbers using the search functionality.

Streamlined Invoice Management

myBillBook allows quick access to invoice information for sold serial numbers and prevents confusion by blocking sold invoices for unsold serial numbers.

Accurate Stock Monitoring

The serialization feature helps accurately represent the closing stock of serial numbers. The serialized inventory management software provides an option to reduce the stock of serialized items.

Secure Invoice Processing

To prevent errors, myBillBook imposes restrictions on editing and deleting serialized items and invoices containing serialized items.

Dynamic Stock Updates

Users can turn on/off serialization, label items, and enter as many serial numbers as desired. The stock quantity is updated based on the unique serial numbers entered.

Enhanced User Experience

myBillBook enhances the user experience by providing a showcase view on the first use, offering greater control over item management, and providing an error message if a serial number is not entered.

Personalised Item Control

The feature offers greater control over item management, with the ability to label items according to preference and turn on/off serialization.

Advanced-Data Security

The feature prevents editing and deleting of serialized items and ensures that serial numbers must be entered before saving an item.

Scalable Voucher Handling

The feature enables the handling of sales, purchases, and other vouchers with scalability. It allows the user to select serial numbers while adding items to the invoice and shows the selected quantity, and allows the user to change the selling price of the item.

Controlled Item Accessibility

Only users with item create/edit access can create/edit serial numbers in purchase vouchers and sales invoices. The feature provides the option to manage items by serial number and enables serialization for mobile, electronics, and information technology.

How to Enable Serialization on myBillBook

Here’s a list of steps to enable serialization on the myBillBook app:

  1. Go to item settings (where batching is also located).
  2. Serialization will be enabled by default for specific industries, such as mobile and accessories, electronics and Information technology.
  3. If batching is turned on, you can still enable serialization. For this, you must select either batching or serialization when creating an item.
  4. To disable serialization, you must delete all items with serial numbers.
  5. When creating an item, enter the opening stock and add an empty serial number list. You can manually enter the serial number/IMEI number or use a scanner (up to 20 characters, no duplicates).
  6. Serialization can be enabled for existing items by entering the serial number equal to the closing stock.
  7. You will not be able to convert existing serialized or batched items to a different type. The only conversion possible is from a normal item to a batched or serialized item.
  8. You can select one or multiple serial numbers to sell when creating an invoice.
  9. You can search for sold/unsold serial numbers in the serialization tab on the item view screen.
  10. The app now has a Guide icon, which is only shown if you have tasks pending. The guide shows up to three tasks based on your persona and usage, and you can remove tasks you’re not interested in doing.

myBillBook’s Serialization Feature – Who is It for?

For Electronics Businesses

The serialization feature is ideal for electronics businesses that need to keep track of unique serial numbers for their products, such as laptops, televisions, and smartphones. With this feature, they can easily manage their inventory and keep a record of serial numbers for warranty purposes.

For Mobile and Accessories Businesses

Mobile and accessories retailers and wholesalers can also benefit from this feature. Keeping track of each device’s serial number can ensure that their stock levels are accurate and prevent any losses due to mismanagement.

For IT Companies

The serialization feature can be handy for IT companies that deal with computer hardware, such as servers and storage devices. It enables you to monitor each device’s warranty status, perform replacement services, and manage stock levels efficiently.

For Retail Shop Owners

Retail shop owners that sell electronics, mobiles, and other IT products can use the serialization feature to keep track of each product’s serial number, warranty status, and customer information. This information can be used to provide repair and replacement services to customers.

For Wholesale Shop Owners

Wholesale shop owners can use the serialization feature to manage their stock levels and keep track of each product’s serial number, purchase date, and warranty status. This information can be used to perform warranty repairs and replacements for customers.

For Repair and Replacement Businesses

The serialization feature can also be used by repair and replacement businesses to track each device’s warranty status and perform repairs or replacements efficiently. By having access to each device’s serial number, warranty status, and customer information, they can provide better services to their customers.

FAQs on myBillBook’s Serialization Feature

Can the serial numbers be entered manually or by a scanner?

Both options are available. You can manually enter serial numbers or use a scanner to input them into the system.

Who can add serial numbers to invoices and purchase vouchers?

Only users with create/edit invoice access can add serial numbers to sales invoices, while users with item create/edit access can add serial numbers to purchase vouchers.

Can I edit unsold serial numbers?

You can edit unsold serial numbers using the serialization feature.

Can I add new serial numbers while purchasing new inventory?

You can add new serial numbers while purchasing new inventory.

Is it possible to search for specific serial numbers and filter the status of serial numbers (all, sold, unsold)?

Yes, the serialization feature has a search bar that allows you to search for specific serial numbers. It also has a filter for the status of serial numbers (all, sold, unsold).

Can I handle the sales, purchases, and other vouchers with scalability using the serialization feature?

The serialization feature allows you to handle sales, purchases, and other vouchers with scalability.

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