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GST Billing Software

A convenient and easy GST Billing Software to simplify all your GST billing challenges!

Are you a business owner who finds GST Billing a complex and time-consuming task? 

With myBillBook GST Billing software, you can make GST Billing one of the easiest and fastest tasks of your day. You can generate GST Billing for your business by simply entering a few necessary details into the software. Plus, you can also make printouts of your GST bills directly through the software. 

With myBillBook, even small and medium business owners can easily become GST-compliant in a matter of minutes. 

Why Use myBillBook?

Create customised GST & non-GST invoices, quote, estimate, and purchase orders for your clients

Track & manage all your inventory, get low stock reminders and makes sure that you are never out of stock

Make data-driven business decisions based on reports & insights like GST reports, P&L, stock summary, etc.

Build your professional identity by sharing business cards and greetings with your business logo

The step-by-step guide to generating GST Bills for every transaction:

  • After creating a free account on myBillBook, use the GST software to place a new order. First, you will have to enter the GSTIN of the buyer and the seller (that is if it is applicable for both parties).
  • Second, insert the billing and shipping address of the buyer to keep it in the record and make future transactions with the buyer easy as well.
  • Third, insert the consecutive invoice numbers for the transaction.
  • After this, you need to enter a few other relevant details like the HSN code of items and the date of issuance as they are mandatory for generating the GST bill online.
  • Now, you must select the type of GST (CGST/SGST/IGST) applicable to the items of the transaction.
  • Once all the details of the transaction are entered, myBillBook GST e-invoice software will generate the GST bill.

How to share the GST bill with the other party?

Once the bill is created on the myBillBook billing software for GST, the first party can share the bill with the second party through two methods:

  • Share the printout: The bill created on the free GST billing software can be directly printed from there on a thermal printer on A4 or A5 sheets and shared as a physical bill of the transaction.
  • Share it online: The bills can also directly be shared online with the second party through Whatsapp and Email. This feature comes integrated with the software, making it the best GST billing software for businesses.

Keep a real-time check on your inventory

myBillBook free software for GST billing allows you to instantly update your inventory after each transaction. It also sends an alert to remind you that stock levels are low and need to be purchased.

This helps you in three ways:

  • Keep an instant check on your inventory.
  • Place orders to replenish items well in time.
  • Reduce wastage of time by not keeping a physical track of the inventory.

Recover payments in one click

Save yourself the hustle of tracking individual payments, following up with every party, and reminding them to pay only to track payments through different channels – switch to myBillBook, the best GST billing software available to meet all your needs in one place!

Amongst all the other GST billing software available for businesses, the myBillBook GST software reduces the time spent in calling up buyers and recovering payments. It allows you to set up a payment recovery reminder and send it to your buyers in time for when the payment is due.

In addition, with this online GST billing software, the parties can also collect payments from each other with only a few clicks here and there! This way, myBillBook not only saves your time but also makes it easy to collect payments from different parties in one place.

GST filing made faster

Gone are the days when calculating the amount of GST to be paid by businesses was a matter of several days. Thanks to myBillBook online GST billing software, you need not hire an expert to file your GST bills – you can do it yourself!

Features of myBillBook GST billing software

myBillBook is the best GST billing software because it extends the following features to all users:

  • Easy to understand designs: The myBillBook billing software for GST is pretty straightforward with a simplistic design. The neat and holistic UI makes it the perfect GST e-invoice software for everyone. Apart from generating GST bills, you can also generate business reports for further analysis.
  • Compliant with the GST rules and regulations: myBillBook free GST accounting software is designed to be compliant with the GST billing and filing rules and regulations laid out by the government. So, you need not look up the GST filing rules while filing GST because myBillBook’s format design is GST-compliant.
  • 3 simple steps: In a matter of just 3 simple steps, anyone can generate a GST bill using this Free GST billing software. The steps include filling up details like the GSTIN numbers, details of the parties involved, date of issuance, HSN code for the products, and the types of GST applicable on the product.
  • Barcode scanner: The myBillBook free software for GST billing comes with a barcode scanner. You can constantly monitor your inventory levels and make decisions to restore the inventory accordingly.

Additional features of myBillBook GST billing software

Apart from the features mentioned above, here are a few additional features you can enjoy:

Theme and color choices: Among all the existing GST billing software, myBillBook has multiple inbuilt themes and color options. You can easily your GST bill and give your business a unique identity by choosing from among the themes and colors available.

Payment reminders: You can also set up reminders to collect payments from various parties and receive and manage all your payments with just one click.

Minimal wastage: By allowing businesses to share the bills of transactions through the GST software over Whatsapp and email, myBillBook ensures minimum wastage of paper. It makes GST billing and filing a completely paperless process.

FAQs on GST Billing Software

  1. What is a GST bill? 

Ans: A GST bill is a proof of transaction provided by the seller, that includes the GST Identity number (GSTIN) of both the parties that are involved in the transaction. It contains all the details of the amount, rate, and type of GST applied on the transaction amount as per the guidelines of the Indian government.

  1. Can I still use the myBillBook GST billing software if the buyers do not have a GSTIN?

Ans: Yes, the software only requires the GSTIN of both parties if it is applicable to both of them. Bills without GST can also be created through the software.

  1. Which types of GSTs does the software take care of?

Ans: The software allows you to choose from Central Goods and Services Tax (CGST), State Goods and Services Tax (SGST), and Integrated Goods and Services Tax (IGST) on all items. You can choose as per their applicability on various products.

  1. Will I have to check for GST compliance as per government rules and regulations?

Ans: myBillBook free software for GST billing is designed to generate bills in a format that is already compliant with the rules and regulations as laid out by the Indian government. You can use the same bills while filling your GST as well.

  1. Is it safe to use the myBillBook software for GST billing? 

Ans: Yes, myBillBook is completely safe to use for GST billing since all your data is secured via encryption.

  1. Does the myBillBook GST billing software help in filing taxes?

Ans: Yes, the software allows for faster and easier filing of the GST with the government as the format of the GST bill provided is compliant with the rules and regulations laid out by the authorities.

  1. Will I lose my data at any point while using this free GST billing software? 

Ans: All the data you enter in myBillBook GST billing software is automatically backed up to the servers. Thus, there is no possibility of data loss.

  1. Is the myBillBook GST software completely free? 

Ans: myBillBook works on a freemium model. So, while most of the features (including GST filing) are free, you will have to pay for some premium features like the GST reports.