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10 Small and New Business Ideas in Mumbai

Mumbai is India’s fastest growing business startup hub. There are several innovative business ideas in Mumbai that can generate high returns. In addition, this city has a considerable impact on the national GDP.

Top 10 Business Ideas to Start in Mumbai

The following are top 10 lucrative and innovative business ideas in Mumbai you may like to pursue

1. Salons & spas

A salon and spa can provide various services, ranging from basic haircuts to weekend retreats and beauty treatments. Almost all the thanks are given to entertainment sector public celebrities who promote and drive more traffic to salons and spas by their stylish appearances.

It functions as a mobile promotion for the marketing of the business. As a result, this business venture has a larger profit margin.

But the startup costs are a little high. You must invest in the available facility, salon equipment, and professional staff.

A quick checklist for establishing a salon and spa:

  • Establish a spa in an area with a high demand for such a service.
  • Hire professionals from various fields to complete the job.
  • Invest in high-quality beauty products and equipment.
  • Create a price chart for salon treatments.
  • You will require some extra promotion and marketing.

2. Educational Tutorial Institutes

Many parents trust coaching centres because they know that the centres will provide their children with a high-quality education. As a result, coaching centres are among the most profitable business ideas in Mumbai.

They prefer coaching centres to provide extra academic support outside of school to ensure their child’s academic success.

With the high-quality education of non-collegiate institutions and schools of open learning, small investment business in Mumbai with little investment and no risk has emerged.

A quick checklist for establishing a coaching institute

  • Choose a subject that you feel confident in teaching.
  • Select a location that is convenient for the centre.
  • Arrange for materials such as stationery, projectors, audiovisual devices, and whiteboards.
  • Make use of online education directories.
  • Determine the appropriate tuition fees
  • Ascertain that the centre has adequate infrastructure.

3. E-commerce (Online trading)

Online trade of goods or services has simplified business for entrepreneurs and streamlined lifestyle for customers.

You can set up an online store based on the products you wish to offer to a larger audience. The key to success in any business, whether in the clothing industry or salon services, is to provide high-quality products and prompt service delivery.

If you like to succeed in this sector, you should keep the following trading secrets in mind:

  • You must have a consistent trading strategy.
  • Capital protection is vital in trading.
  • In-depth market research
  • Develop helpful trading tools and strategies
  • Try to keep your losses to a minimum.

4. Interior Designer

Start an interior design business if you’re creative and enjoy coming up with new ideas for spaces. People in Mumbai are still looking for the most fashionable and realistic approach to recreate or decorate their rooms. This small business idea in Mumbai might be highly profitable for you. People who live in posh areas frequently hire professionals to decorate and build their homes and businesses.

Things to keep in mind before starting a career as an interior designer in Mumbai

  • Make a portfolio
  • Keep an eye out for your competing firms
  • Become familiar with local legislation
  • Don’t think twice to invest in billing software like myBillBook

5. Become a Professional Trainer Expert

There are a variety of short-term classes you can provide to students and adults who want to learn a new skill or interest, such as wrestling, painting, dog walking, cooking, photography, etc. This new business idea in Mumbai requires little investment but only a few customers to remain profitable.

Things to consider before becoming a good trainer in Mumbai:

  • Select an appropriate location.
  • Fees should be fixed.
  • Develop marketing strategies.
  • Make use of the best tools and resources.

6. Organic food Store

The business idea resents an incredible business opportunity in Mumbai, a city with a huge proportion of posh neighbourhoods that serve the health-conscious global set of individuals.

They are potential buyers of organic foods (fruits and vegetables) who are ready to pay extra to ensure their health, diet, and nutritional requirements are met.

The following are a few measures to take.

  • Locate a suitable place for your store.
  • Lease a retail store.
  • Check all legal documents.
  • Select the organic food items you wish to sell.
  • Set a reasonable price.
  • Make the store widely available to start up a side business.

7. Event Management

Each large metropolitan area, such as Mumbai, constantly needs event planners to plan festivities like birthdays, weddings, and business conferences. Because of the hectic pace of modern life, no one has the time to organise events and work with many vendors independently. If you want to succeed in Mumbai, you should start an event management company. It is a great business concept.

These business ideas signify service if you can give excellent management from start to end and provide the highest quality food based on your clients’ preferences. In addition, high-profit margins and a wide range of scalability make it even more desirable.

Consider the following before establishing an event management firm in Mumbai:

  • Obtain a business licence for your event management company.
  • Obtain all necessary licences.
  • Locate an appropriate office space.
  • Market research should be the primary focus.

8. Blogging

You can make a lot of money if you write about something you’re passionate about. For example, Mumbai is known for its incredible fashion sense and world-famous restaurants.

These are the prospective themes that will draw many viewers’ attention. These can be pursued as freelancing business ideas in Mumbai for students or avid writers.

You can earn massive amounts from blogging, depending on your level of influence.

Things to consider before beginning blogging in Mumbai:

  • Purchase a domain.
  • Specify the objectives for your blog.
  • Decide on a blog theme.
  • The frequency of your blog articles should also be decided.

9. Product Delivery services

People in Mumbai depend on delivery services because the city is so vast, whether groceries or something else. So investing in a small-scale delivery business for groceries, restaurants, etc., may be a good idea. This is one of the most innovative new business ideas in Mumbai because it can be started in any posh location, i.e., by charging an additional fee for delivering the grocery to the consumer’s doorstep.

The following are points to consider before you start delivery services in Mumbai.

  • Food pricing
  • Delivery fees
  • Select an appropriate location

10. Travel Agency

Mumbai is referred to as the commercial hub of India. The city receives tourists from all across the world throughout the year. There are also many tourist attractions in and around Mumbai. As a result, establishing Mumbai’s travel agency industry is a highly successful business opportunity.

Consider the following before establishing a tour operator agency in Mumbai:

  • Find a suitable action plan
  • Brand your travel agency
  • Completion of all legal requirements
  • Select an excellent location.

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Advantages Of Setting Up Business Opportunities In Mumbai

  • Mumbai is an ideal location for budding entrepreneurs to start small businesses. In addition, Mumbai, India’s financial centre, is a desirable location for business development due to its global significance.
  • Several business prospects are accessible in the city, including textiles, education, tourism, food & beverage, IT, and banking. You can establish a small investment business in Mumbai with less capital in these areas.
  • Mumbai offers several firms, banks, and IT companies. It is also the country’s busiest airport and seaport.
  • The city is the land of many millionaires and billionaires. By creating a small firm that increases scope over time, you can benefit from their prosperity.


What kind of business is best for women?

Here are the most innovative business ideas for women:

1) Home Bakery

2) Boutique

3) Digital Advertising Services

4) Web blogs

5) T-Shirt Printing Enterprise

6) Printing on coffee mugs

7) Working as a freelancer

8) Affiliate Marketing

What is the status of a Mumbai trade licence?

To open a business in the city, you’ll need a Shops and Establishment Certificate.

Is there any business that may be used to benefit the general public?

Yes, certain organisations have the potential to provide enormous benefits to their customers. Crowdfunding Consulting is one of them. Crowdfunding for the benefit of those in need is a smart business decision. It is being done for the benefit of the citizens.

Are there any home-based business ideas?

Yes, numerous business ideas can be developed from home, including the following:

- Cooking Classes Online
- Customised Baking
- Writing E-Books/Blogging
- Freelancing

How can I get the success of my business?

Keep the following points in mind to ensure the success of your business:

- You must have a strong plan with a measurable objective.
- You would need to develop a strong network.
- Aim to outperform your competitors.
- Ensure to have the right billing software like myBillBook to get all your accounting work done in one click.

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