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How to Start a Consultancy Business

Starting a consultancy business in India can be a promising opportunity, given the country’s growing economy and the increasing demand for professional consultancy services. Moreover, the Indian market offers ample opportunities for businesses that support the needs of both local and foreign clients, making it an ideal location to start a consultancy business.

how to start a consultancy business in india

15 Essential Steps to Starting a Consultancy Services Business in India

  1. Niche Selection: Choose the specific area of consultancy services you wish to offer and assess its demand.
  2. Market Analysis: Study the target market, competition, and potential customers to understand the industry related to consultancy services thoroughly.
  3. Business Structure Decision: Decide on the most suitable business structure, such as sole proprietorship, partnership, LLP, or private limited company, for your consultancy services business.
  4. Business Registration: For your consultancy services business, complete the necessary registration processes with government agencies, including the Registrar of Companies (ROC) and the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.
  5. License and Permit Acquisition: Obtain the required licenses and permits, including service tax registration, professional tax registration, and business registration certificate, to legally operate your consultancy services business.
  6. Business Plan Creation: Write a comprehensive business plan that outlines your goals, target market, marketing strategies, financial projections, and operational plans for your consultancy services business.
  7. Business Name Selection: Pick a distinctive and memorable name representing your consultancy services business.
  8. Bank Account Opening: Open a separate bank account to manage your business finances and maintain financial clarity for your consultancy services business.
  9. Office Establishment: Set up an office space to conduct your consultancy services.
  10. Website Development: Build a professional website to display your consultancy services and attract potential clients.
  11. Networking and Marketing: Network and market your consultancy business to form client relationships and increase visibility.
  12. Employee Hiring: Hire and train employees as needed to support your consultancy services business.
  13. Contract and Agreement Development: Draft contracts and agreements with clients to define the consultancy services offered and payment terms.
  14. Financial and Record-Keeping Systems: Implement systems to manage finances and track business operations for your consultancy business.
  15. Business Improvement: Continuously evaluate and improve your consultancy services to maintain a competitive edge and achieve your goals.

How to Start a Consultancy Business for Small Business Software Needs

Let your consultancy service guide small businesses in choosing the right software solutions that meet their specific needs and improve their operations. Your consultancy can:

  • Evaluate needs and recommend the best billing software.
  • Advise on mobile billing software suitable for on-the-go billing.
  • Suggest options on purchase order software that integrates with existing systems.
  • Recommend sales purchase software that aligns with sales processes.
  • Provide bookkeeping software recommendations based on business needs.
  • Assist in choosing invoicing software with solid features and ease of use.
  • Suggest tailored software for supermarkets.
  • Let them know of accounting software that integrates and meets business needs.
  • Guide in choosing ledger accounting software with robust features.
  • Advise on personal accounting software with personalised features and a user-friendly interface.
  • Offer customised software for kirana stores.

You can build a successful consultancy business in India if you follow the abovementioned steps with the right strategies, dedication, and commitment. However, growing a consultancy business requires more than providing quality services and effective marketing strategies to reach potential customers. To ensure your consultancy business’s success, use a solid marketing plan like the WhatsApp marketing feature from myBillBook.

Also, do not forget that having reliable billing and accounting software like myBillBook is crucial for the success of your consultancy business. It streamlines financial processes, improves accuracy, and provides real-time insights for effective decision-making. Therefore, investing in such software can help ensure the financial stability and growth of the consultancy business.


What are the legal formalities to start a consultancy business in India?

Legal requirements for starting a consultancy business in India include registering the business with the Registrar of Companies and obtaining necessary licenses and permits, such as a Professional Services License or a Service Tax Registration.

What type of niche is best suited for a consultancy business in India?

The most popular niches for consultancy businesses in India include HR, IT, financial consulting, and management consulting.

What is the role of a business plan in starting a consultancy business in India?

A business plan is crucial in starting a consultancy business in India as it outlines its goals, strategies, and financial projections.

How important is securing funding for starting a consultancy business in India?

Securing funding is vital for starting a consultancy business in India as it provides the necessary capital to cover start-up costs and operating expenses.

How can you build a network of clients and partners for your consultancy business in India?

Building a network of clients and partners for your consultancy business in India can be done through networking events, referrals, and digital marketing.

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