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Top 7 Small Business Ideas In Tamil Nadu

If you want to start your own business like home baking, freelancing, small handicraft business becoming an entrepreneur then, this article will give you a clear picture or detailed information of online and offline Tamil Nadu business ideas.

What does Small Business means

Small business can be said, a small scale organization/start-up /firm with a limited no. of employees and less annual revenue compared to other corporate companies. When it comes to small business it does not mean less income. You can always make huge money with your small business too if you understand the market and the place where you do business. 

Top Seven Best Small Business Ideas in Tamil Nadu

1. Online Reselling Business

When a business does not have a physical existence and information is shared through the internet, it is called online business or electronic business (e-business). Online reselling has become very popular among housewives, students, etc. Reselling is the best option to start a business without any investment. Just with your Smartphone with internet access, you can start your business within seconds.

All you need to do is share the images of the products you are reselling to the Customers via any source of social media like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram by creating groups or sharing to individuals with the image and description with a profit margin.

For example, if you resell a saree with its original price is 350 INR you can add a profit margin of 100INR and sell it at 450 INR to your customers, the profit (100 INR) is credited to your bank account.

The best apps for Reselling are MEESHO, SHOP101, etc.

 2. Online Teaching

Online teaching or online courses have been a growing small business in 2021.

Schools and colleges have started with online classes and online exams. Likewise, the private institution has been providing a wide range of courses for the students to learn at home. One can either be a tutor under such an institution or create and sell a course of their own through the internet and conduct class on ZOOM or GOOGLE MEET recorded or live and earn an average income of $20/hr.

People are curious to learn technical skills, different languages, coding, cooking, baking, etc. In their free time at home, teaching these to different students for a month or so can be a good way for earning money. Not only as a Tamil Nadu business but can start anywhere around the world.

 3. Thrifting

Thrifting is becoming famous these days. This business can be successful both online and offline. Many have started buying from thrift stores (second-hand stores). It is not only money-saving but also quality products are available. It is the best way to recycle products. One can get an expensive product at an affordable rate. We have many Instagram stores for thrifting.

Starting a thrift store involves product management/storage, marketing, packing, and shipping safely to the customer’s door. This needs a lot of effort as you have to do all this by yourself. But once when the people start recognizing the store you have great chances to earn a good amount of money.

Thrifting can be a great option to start as a Tamil Nadu business as people tend to get new things at a lower price but with better quality. 

 4. Transcription service

Transcription is an online small business. Transcriptions are not as complicated as it sounds. One can get registered under a firm as a transcriptor and can charge a particular amount for their service.

Transcription involves translating voice notes to text or vice-versa. Passing a mock test is necessary to become a transcriptor once passed successfully can start with official transcribing.

You can also start a transcription business on your own with low investment as all you need is skills, a computer, and an internet connection. 

 5. Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the main Tamil Nadu businesses. Major crops sown are rice, bajra, jowar, maize, pulses, and ragi with few other crops like cotton, sugarcane, coffee, and coconut. It is hierarchical and followed by generation after generation.

Tamil Nadu’s 70 percent Population is into agricultural activities. Tamil Nadu government is planning to increase and support agriculture to meet the growing population. This can be a golden chance to start agriculture as a Tamil Nadu business with government support.

With the growing population and food scarcity, agriculture will surely boost up with the increasing food demand in the coming days. This requires some basics that can be acquired by starting it on a small scale to gain a better understanding of the agriculture model Start with the guidance and stay assured to reap great benefits in the future. 

 6. Poultry Farming

Poultry farming is considered to be one of the fastest-growing agro-businesses. With an investment of around 7 lakhs to 10 lakhs, medium-scale poultry farming can be started as a Tamil Nadu business.

Things that need to be taken care of while starting poultry farming are, firstly a business space for the birds such as chicken, ducks, quail with a suitable climate for them to grow well. The right equipment, funds, license, proper marketing, and advertising for best results.

 7. Affiliate marketing

A company outsources publishers to create traffic for their content or sales which is called affiliate marketing. In current times it has been a booming industry and an affiliate can a bunk amount of money through affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is an online small business and can be started as a Tamil Nadu business.

Amazon has Popularised affiliate marketing. For example, many YouTubers buy products from amazon, make a review video of the same, and adds a personalized promo code affiliate link in their description interested people can buy using the link and amazon provide an XYZ income to the YouTubers.

It can be a great source of income if you have a large no of followers to buy your affiliate link. Affiliate marketing can be an excellent option for Tamil Nadu businesses.

 FAQs about small business Ideas in Tamil Nadu

  1. How to start a suitable Tamil Nadu business on small scale?
    Ans: If you’re starting a small business in Tamil Nadu offline, analyze your strength and decide what suits you the best. Think about what has the most demand at your location. Plan where you want your shop or store to be by which you can attract the targeted audience.
  1. How to organize your small business?
    Ans: Have a schedule stick to it no matter what you finish within the allotted time. Don’t accept orders that you can’t complete on time. Let customers’ satisfaction be your sole purpose.

 Here are Some Bonus Points/Tips for You.

  1.  With hard work, you will surely reach your goal. In the hustle don’t forget to care for yourself.
  2. Do proper research before starting with a small business
  3. Don’t trust anything blindly. Have everything written.
  4. Support your fellow entrepreneurs
  5. Communication is the key. Reach out and collaborate with influencers or brands.
  6. Pay your tax properly.
  7. Follow all the legal rules and regulations.
  8. Be kind to our customers.
  9. Double-check all your payment at the end of the day that is what you work so hard for.
  10. Be consistent it requires a lot to build a small business.

Last but the most important suggestion is to download the myBillBook app to manage your small business billing in just one click. 

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