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SAC Code 9961 – Services in Wholesale Trade

Whether you’re a wholesale trader or a provider of wholesale trade services, the SAC Codes for various Wholesale Trade Services help you get the correct codes quickly and easily.¬† Services in Wholesale Trade are categorised under SAC Code 9961. Let’s understand the services under the Wholesale Trade category and their respective SAC Codes.

SAC Code for ‘Services in Wholesale Trade’

The Service Accounting Code (SAC) for ‘Services in Wholesale Trade’ is 9961. This code encompasses a spectrum of services that support wholesale trade activities, contributing to the efficiency and functioning of the wholesale distribution network.

When utilising SAC Code 9961, it’s crucial to ensure that the services offered align with the scope of ‘Services in Wholesale Trade’ defined by GST regulations. Always verify the accuracy of the code for the specific wholesale trade services you provide. To access an official list of SAC Codes, refer to recognised sources.

sac code for wholesale trade

Understanding ‘Services in Wholesale Trade’

‘Services in Wholesale Trade’ encompass a variety of offerings that facilitate the distribution of goods on a larger scale. These services aid in the movement of products from manufacturers or producers to retailers, ensuring the availability of goods in the market.

Examples of ‘Services in Wholesale Trade’

  • Wholesale product distribution and supply
  • Bulk order fulfilment and logistics
  • Inventory management for wholesalers
  • Packaging and labelling services for bulk goods
  • Providing discounts and promotional offers to retailers

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Other Related SAC Codes

SAC Code 9961
Technical Description Services in Wholesale Trade
Commonly used Trade Descriptions Commission, Commission Received, Rate Difference
Other Related Codes
996111 Services provided for a fee/commission or contract basis on wholesale trade

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