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SAC Code 9987 – Maintenance and Repair Services

Whether you’re seeking or providing maintenance and repair services, this guide on SAC Code 9987 assigned to ‘Maintenance and Repair Services‘ would help you get the right SAC Codes. This category of Maintenance and Repair Services includes maintenance, repair and installation services of various equipment not related to construction.

Let’s understand ‘Maintenance and Repair Services – SAC Code 9987’ and other codes related to the service under GST.

SAC Code for ‘Maintenance and Repair Services’

The Service Accounting Code (SAC) for ‘Maintenance and Repair Services’ is 9987. This comprehensive code encompasses a wide spectrum of services aimed at preserving and restoring the functionality of various assets.

When utilising SAC Code 9987, it’s crucial to ensure that the services offered fall within the scope of ‘Maintenance and Repair Services’ defined by GST regulations. Always validate the accuracy of the code for the specific services you are providing. To access a comprehensive list of SAC Codes, click here.

sac code for maintenance services

Understanding ‘Maintenance and Repair Services’

‘Maintenance and Repair Services’ include a diverse range of offerings that  play a key role in sustaining the functionality of assets. These services play a pivotal role in preventing breakdowns, extending the lifespan of equipment, and ensuring the seamless functioning of essential components.

Examples of ‘Maintenance and Repair Services’

  • Mechanical and electrical equipment maintenance
  • Footwear and Leather goods maintenance
  • Computer and IT equipment maintenance
  • Appliance repair and servicing
  • Building and infrastructure maintenance
  • Facility management and repair
  • Industrial machinery and tool maintenance
  • Musical Instruments maintenance

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Other Related SAC Codes

SAC Code 9987
Technical Description Maintenance, repair and installation (except construction) services
Commonly used Trade Descriptions Service charges, Labour Charges, Installation Charges
Other Related Codes
998711 Maintenance and repair services of fabricated metal products, except machinery and equipment.
998712 Maintenance and repair services of office and accounting machinery
998713 Maintenance and repair services of computers and peripheral equipment
998714 Maintenance and repair services of transport machinery and equipment
998715 Maintenance and repair service of electrical household appliances
998716 Maintenance and repair services of telecommunication equipment and apparatus
998717 Maintenance and repair services of commercial and industrial machinery
998718 Maintenance and repair services of elevators and escalators
998719 Maintenance and repair services of other machinery and equipment
998721 Repair services of footwear and leather goods
998722 Repair services of watches, clocks and jewellery
998723 Repair services of garments and household textiles
998724 Repair services of furniture
998725 Repair services of bicycles
998726 Maintenance and repair services of musical instruments
998727 Repair services for photographic equipment and cameras
998729 Maintenance and repair services of other goods n.e.c.

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