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SAC Code 9984 – Telecommunication Services

In the digital age, seamless communication is a cornerstone of business success. Telecommunication Services are classified under SAC Code 9984. Let’s understand Telecommunication Services, their significance, and various other SAC codes associated with the services.

Let’s explore ‘Telecommunication Services – SAC Code 9984’ to uncover its role within GST.

SAC Code for Telecommunication Services

The Service Accounting Code (SAC) for ‘Telecommunication Services’ is 9984. This code includes a wide array of services that enable efficient communication through electronic means, including voice, data, and multimedia services.

When using SAC Code 9984, it’s essential to ensure that the services offered align with the scope of ‘Telecommunication Services’ defined by GST regulations. Always verify the accuracy of the code for the specific telecommunication services you provide. For a complete list of SAC Codes, click here.

sac code for tele communication services

Understanding ‘Telecommunication Services’

‘Telecommunication Services’ encompass a diverse range of offerings that facilitate the exchange of information over electronic channels. These services enable voice calls, data transmission, internet connectivity, and multimedia communication, forming the backbone of modern business interactions.

Examples of ‘Telecommunication Services’

  • Mobile and landline voice services
  • Data transmission and internet connectivity
  • Multimedia messaging and content sharing
  • Virtual private network (VPN) services
  • Satellite communication services
  • Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity services
  • Radio communication
  • Broadcasting services

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Other Related SAC Codes

SAC Code 9984
Technical Description Telecommunications, broadcasting and information supply services
Commonly used Trade Descriptions Recharge, Top-Up, Rate Difference
Other Related Codes


998411 Carrier services
998412 Fixed telephony services
998413 Mobile telecommunications services
998414 Private network services
998415 Data transmission services
998419 Other telecommunications services, including Fax services, Telex service
998421 Internet backbone services
998422 Internet access services in wired and wireless mode.
998423 Fax, telephony over the Internet
998424 Audio conferencing and video conferencing over the Internet
998429 Other Internet telecommunications services n.e.c.
998431 Online text-based information such as online books, newspapers, periodicals, directories etc
998432 Online audio content
998433 Online video content
998434 Software downloads
998439 Other online contents n.e.c.
998441 News agency services to newspapers and periodicals
998442 Services of independent journalists and press photographers
998443 News agency services to audiovisual media
998451 Library services
998452 Operation services of public archives including digital archives
998453 Operation services of historical archives including digital archives
998461 Radio broadcast originals
998462 Television broadcast originals
998463 Radio channel programmes
998464 Television channel programmes
998465 Broadcasting services
998466 Home programme distribution services

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